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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

12. Secrets Don't Make Friends

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I’m still out here, in the forest, waiting. I know that bloodsucker is still in there. I smelled it. It was everywhere. I restrained myself from jumping out the window onto the roof at that moment. I know he was waiting there. . .

There! I saw it!

Something white just flashed out the window. My claws dig into the ground, and I’m ready to leap.

Jacob, head into the clearing, Everyone else is out. I need your help.

Embry’s voice interrupts my impending actions.

Why? What’s going on?

Leech. And this one, he’s fast. Faster than most.

What? I’ll be right there.

Stupid leeches. I’m going to rip this one apart.

Diego’s here too. Come on.

I’ll be right there.

Hurry up.

Diego can speak to us too? Well, Sam did say he was working on it. . .

It’s like tunning myself to the right frequence...I was with my pack before; coyotes. Now I’m with werewolves. Took a while.

I arrive, and see the big brown coyote with shades of black and light brown fur. The other wolf nods at me. I don’t even need to inhale; the scent floods my nostrils. I resist the urge to vomit.

My natural instincts take charge of me, and my thoughts melt with Diego and Embry’s. My eyes focus on the vampire standing about five feet from the three of us. His blonde hair and sharp red eyes disappear in an instant. Embry goes flying toward the tree, and Diego jumps on the vampire. It flings him in to the dirt behind me.

As the vampire disappears, I catch his scent. He zooms past me. I take a risk.

My teeth bite into the cold hard skin, breaking into it. He screeches. I bite in deep, grabbing on tight. With a snarl of loathing, the leech shakes me off, and I feel my back burning against the ground. Diego and Embry lurch at the demon, fangs bared in the moonlit night. Red splatters, as they break the vampire into pieces. He struggles, as pieces of him fall into oblivion.

Now Jacob! Do it now!

Wait! Embry calm down, what if he has some information?

I try to process this as I land on the fiend. I growl, as hatred and desire to rip the bloodsucker to shreds threaten to break my concentration.

The thing begins to laugh, a dark sharp sound that cut into the silence.

"Go ahead. Tear me into nothing." An evil smile spreads across his lips as Diego goes forth with the leech’s last wish.

I don’t hold back. My claws rip across the vampire’s chest, as pieces of him disappear, and he laughs.

Before we rip it all away, the thing speaks. His body lays limp across the forest floor as we finish him.

"Say hello to Baez for me. Tristan’s coming for her. And none of you can stop him." He laughs some more.

A sudden fury rises through Diego, and he finishes the fiend off, in a way I’ve never seen anyone do before.

My head hurts as sudden memories rush through it. Diego’s I’m sure.


Luz. . . ?



Two of Diego? No? What?

Embry glances at me, and we stare at Diego. His breathing is heavy, and anger swirls with his memories. He suddenly cuts off his frequency from ours. The silence gets his attention. His thoughts are gone. He glares at us for only a moment. Diego walks into the darkness of the forest.

Embry makes a start and motions for me to follow. I look back, as far as I can, trying to see the window where I saw the vampire, not this one, but the other one. Something is amiss here.


"Should we tell Sam?"

"He’s gonna find out anyways. Might as well." I attempt to stare away into the night as sleep enters my eyes.

Embry sighs. "Did you see that though?"

"Yeah. It was all insane. . ."

"Mmm," Embry mumbles, his voice fading as he falls asleep.

I turn in my bed. This makes no sense. Diego knew Luz before this? She lied to me.

She knew these vampires? She lied to me.

She was in love with Diego. That wasn’t a look you give anyone. She lied to me.

No. . . Not Diego. . . His brother. Or someone. . .

What the hell is going on?


I cannot believe this. She hid it from us all this time. She knew more vampires! I don’t think I can prolonge my vengeance any longer.

I pound the tree, and a dent forms. Splinters slip beneath my skin, but they are nothing in the face of the pain I’m dealing with right now.

Luz Maria will pay. I promise her that. I promise. . .


Ian was supposed to show up an hour ago. Where is he?

I stare at the moon.

Those filthy curs are every where. I had no idea they existed around here. Although I should have sensed that for a while. Why does she like those dogs anyway?

Does she like the way they pant?

Or perhaps their teeth, or claws.

They’re stupid submissive animals that don’t have any control over their actions. I suppose Ian and I will have to annihilate the cutecuddly pack of mutts they call coyotes . . . or wolves. They smell different. Worse, if that’s even possible.

And Luz smelled like that one. The one who came into the house. She reeked like him. Did she jump into the sea of him, lie in his bed, and rest by his side? His sweat, the scent of forest and mongrel. . . Ugh. It is entirely revolting.

I could truly care less why she is here. All I know is that I will get my revenge. Luz Maria will die.

Luz Maria

I grab at my stomach; a pang of fear surges through my body. I wake with a start.

