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Death Angel

this poem is about..... bella's vamp transformationthe pain of item abovecoming out of the painstarting her new lifehunting as a vamp

i hope you like it. its just a random idea.

1. Chapter 1

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Fire of the blood and mind,

Screams darkness pain to blind.

Now I must sleep one more night to get through so that,

My dear lover I can be like you.

Eyes open,

Limbs flail,

Feel my heart start to fail.

Just a week thud, thud, thud,

Then a sudden thirst for blood.

Reddened eyes,

Pale skin,

no longer the pain I'm in.

Topaz eyes seek me through the fog,

New life, long life with the one I love.

Beautiful yet deadly, my true love once said.

Beauty? With eyes red.

Running flying dancing under the sky,

Trees and rocks and flowers rush by.

Then a scent, a new found smell,

Pride of mind begins to swell.

An innocent victim? Or a lovely meal?

Old life food has lost appeal.

Now into the dark like an Angel of death.

Never need to stop now for a catch of breath.