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Lily, who has lived with her Aunt Cara, goes with her mother Renee to Bella’s wedding. But when Lily gets there she is surprised to find out that the Cullen’s are Vampires just like her. The Cullen’s and my new edition to the family, don’t know what to make of this smart young vampire. What will Bella think about having an unknown little vampire sister? Why are the Vulteri so interested in both Bella and Lily? What the heck! 1001 reads but only 28 reviews!!! I'm demanding more or i'll stop writing!!! pleas eand thankyou! Banner by me!! YAY!! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I own only the three lovelys, Cara, Lily, and the wonderful William. Sephenie Meyer owns all the wonderful people in Forks. And Jo Rowling owns all the Harry Potter references and characters. Rate and Review!!! i need to know if i should go on!

4. Vampires

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 602   Review this Chapter

Renee was pushing me towards the door. Phil had just finished knocking when a tall muscular man yanked it open. He had very pale looking skin, like me, his hair was dark brown and curly, his eyes were a light butterscotch color. He was a vampire. His eyes were roaming over me like mine inspected him. He stopped at my eyes. His thoughts where alerting him to the fact that I was a vampire but he was confused by my eyes.

"Umm, Come in. Renee, Phil," He paused. "I'm sorry, but do I know you?"

"Lily," I said. He was befuddled. I could feel my mind being intruded on but I shrugged it off. Then I turned to Renee. "Mom, I need to ask Bella something. Can I go upstairs alone?"

"Sure," Renee said. But before she could ask how I knew where Bella was, I was halfway up the stairs. Renee, Phil and Emmet, the guy that opened the door, stared at the stairs with confused expressions on their faces. I passed several doors and stopped only when I was on the third story in front of a wooden door at the end of the hallway. I could hear Bella talking.

I silently pushed the boor open. I saw a small pixy-like girl with short black hair framing her angled features. Her skin was the same milky white as mine and Emmett's, who was down stairs. She turned and saw me, she smiled then her mind immediately was translating Shakespeare's plays into Dutch when she finished that it became Yiddish. It seemed like she knew I could read minds.

Bella sat on a large bed, her face lit up when she saw me standing in the door. Alice got up in a hurry. "I should leave you two alone," she smiled at me with a knowing look. "I need to talk to Carlisle anyway." She flittered out of the room.

I was silent still standing in the door. I didn't know how to ask Bella.

She spoke first. "Lily! What are you doing here so early? Where's Renee?" She stood up and grabbed me and pulled me over to the large leather couch. "What's wrong?" She saw my distant face.

"Bella, can I ask you something very big." I looked into her eyes. "It's about the Cullen's." After I said their name Bella's thoughts where frantic and worried.

"What about them?" she asked trying not to sound worried.

"Are they vamp—"

She interrupted my question with a very loud gasp. She was still holding my hands in hers. She looked down at them then looked at my face. I could hear her piecing everything tougher. It seemed that all the Cullen's who where listening where holding their breath

Bella finally spoke. "Yes, they are. And your one, too! How? Well I know how, but…" she trailed off. She was looking at my eyes again. I explained everything to her. I told her about Cara. She asked a lot of questions. About a half hour past before I started to ask her questions about all the stuff she hadn't told me yesterday. We were both engrossed in out conversation that not even I, with my heightened senses, noticed someone else in the room.

We both looked up. Standing in the door like a god was him. He took my breath away and it seemed like my eyes were plastered to his face. He had been the one who was reading Harry Potter. I just sat there open mouthed like an idiot.