My heartbeat resounds beneath my ribs, beating like hunting drums. My breathing is heavy, and I know something has happened. I look out; the night sky remains still. But something has caused a wave in the sea of darkness. I feel it.

The smell of Death intoxicates me, filling my room.

The end is near for me. I have two choices. Either open the door, and let Death waltz right in, or bolt the door and sabotage the stage.

Knowing who I am, what is the logical choice?

I refuse to go down alone. I smirk. This battle is far from over.


The sun filters in through my window, casting soft gray shadows on the furnishings in my room.

I prepare my self for the day, and head downstairs for breakfast. In the silence I realize my parents are not here. Ian had hurt my father. I need to see them, just to make sure they are fine.

"Sudden care for my family. . . The end is near."

As I eat my cereal, I wonder how I plan to see my parents. I suppose I can wait here and figure things out. But a sudden new impulse tells me to go out and search. What has gotten into me? I usually wait for things . . . A spider catches no prey if it stands out waiting. No animal is stupid enough to head toward the web if they see a spider. Do I want to get myself killed before time?

"No. . .There’s a logic behind this. I know." My impulse is sudden, but there is solid foundation behind it. I go upstairs to get Jacob’s number.

I dial it. It rings.

A groggy voice picks up. "Hello?"

"Good morning. May I please speak to Jacob?"

"It’s me. Who is this?"

"Luz Maria."

The voice is suddenly alert, on edge almost.

"Oh. Luz? What happened?"

He sounds wary of me.

"I was wondering if I could ask you for something."

"Depends. What do you want?"

"To go see my father. He’s in the hospital."

Silence replies. I soon hear murmuring, Jacob’s voice and some other male.


"Wonderful. Would you like me to go to you?"

"I’ll pick you up."

"What time?"

"In about an hour."

"I will see you then."

The dial tone sounds in my ear. And now I wait.


I hang up. I turn to Embry.

"It will give you a chance to talk to her. Find out what’s really going on."

"Like she’ll tell me."

"Find a way Jake. It can’t be that hard."

I shake my head. I hope she tells me the truth. What I saw in Diego’s head . . . I mean, I can’t say exactly what was there. It was all kind of blurry. But I felt a lot of pain and anger. Confusion. And then some bits and pieces fell together before he shut his memories from us.

"Even if she does tell me, how can I trust her? How do I know what she’s saying is true?"

He shrugs. "Figure it out. But she knows more than we think she does. If she knows vampires, and she knows Diego, both before she met us . . . "

"There’s more to this picture than we think she’s seeing."


I leave the shower, fresh and ready to go.

I look at my self, searching for the questions to ask.

I grab my keys and go.


He turns around from the televison set.

"Don’t tell Sam where I went. Don’t tell him anything yet. If anything, I went to go help Luz fix her house. She needed help or something."

"Just don’t screw it up."

"When have you known me to act like an idiot?"

His face says it all.

"I’m a teenager Embry. It’s what we do."

I slam the door behind me.

Luz Maria

I stand by the window, waiting to see the funny little car. Sure enough, by ten fifteen, the tiny red German car pulls up. I step outside.

Jacob steps out of his car, towering over it.

"You make it seem even more minuscule than it really is."

He glares at me.

"Compliment or insult. It’s really your choice."

He watches me come down the stairs with apprehension. He opens the door to the passenger seat besides him.

"Thank you."

"Do you know where the hospital is?"

"It’s in Forks."

"There’s only one."

"I guess it’s that one."

We drive in silence. I stare out the window. I need to set my traps now.

"Is something wrong Jacob?"

He glances at me, caught off guard.

"No." He remains silence, pondering what he should say next.

"Yeah. Actually."

"What is it?"

"Do believe in ghosts Luz Maria?"

I think I know where he’s going with this. Diego must have said something.


"What about vampires?"

"Like Dracula? No." Technically, they aren’t exactly like Dracula, many common traits, but not exactly.

"And werewolves?"

"Sorry to disappoint you, but no."

Jacob’s eyes stay focused on the road, but something changes in his look. He grins.

"Really?" He speeds up the car, eyes glancing at me. I turn away.

The wheels eat the pavement.

"Where are you going with this?"

"Nowhere. Just asking some questions."

"I’m starting to feel like a prisoner."

"You’re just a stranger to me. And how else do we make friends than by asking questions?" His look is slightly deranged, I cast a glance at the lock on the door.

"Besides, you haven’t done anything to end you up in prison, right?"

What did Diego say?

"Can you slow down? We’re going to miss it."

He makes a sharp turn, and we head out of the shrubbery. He’s trying to make me uncomfortable. Make me call my bluff.

"Those marks on your face. They’re not from racoons are they?"

Touché. I really wasn’t thinking he’d pull that card out.

"You tell me," I say in a tone with enough enigma that may steer him down the right or wrong road.

His eyes remain on me as he parks the car.

"What do you want from me?"

"The truth."

