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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

13. The Itsy Bitsy Spider

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I need to remain calm. Above all. Let me go through this with my family. I walk with my head held high into my home.

"Ma? Pops? ," I call into the seemingly empty house.

No response. I walk over to the kitchen. There, sitting in two chairs are my parents. A look of pure fear and agony are etched in their faces.

"Mother? Father?" They don’t even move their eyes. They’re . . . paralyzed.

"Tristan!" I turn around. Behind me stands a beautiful statue of marble. Tristan smiles wickedly.

"My dear Luz. I was beginning to miss you. I was afraid Ian didn’t make it to you."

"Oh he did. He made himself quite clear, thank you. But next time you intend on sending death threats, have the dignity of doing it yourself. Self importance isn’t an attractive quality in you Mr. Henry."

"I’ll take that into consideration. Maybe next time, I’ll just finish you off myself."

"Me. Yes. A pawn you simply can’t seem to take. Really Tristan, you’re lacking some of that efficiency, that quick wit and sharpness you had before."

He glowers at me, and a scornful look shades his face. I feel my muscles freeze. My words make wonders, don’t they?

I feel them taught under my skin, tensing each time even more than the last. It is painful, and I can’t even blink. My glands continue to produce tears that roll down the sides of my face.

"Your tears warm my cold heart Luz. But your blood is even warmer. And I’m sure that it can warm up more than my heart . . ." A smirk lies on Tristan’s lips.

My heart does speed up, one of the few muscles not frozen; but not the way a school girl’s would.

He nears me, as my parents’ eyes surely rest on my back. This is it. But it can’t be.

"You smell so sweet Luz. And I’ve just been dying . . . Ha. Well, I’ve just been starving. I think you’ll make the perfect feast. Both you and your parents."

Tristan closes in on me, his cold hands gently grasp my arms, freezing the very threads that hold my clothing together.

"Would you like me to release you from my grip? Or your parents? ...Well?"

He tenses me even more, and I’m truly hoping I can find a way out of this.


Glass breaks from the kitchen. A sudden spin and a twist of lips tell me that Tristan is not in any away pleased with the interruption. He snarls.

An angry growl greets our ears.

My unlikely savior. Jacob, I do believe I like you now . . .


God she knows how to piss people off. And that smell littering her house . . . Wait. Tristan. Who is that? Is it him? That smell is familiar. Just like that smell that Luz came in with the other day. It was also on that Ian guy!

Wait. What if that’s Tristan in her house? Why aren’t I stopping this car? I should go back! But I’m so close to the rez at this point . . . Frustration!

I stop the car; I need to think. Okay. I am currently angry with Luz. But that shouldn’t stop me from fulfilling my purpose as guardian against the leeches. Or maybe I’m just still inhaling the after scent of the break-in. She didn’t tell me about that.

Screw it. I’m heading back.


This needs to end now. Luz Baez will die today.

I make my way out of the Uley’s residence. I shift shape. This is no time to pace my self.


As I speed by, a see a car on its way to the Baez home. It looks so familiar. Jacob! What is he doing? No! I can’t have any witnesses!

I sprint forward, catching up to the car. Jacob’s face is carved form stone and his eyes are set on the road. The kid his speeding to Luz, and I have no idea why. Perhaps I should remain in the shadows for a bit longer. Wait off until I kill her . . . Or not.


Diego?!!! Good Lord just take me now. Seriously. Strike me with lightening. I’m begging you . . .


I hear noise in the back. And the air is thick with eau du vampire. I hope most innermost thoughts are not true. I break the door open.

My mouth drops. Luz is frozen in place, her parents are tied up and a vamp and coyote are fighting. What. The. Hell.

They both pause.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

I really hope my most inner thoughts are not true. That Luz has been lying all along. That this is all some type of nightmare I can eventually wake up from. Please. Not again. I don’t think I’ll come out of this one alive. Freddy Kruger has nothing on my nightmares.

The coyote jumps on the vamp again. Reality checks in once more. Luz begins to speak. I suppose at this point, it would be denial to claim that this is all fake.

"Jacob! Get out! Leave! ,"Luz yells at me. She looks back at her parents and freezes again.

Everything becomes all shaky in my vision, and I feel violent tremors rise through me. I let the animal within out. The world is crashing down on me. Again.

The vampire’s eyes flash my way, as he realizes his tricks don’t work on me. I feel my leg going numb. Okay, maybe they don’t work entirely on me.

I jump at the fiend, the coyote at my aide.


I watch as Jacob’s clothes tear before my eyes into shreds as he phases. He sprints into fight.

My insides churn as waves of guilt crash upon my soul. I feel as bad as I did when Alejandro died. Well, almost as bad. I did know Alejandro for two years. And yet here I am, trying to persuade Jacob to destroy people for me. Isn’t that just wrong? Alas, so is the way of mankind.

As my thoughts dwell on all the wrong I’ve caused Jacob, my eyes remain on the fight.

Growls echo through the massive house, as Diego and Jacob charge at Tristan. He locks Jacob’s hind legs. The pounce is less powerful than proposed. Diego leaps from the sidetakes Tristan’s shoulder, Jacob landing on his chest. Tristan unfreezes my parents and I, locking Diego and Jacob’s jaws. My parents run out, on wings I’m certain. I head to the van; I need kerosene and a lighter.

Upon my return, Jacob is lying on the ground, chest heaving, and blood on his fur. Tristan is focused on Diego. He snarls rabidly. All of Tristan’s power was focused on Jacob, whose prime focus was Tristan. Newton’s Third Law. Add gravity. You seem to be outnumbered Tristan.

Diego jumps at Tristan’s face. He loses control of Jacob. He leaps. And Tristan . . . he falls. Without a cry. He stops his struggle. His eyes follow mine as I approach the rabid animals. I stand between them as they tear Tristan to shreds. He speaks.

"Hell is a place for you and me Luz. I’ll always have you."

I glare at him and open up the bottle of kerosene. I empty it on the back of Diego and on Tristan’s face. Dorian will never see his portrait, for I have seen it for him. And it kills me, so I kill him.

Jacob looks down at me. Question and anger cloud his eyes. He steps away as Diego rage focuses on me. My hand releases the bottle as I grab the lighter. He bares his teeth and leaps at me with force. I flick the lighter on.

The flame touches Diego’s fur and in an instant, the fire follows the trail of kerosene. I drop it as I back away, and everything slows down.

Tristan is caught on fire. Diego is caught on fire. Jacob stares at me in pain. The sickest lullaby plays. The cries of the beloved dying. I hear them, and I know I won’t ever forget this. Smoke fills the air and my lungs. The bright flames dim out and my eyes are heavy. Something is at my neck . . .