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Lily, who has lived with her Aunt Cara, goes with her mother Renee to Bella’s wedding. But when Lily gets there she is surprised to find out that the Cullen’s are Vampires just like her. The Cullen’s and my new edition to the family, don’t know what to make of this smart young vampire. What will Bella think about having an unknown little vampire sister? Why are the Vulteri so interested in both Bella and Lily? What the heck! 1001 reads but only 28 reviews!!! I'm demanding more or i'll stop writing!!! pleas eand thankyou! Banner by me!! YAY!! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I own only the three lovelys, Cara, Lily, and the wonderful William. Sephenie Meyer owns all the wonderful people in Forks. And Jo Rowling owns all the Harry Potter references and characters. Rate and Review!!! i need to know if i should go on!

2. Bella

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“We will begin our decent into Port Angeles, Washington. The current temperature is 60ºF with thick cloud cover. Please sit down and buckle your seatbelts. We hope you enjoyed the flight and will fly again. Thank you.”

I successfully made it though the three hour plane trip without massacring all the humans. The only thing that tempted me was the stupid flight attendant, whose thoughts about hooking up with me made me murderous. I had seriously considered draining all his blood out. I called Cara as soon as I was out of the plane. She didn’t think I’d make it. Well, if I can make it through eight hours in the same building as about 1600 other kids for school without alluring them to me, then I could put up with around 100-some people.

I walked to baggage claim. Two unexpected things happened, first Renee was crying and then I found she was running to me with open arms.

“Mom,” I asked calmly. I wasn’t supposed to call her Renee to her face. “Why are you crying?”

“You…are here…and…my…Bella is…getting married.” I made out between her gasps. She was baling her eyes out now but she released me. She was to busy to notice my abnormal body temperature through my clothes. People passing by where taking in my sobbing mother and then they gawking at me. I smiled, they where thinking about how I looked like a model.

A man who was standing by Renee said, “I think it’s finally sunk in. Phil Dwyer.” He said and offered his hand for me to shake. I took it and smiled.

“Lily.” He looked momentarily dazed. “Crap, I’ve gotta stop doing that.” I mentally scolded myself. He recovered quickly though. I quickly said, “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

She’s so formal. I wouldn’t expect this from a, what, 17 year-old. She’s also got her mothers looks, just younger and more beautiful. She’s like that Rosalie Hale. “Umm, so your mother said that Bella would be meeting us at the hotel to meet you. Renee told her yesterday.” Phil informed me.

I wonder who Rosalie Hale is. “Let’s, get mom to the car and go then.” I got my luggage. It had my dress and a pair of cloths in it because I was staying in Forks for two nights. Phil helped me get Renee to the rental car. I was surprised it wasn’t raining. Renee was complaining the other day about the constant downpour.


“Bella will be at the hotel around one so you can go and get ready and well meet down in the lobby in twenty minutes,” Renee told me.

“Okay,” I said as I opened the door to my room. I laid the dress on the bed that I knew I wouldn’t use. The wedding was tomorrow. I would see Bella soon.

I sat in the lobby with Renee and Phil looking at the green forests outside a window when I heard a tremendous howling. It was coming from a red, rusting 1953 Chevrolet Pickup Truck.

I can’t believe I have a sister! Alice said that I would be fine, but she had a glazed look on her face like she wasn’t sure. Oh well, at least she didn’t come with me that would have been embarrassing. She would have gotten her into a wedding frenzy, poor Lily. The thoughts were coming from Bella inside the truck.

I saw Bella step out of the truck. She looked a lot like Renee.

While she walked through the sliding glass doors, I saw Bella trip and almost fall flat on her face, but she caught herself before Renee and Phil noticed. “Great that’s the best way to make a first impression! I hope no one noticed. I wonder if I should have brought Alice or Angela. I hope she likes me. This isn’t a very good idea.

I really want to meet her but, still.

No you won’t get to see her after-

But I want to know her!

I will only get to meet her for a few days, I won’t be coming back.” She looked around and saw me laughing at her.

She was fighting with herself. I didn’t know what she meant but the fact that she fretting over it was hilarious.

Wow I love her laugh, wait, is she laughing at me? Her laugh is so beautiful better than Alice’s!”

I stopped laughing and looked at her. I wanted to hear more. I liked Bella, she was amusing. I was smiling. She momentarily forgot what she was doing.

“……Oh great she’s looking at- wait, she looks just like Renee and me! Lily. Oh my you-know-who!! She’s dazzling! I better go talk to her”

“Bella?!” I was bubbling with happiness, she was so pretty. I jumped out of my seat as she walked closer. She was smiling. I noticed that Renee and Phil had left me alone with her.

“Lily? It’s so nice to meet you,” Wow she should meet Alice. I wonder if she is in love with shopping. Bella smiled.

“Do you like shopping?” I asked almost too seriously.

“It’s like she read my mind. No I hate it, but my best friend Alice loves to. Do you like to shop?”

“Eww! I hate it! Waste of time and money. Car- Aunt Cara loves to shop though.” I hugged her. That’s when I smelled it. The sweet sent of vampires. It was about a day old. I froze but quickly let go. She took it as me not sure if she would appreciate me hugging her. “Sorry,” I said. I shook the smell off.

She smiled at me, little pools of blood appeared on her face. “She reminds me of someone…grr. She smells good, too.

“Why don’t we sit and talk, I want to know more about you. I decided to block out her mind so she wouldn’t get suspicious that I could read it. I had a feeling that she had a secret that no one was suppose to know and I wanted to let her keep it because I was also keeping my secret.