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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

10. Awkward Silences Will Follow

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I walk away from Jacob’s house and pass the house that I was going to spy on last night. From nowhere, I suddenly see Sam and Diego, standing in front of the house. I smell confrontation. However, I keep walking as they glare at me.

"Where were you Luz? ," Diego calls.

"I really hope it wasn’t using Jacob like you did Alejandro," Sam calls.

I stop. How does he know about Alejandro? What the hell do any of them know about me and Alejandro? How dare Diego say anything about what he doesn’t know? Brute.

"Do not be bitter of the dead Diego. You wouldn’t have had my affections even if I didn’t know your brother."

The silence is that of anger brewing beneath the surface. I keep walking.

"Don’t think I’ll let you get close to him Luz Maria." Sam. The fool.

"Don’t worry about it. He likes me as much as you do." I smile sourly.

I make my way down the road. I have no intentions of carrying on this conversation. Yes, I understand. You both hate me and want me to burn in hell with the vampires, excuse me bloodsuckers. And yes, you want to prevent and stop any damage that I’ve done or will do. But guess what? I’m not going with those infernal, yet very charming leeches, and I’m not going to let any filthy dogs push me toward them. You can all burn. Because you know what? I’m a disease, and all everyone has done is create the perfect environment for me to grow and spread. The only cure for me is long and gone. Throw out your needles boys. This war can’t be won.

I keep walking, steadily toward the highway straight to my home. Diego runs and catches up to me. He won’t try anything. There’s people around now. He speaks to me in a voice only audible to me.

"I can’t wait to have you alone Luz Maria. Just you and I. Do you know what I’m going to do?"

"Surprise me."

"I’m going to"--

"Wait. Let me guess, make me suffer for all the pain and trouble I’ve caused you, oh! Oh! I know, avenge your family and brother’s death."

He takes my hand, and smiles a fake smile. "Oh Luz, you have no idea."

"Do you honestly believe that I did not suffer when Alejandro died? Do you think it was my plan to have him killed?"

"Well, you seem to have gotten over it all quite quickly."

"I love Alejandro. But when you live moving in constant instability, where the people whom you are close to die faster than they came into your life, you learn not to let theses things affect you. But you wouldn’t know about this, would you Diego?"

I stop and stare at him in the eyes. He has no idea what I feel like in my very core. That I think of Alejandro at least once every day, secretly in my subconscious. He has no idea, therefore no right, to speak to me as if he owes me my death.

His eyes are hard, and truth spills from his lips.

"You’re right. I have no idea how it feels like to love, because those which I have loved don’t love me back. They never looked at me. They won’t look at me, and now, I will never look at them."

I stop. What? Whom is he talking about? I frown. He fails to meet my eyes. I really hope he doesn’t mean me.

"Whoa. Who are you talking about? Me?"

I take his silence a no. At least that’s what I want it to mean.

"Nadia? She’s like your sister. INCEST!" I pull from his hand. He takes it quickly. "You’re more sick than I thought."

"Nadia?!" He looks down at me with disdain. "Are you stupid?"

I turn away. This is awkward and uncomfortable. I refuse to acknowledge that Diego ever had feelings for me.

"So it is me."

"To my utter disgust, yes. I admit. I liked you. For a time, I had my eyes on you. But you ‘liked’ Alejandro, and he’s my brother. I refused to take from him what was to be his. But now I hate you, and I believe this emotion is stronger than any other I would have ever felt for you."

I still am in shock. "Yes. It’s better this way."

"The next time I see you, I won’t be as pleasant."

"It’s kind of sad. I liked you better that way. Before . . . everything. But now you’re bitter and bent after my death. I can’t say it would ever attract me to you much now."

"Well, you weren’t exactly the sweetest thing to begin with either, but we all put up with you. You owe your parents a lot. They haven’t killed you yet."

We walk toward the end of La Push in silence. I miss times like this. We used to do this; all of us. We’d walk to one of the ranches like this. Making easy conversation, none of us taking it too hard. It was nice. Diego wasn’t mean. A bit rough around the edges, but pleasant. Now, I’ve made him into a cruel monster. I destroy everything I ever come into contact with. We stop. Diego lets go of my hand.

"I’ve missed you."

I stay silent. I won’t ever get over this confession. I don’t think I would have known had he not told me. I guess he felt it was only right to let me know I while I still breathe. It is illegal to attempt some type of relationship with a corpse. He grunts, and the flare of vengeance is in his eyes. That’s better. Sick, I know. But I like it better when he wants to kill me. He’s brought our relationship there, and to bring it to a previous level and steer it elsewhere is proving a bit disastrous.

