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Lily, who has lived with her Aunt Cara, goes with her mother Renee to Bella’s wedding. But when Lily gets there she is surprised to find out that the Cullen’s are Vampires just like her. The Cullen’s and my new edition to the family, don’t know what to make of this smart young vampire. What will Bella think about having an unknown little vampire sister? Why are the Vulteri so interested in both Bella and Lily? What the heck! 1001 reads but only 28 reviews!!! I'm demanding more or i'll stop writing!!! pleas eand thankyou! Banner by me!! YAY!! Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I own only the three lovelys, Cara, Lily, and the wonderful William. Sephenie Meyer owns all the wonderful people in Forks. And Jo Rowling owns all the Harry Potter references and characters. Rate and Review!!! i need to know if i should go on!

6. Author's note

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So i've done alot of remodleing.... As you should tell. Fate's Mark is this story just better....

I know everyone hates author's notes... I'm sorry!!!

Okay so i'm sosorry that i haven't written anything new recently... *don't hurt me please.. hiding somewhere in Europe*

Its all in my Randomzz notebook....

I am thinking of doing some major rewriting on this story...

I just can't get where i want to go with the way i have the plot set up right now.......

long with the fact that i'm trying to rewrite the entire story I have other commitments i HAVE (but wish i didn't) to do. School, Finals, Lessons (both flute and piano), reading The Host (yay! XD), AND above all else keeping my mom from putting a block on the computer (thats why i mostly write in my notebook) she thretens that if i spend more that 3 hours on the computer not doing homework that she will put WatchDog back on the computer *faints* (thats the program whitch restricts time...grrr)

Okay i'll stop ranting about my life and let you get on with life... I have many recomendations if you want to read and other storys:

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Peace out!!!

Lots of love


(aka ForeverEdwards)

and you should read the Host and the first chapter of Breaking Dawn!!! its so good!!!!