I sigh. I really should become an actress. "I...don’t know. Can I just go see my parents first? I’ve been nervous . . ."

One could swear tears would spill from eyes like rainfall from the heavens. I’ve disarmed Jacob. I see it when his gaze on me softens, even for a little. I see the pang of bitter memories in his eyes.

"Sure Bell- . . . I mean Luz Maria."

"Thank you so much. You really have no idea how much this means to me." Hahahaha. A cold grin graces my lips as I turn from his face. He’ll take my reprise as something a young maiden does. I play the role well enough.


We reach the hospital and I head up stairs. Jacob sits in the waiting room , as some of the people there stare at him. He shoots them a hard stare. They turn away. I resist the urge to laugh. Jacob smirks.

"Room 304," I say, knocking on the door.

"Come in," a woman’s voice greets me. I open the door. Besides the nurse, the room is empty.

"Hello, I am looking for Carlos Baez. Do I have the wrong room?"

"No, they were just here. They left about twenty minutes ago."

Twenty minutes ago? I was on the road with Jacob. Wait. They must be home by now.

"Oh, well. Thank you then. Have a nice day."

"You too." She smiles at me.

Jacob’s eyes catch me the minute I leave the room. He stands up, and the eyes of everyone in the room follow him.

We walk to the elevator.

"That was fast."

"They weren’t there."

"Did you have the wrong room?"

"No. They left twenty minutes ago."

"Without calling?"


We reach the car. Jacob fires up the engine. It’s sound is the only noise being made. It ruptures our silence.

As my mind continues to mull over why my parents left without notice, I have to continue decorating my web.

"I don’t do well with people Jacob."


Really? I couldn’t tell. I stay silent.

Luz glances out the window. "I’ve never stayed in one place too long. I already told you how I moved when I was younger."

She turns to me. "What do you want to know?"

She’s for the taking now. I think this through. Diego. She knows about the vampires and Diego. I know it. If she lies, then I know not to trust her. But I can’t just ask her openly, can I?

"Where did you get those marks from?"

Her gaze remains steady, and her words slip from her lips carefully. Her lips. Why have I never noticed them before? She has such nice lips...Focus! Focus!

"You promise you won’t think I’m crazy, or creepy?"


"That night, I sneaked back to the rez."

"Couldn’t resist seeing me again, could you?"

"No," her voice went flat. Luz’s eyes spark again, as if she’s ready to tell me the grandest tale ever told.

"I went back, I had dropped something that someone very important to me gave me a long time ago. I couldn’t sleep with out it. Then, from the darkness, something snarled at me. It was huge. It looked like an overgrown dog. Maybe a big wolf . . . only, it looked familiar. I had seen it a while ago. I think it was stalking me.

Hah. Well, that does give reason as to why she was around. But Diego attacked her? But he was right there. . .

"It jumped at me, clawed me, then heard something and left. That’s when Diego showed up."

"How do you know Diego?"

Time to see the truth Luz . . .

Luz Maria

I couldn’t help but notice the grin of self satisfaction crawling on Jacob’s lips.

Do you think I’m going to prove you right? That I lied? Try harder sweetheart. I’ve been at this game longer than you have. I have been making up a cover story for nearly any question you have to aks me. I don’t know how much Diego told you . . . But you’ll believe me. I know this to be true.

"There were some places my family stopped briefly. I meet Diego then." Now Jacob can’t say I was lying to him. He stares at the road, with an indefinite look of shock on his face. Proved you wrong, did I?

"What was it that you dropped?"

"A ring."

"Did Diego give it to you?"

"That is none of your business, and no it was not him. It could have been my mother."

He narrows his eyes. "You don’t have to be rude."

"You don’t have to interrogate me."

"You’re a stranger."

"And I suppose this is how you make friends?"

"Not that you would know . . . ,"he mutters, stepping on the gas.

He’s partly right on that note. But I can sue it to my advantage.

"You’re possibly right. I don’t stay anywhere long enough to develop healthy long term relationships. Would you like to be my friend Jacob Black?"

That came out a bit more dour than I intended it to. However, is reply is as sardonic.

"Sure Luz Maria. I’ll be your very best friend. In fact,"he stops the car, and I realize we are at our destination, "why don’t I come around tomorrow and you can spend th day with me?"

"Certainly Jacob. I’ll be sure bring some stuff. I"ll paint your nails and braid your hair."

He smiles bitterly at me, as I leave his car. Jacob starts the engine again. He rolls down his window.

"By the way, a friend of yours stopped by yesterday night. Blonde . . . You remember him right? He wanted to say hi, but he had to go. Oh. Yeah. Tristan’s gonna come around to see you. And nothing’s gonna stop him."

Jacob gives me a smile, just as cutting and knowing as his stare. He floors the gas and speeds away.

Ian. Ian. Ian. How I loath thee. Blubbering idiot. Does he know what he has done?!

Of course he knows idiot. And now Jacob knows too.