"Consider yourself warned Luz Maria. I’m coming after you."

"Likewise Diego. I won’t be taken down."

"We’ll see . . . "

I begin to walk toward my house; a long walk faces me.


Stupid girl. Stupid girl. Stupid girl! What does she know? Nothing! Nothing! She knows nothing!

Who does Luz Maria Baez think she is, that she has the right to go into someone’s home, demand of them service, and then tell them what they have and have not felt? Who?

I don’t know who she thinks she is, or she was back in Miami, but she’s in my land now and we play by my rules. I shouldn’t help her, though technically her parents are paying me to fix their car. I’m doing it for them. Not her. And the money. NOT her.

She can’t tell me if I’ve loved someone or not. How would she know? I bet she hasn’t loved anyone. Maybe. They just never loved her back. How could anyone love someone so

leech like . . . it’s disgusting. She doesn’t look like one, but I bet her heart’s as still as the rest of theirs.

And she woke me up. Bella wouldn’t have done that . . .


The sun is bright in the midday sky. I should try to start fixing her car. That way I wouldn’t have to see her. I mean, it’s not that she’s not attractive or anything . . . but I can’t stand her. And there’s just something wrong about her. I know everyone feels it.

I have to figure out what is going on. I stop working on the car and take out some paper.

Okay. So what do I know?

Diego is a skin walker.

He knows about us, we know about him.

Sam says Luz knows about us.

We don’t know about her. At least not much.

And then we reach the whys.

Why did Diego come here?

I mean his arrival was out of now where.

Paul, Quil and Sam were on patrol. It was really out of nowhere he came. Paul told me Sam sent them back. He returned with some guy, that’s when we all met Diego. A skin walker out of Texas. Says he moved out of Arizona when he was just a kid. His family died and he had to move on. He was searching for something. Never mentioned what though . . .

Then there’s Luz Maria. Moved from Miami, or wherever else she was. Didn’t say why. Comes in the middle of the night some weeks before Diego.

Ran me over. Can’t forget that one.

Moves into Bloodsucker Manor. Demands that I fix her car and doesn’t apologize.

Sam doesn’t trust her, but why? Could it be that Diego knows her? I saw them meet in the forest, but something seemed too fake, too rehearsed about the way they spoke. Maybe he told Sam something? Nah. I’m thinking too hard about this. Sam didn’t like her from day one.

"Jacob!" A familiar voice interrupts my writing. I crumble the paper, and throw it next to the car.

"Yeah?" The back door opens. Quil and Embry walk in.

"So? How was it?"


"Your get together with the lovely Luz Maria?"

I throw Quil a sharp look.

"The best thing ever," I reply in a flat voice.

"It couldn’t have been that bad."

"It was. This girl is a leech. Minus the whole part that she isn’t really one. I swear, if I could kill her, I would. Or leave her on some island far where no one would find her."

"How? You don’t even know her."

"Yeah, well neither do you." I look at my tools.

"Give her a chance."

"Why is everyone pushing her on me?"

"Are that stupid Jacob? Or did your dad drop you?"

I look beyond the door and see Leah. What is she doing here? Why is she ever here?

"Get out Leah."

"They want you to forget Bella. And so far, it’s only been about four people. I could care less about her. Sam hates her, so you know what that means for the rest of the pack."

"We can think for ourselves Leah," Embry snaps back. She gives him a patronizing look.

"I’m sure you do puppy."

"Well I don’t like her." I cross my arms and lean against the chair.

"Good, she doesn’t like you either."

"How do you know?" Quil really wants me to get a girlfriend.

"She and Diego were holding hands leaving the rez. Kinda shameful, isn’t Jacob? He’s been here less than a month, and he’s already got himself a girlfriend. And you’ve been here what? All your life?"

Why does Leah always have to instigate? Is it really necessary? Wait... Holding hands? They don’t know each other...Or maybe they did? I think I might pay Luz Maria a visit. She has some answers to my questions.

But wait. Why was Diego holding her hand? Not that I want to, but why? How? He doesn’t even know her! I know her more! And she isn’t the type to play the damsel in distress...

"I’ve gotta go."

I push my way past my friends. I need to get to the manor.

Luz Maria

I lay myself across a lounger left in the room I claimed as my own.

