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Edward changes Bella on their wedding day. When Bella awakens to her new way of life, things take a turn for the...less than considerate.

the song Roxanne (from Moulin Rouge!) inspired this story. enjoy!!

3. Forests

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Dammit. Dammit. Dammit. WHY did I always have to screw everything up? Alice says that the two of them are getting to be friends again, although she seems to be better friends with Rosalie…it makes me wonder about Alice’s vision of her and that—that dog. I went outside, and it was raining, as usual. I started towards the forest. I heard footsteps, soft and quiet; it had to be someone from the house, Alice maybe? No, I would hear her thoughts. There was no other voice in my head other than my own. I was about to say hello when I heard voices, two to be exact. My jacket was drenched, so I took it off. I went forward a few more feet until I saw the voices’ origin. It was he, and Jacob.

“Hey,” she said.

He smiled. “It’s good to see ya, Bells. How’ve you been?”

“Heh, I’ve missed you, Jake. But…” she murmured.

“But what, Bells?” Jacob said, his voice saturated with emotion. He took her hands in his. “You can tell me anything, Bells, you know that.”

“I know, Jake. But…it’s just…I don’t know, Jake…Edward…he’s just so…so…”

So what? I was dying to tell her to finish, but I couldn’t find my voice. The rain was still pouring out around us. Through the mist and wet, I saw Jacob lean in to kiss my love.


They both turned in my direction, but I was gone before they could see who it was. I ran through the forest until I was at least half way to the Canadian border. I tripped on some tree branch or something and suddenly I was on the ground holding my face in my hands muttering “No….” How could she? I just didn’t understand how what we hav—had was forgettable. I loved her! I still do, but she looks at me like I’m some stranger on the street that she’s walking past. My clothes would be ruined if I stayed out here in the rain any longer, but I didn’t give a damn. She always accused me of trying to say goodbye when I was saying something else. I just never expected that she would be the one leaving. I missed her

I eventually made it home, though I don’t know how or when, and avoided everyone. Esme tried to cheer me up, but it only reminded me of why I was upset. Carlisle told me that I should take a break from Forks and drive back to Alaska. I agreed. After two days driving around aimlessly, never actually heading to Alaska, I turned around. I called Alice’s cell phone to see if she had anything interesting to say; I needed a distraction.


“Hey Alice…how are you?”

“Pretty good, Edward. What about you?”

I didn’t honor that question with a response. She took the hint.

“Sorry. It’s just so weird here. With B—out you.”

I sighed.

“Edward, come home, please! Carlisle misses you, Esme misses you, Emmet misses you, I miss you…please, please come home.”

“Alice, you know I can’t. Not with all of this…this going on. You know that.”

“I know…” she sighed, “but I was hoping my whining would help.”

“Please, you know me better than that. I…I think I’m just going to drive for awhile.”

“I know. But I hoped that you might be headed here…”

“No, Alice. Not yet.”

“Well…I’ll call you tomorrow, ok?”

‘Yea…talk to you later.”


I hung up. I made a right onto Crescent Boulevard. I wondered what she was doing, but then I remembered that she had a werewolf to spend the evening with. I glanced at my speedometer, it read 90. I remember that night so many months ago when she commented on my driving. I was so focused on my memories that I didn’t notice when I veered into the other lane. All I could see was her face, her smile. I could almost hear her voice…if I could just focus a little more…..