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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

1. Escape

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 507   Review this Chapter


I am a compulsive liar. I cannot help it. I would have made a good writer, but they never told me how to channel my stories; they only have themselves to blame.

And I apologize now. I'm sorry. I'm sorry I made you believe my story. I laugh. I don't apologize to anyone. Yet here I am, apologizing to you.

Well, let's see.

I'm not really from Miami.

It was my grandparents off the boat first, not me.

But I swear to you Jacob Black, I do care about you. That must be the most truthful thing from my lips since the day I realized what a lie was.


"Get in the car Lu! ," my father yells at me. I do so glaring at him. Who do you think you are? My father? Oh yes. You are. I forgot. Last time, you were my foster parent.

My mother stares away, disappointed once more. Forgive me mother. I do care so much about your feelings. About all of your feelings. Allow me to do the favor of leaving and have my own gamble with life. It will be more beneficial for you. I mean all this running around, state to state, it sure tires me out.

"I don’t understand this Luz. Why?," my mother asks, more to herself than me.

I smile placidly, wondering where we are going next. Utah? Wyoming? Someplace far from people that I can hurt? Yes. Of course. But as usual, there will always be some poor soul that will follow us.

"Hurry up Carlos!"

My father steps on the gas. Yes. The sound of sirens do fill the air tonight. But no worries. I took care of it all. I always do.

"Don’t go too fast; they’ll know it’s us."


We’ve reached Oregon. No stopping. Everything paid by cash.


Silence enfolds the car. Now what kind of relationship are we building here, family? This may explain my problems. The sign welcoming us into Washington State seems to break the silence.

"Luz Maria. This ends now. We can’t keep running. Do you understand that?"

"Where are we stopping?"

"Luz Maria I am speaking to you. We can’t run any more."

My father looks at me with anger and desperation, hoping I understand. Of course I understand. I understood the minute we began to run. What I don’t understand is why they don’t understand. I want to stop running. I never wanted to run in the first place.

"Where are we stopping? I’d hit Seattle. They can’t catch us there. Coyotes aren’t native to Seattle."

My parents remain heated and silent.

"So Seattle it is. I think we’ll be there in four hours."

I see my mother take out a road map of Washington. Her eyes glance quickly across it.

"Forks, Washington."

I stare at her silently. Anger seethes though my eyes. I shouldn’t be angry, after all the trouble I’ve caused, I would have abandoned my child. But they haven’t. Yet.

"Seven hours. We’ll arrive by midnight. I hope."

We drive on in silence.