I hate this. I have a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach that something bad is going to happen. And I don’t just mean Diego’s plan for revenge.

It’s one of those damn bones in my closet. I should just burn them all. Right now.

The door bell sounds. Who has come to aggravate me now? I make my way down stairs to open the door; the rents are out.

I open the door.

"Oh. Hello Jacob. To what do I owe this appearance?" I should be nicer. More bees with honey than vinegar. He lets my comment go.

"I just...I uh.. Do you have any water? I walked here." I open the door, reluctantly. He seems to hold his breath.

"You can breathe. I don’t know if it still smells bad. But that’s a risk you’ll have to take. Sit down."

He gives me a look as he walks in and exhales. He cringes slightly as he breathes.

"Getting better."

"I’d soak this place in Clorox, but, you know, I heard that inhaling too many toxic chemicals isn’t that good for the system." I hand him a glass of water. He glares at me as he guzzles it down. He hands the glass back to me.


"Well what?"

"Well what are you doing here? I highly doubt you’d just show up here for tea."

He grunts and sits up. "I have some questions for you."

"Fire." Great. Nosy too.

"Do you know Diego De la Sierra?"

"Yeah." Not a lie.

"How well?"

"Somewhat." Partial lie.

"When did you meet him?"

"Recently." Full blown lie.

"Really?" He narrows his eye sat me, in high suspicion.

"Yes, Detective Holmes. Any other questions about my personal life?"

"No. I was just wondering. Because, I usually don’t walk down the street holding hands with someone whom I just met. Recently."

"Well that’s you."

"Would you walk down the street holding my hand?"

"No. I usually walk down the street holding the hand of someone whom I like."

"So you like Diego?" He raises a brow.

"Why do you care? Are you jealous?"

He frowns, his face like a little boy who just "got cooties", despite all the little incantations.

"No! Why would I be jealous of Diego De la Sierra? Especially over you?"

"Well, I mean, you make your way down here just to ask me how well I know this guy. Why I was holding his hands, et cetera, etc cetera, et cetera ."

"So? That doesn’t mean anything."

I smirk. He reminds me of a little boy in preschool again.

"Are we done with the questions officer?"

"No. We’re not." He scowls.

Why am I answering his questions?

So he can trust you Lu. Trust.

"Okay. Ask."

"Those marks. Where did you get them?" I control myself from allowing my face to darken.

"I told you. A band of racoons attacked me."

"Seriously. What happened?"

"Racoons! I’d go get a rabies shot, but you’re still fixing the car. So if I die, I hope you know its on you. Though I doubt you’d feel bad."

He glares again at me.

"What? I don’t have to answer these questions."

"When did you meet Diego?"

I see where he’s going with this. So it must have been him in the woods that night. Well, I suppose I should give him some truth.

"A few nights ago. He helped me out."

"With what?"

"The racoons. Ask him yourself." I fold my arms and act as if I’ve belittled myself for him. I hope he buys it.


"Do you understand why I was holding his hand now?"


I sigh. "The dude saved me from being mauled to death by racoons. And he was nice. Unlike some of us." I look away.

"Oh. So you expect me to hold your hand and pick you flowers because you picked me up after running me over? And not be mad?"

"Well, you don’t have to pull out all the stops, but yes, a little gratitude would be nice. And you have no right to be mad. We thought it was a bear."

He silences quickly, a serious shadow in his eyes. "Well it wasn’t."

"Well we proved that. Oh, and some advice for the next time you decide to go running: put some clothes on. I’ll let you know when I’d like to see you in all of your glory."

He smirks. I glare. Did I have to go there? Yes. Sadly. This better work out in the end.

"Are you done now Jacob Black?"

"Yes. For now." He stands up, and stretches unnecessarily.

Great. Now the boy thinks I like him. Which, in retrospect is good. This is all good. On a second thought, I’m glad Jacob has come. Despite the awkward comments, this proved beneficial for me. And I guess his ego.

"In case you haven’t noticed, but I stopped looking at you the moment you stood. You can leave now."

He stops posing like Hercules and glowers.

"I’ll be seeing you soon. Alongside my fixed car."

"You can come tomorrow. I never turn down a fan."

I cast him a dark look. "Good bye."

He takes long strides out, a smug look on his face.

"This isn’t a funeral procession. Yet."

"Is that a threat?"

"Only if you want it to be. I’ll see you tomorrow Jacob Black."

He grins at me as he closes the door behind him.

What have I done?