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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

3. The House That Jack Built

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"Why did you lie? We can’t afford another start Lu! You should have just told the truth."

"I guess you’re right Ma. I should have told him that he ran into us, and we ran into him. That would have saved us a lot of trouble."

Despite my sarcastic remark, the sad truth was that lying was second nature to me by now. I couldn’t help lying at that moment if I tried. We’re leaving the reservation area and heading toward the township of Forks.

"Watch it."

"Fine. Just one question. Where are we going to stay? The real estate agent doesn’t open until nine in the morning at least. And I highly doubt that...."

I trail off mid sentence staring at the abandoned manor that we whizz by. Vines of ivy crawl up its sides, and in the darkness, it looks haunted. Empty black windows from white faded walls stare back at me, warning me to stay away, but like the spider’s web, it beckons me. But logic slaps me in the face, reminding me that we will always have to keep a low profile.

"We’ll stay in the car."

"We should have stayed in that reservation . . .," I mumble.

My father glances sharply at me. He should keep his eyes on the road.

"Well, where are we going to stop? I know we’re all tired. All I want is to take a warm shower and go to sleep."

"We all do Luz. Let your father find a place to park. We’ll roll the seats out and you can sleep. We all can."

And so my father drives around aimlessly, and we stop by a slightly wooded area. We have enough protection from the trees not to be spotted by passer-byes. The back of the van is filled with he smell of blood and rubbing alcohol. My cheek is against something cool. Oh. How nice. A bloody rag from a Mister Jacob. I’ll be sure to return that to him when I see him.


The jolts from the road wake me up. We’re heading into town. The Town of Forks, Washington Welcomes You. I’m glad someone does. I check my watch; it’s nearly ten in the morning.


"Good morning. You folks must be new around here. I’m Sandra Kline."

"Carlos Baez. This is my wife, Xiomara, and my daughter, Luz Maria."

My father smiles and shakes the woman’s hands. She smiles pleasantly, a genial smile that I run into every so often. Her brown hair has dirty blonde highlights, and crows feet gather at her eyes when she smiles. Her nails are clean and painted a fresh red to match her lipstick.

"Welcome to Forks. I take it that you want to move here. That being said, what kind of property are you looking for?" Sandra sits with her hands folded across her desk awaiting my father’s reply.

"Well, we want something that isn’t too pricey." She reaches for a manila folder in a drawer beneath our sight. She opens it.

"Mr. Baez, these are the current properties available in Forks." She hands us three pictures and some pieces of data. One of the pictures is familiar.

I take the small ranch style house near the town’s edge. I don’t like it. Too far from people. And for what they’re asking, it’s too much. My father hands me the picture of a squat blue house, lined next to at least seven similar houses next to it. Suburbia. That’s a good place to hide. But if they find us, we’ll be putting everyone else in jeopardy. It’s not too expensive either.

"Mara. Let me see the picture." I turn to my father’s voice. I look to the side to see my mother holding the picture of the beautiful white and faded house we had driven past after leaving the rez. She hands him the picture.

"No.," he says automatically. He shakes his head, putting the picture on the table.

"Why not Dad? I mean, look at the data sheet. It’s got an acre of land and it’s huge. It only costs a little bit more than the blue suburb home."

"Yeah. That and how much to renovate it. Besides, who knows what happened there. It looks like some . . . No. No. I don’t like it." He hands Sandra the picture back. She looks at us.

"I’ll just let you talk to your family Mr. Baez. I’ll be right back." Sandra gets up and walks to another room.

"Carlos. This would be a great idea. Think about it, no one would see us. We’re away from everyone else. We have land. We have a house. People would stay away from it anyway."

"We can move into the ranch style then."

"Sorry Pops, but that’s close to the other town, Port Angeles I think. Besides, they’re asking for too much an we’d only be renting."

"Renting would be cheaper. Or do you plan on staying here longer Maria?"

I glare at my father. I do want to stop running. I just. . .I just can’t vocalize it as well as they can.

"The house in the suburbs is nice.," my mother comments, looking at the picture. Her eyes are filled with longing for the abandoned white house.

"Doesn’t matter. We always have to be careful. We’d be putting a lot of people in danger. And you know that they don’t care much about who they hurt."

I’ve made a valid point. My father looks at the abandoned house’s data. He tries hard to mask the fact that I’m right, but it’s useless.

"Have you reached a decision?" Sandra walks in behind us. She smiles again.

"Are there any more houses for sale?," my father asks, a glimmer of hope fading in his voice.

"Sorry Mr. Baez. This town keeps its residents. Except for the Cullens. They moved out about a month ago with the sheriff’s daughter. The youngest son married her I heard. They were staying at that house. The father’s a doctor. They’re a beautiful family, amazingly beautiful, but very peculiar."

My father sighs. "I guess we’ll be taking this one then . . ."

Sandra smiles. "Good choice. I’ll be right back with the deed."

My father grimaces as he takes out his wallet. I only smile.


I can’t help but to feel genuinely excited for the first time. In a long time. Eons, actually. I stare out the car window, the sun barely piercing through the thick gray clouds. I’m coming home. Home. Not to a house, but home. And I’m certain the running stops now. I will make certain it ends now.

We arrive at the manor, keys and deed in hand. Oh! Can’t we just open the door already?


Okay. So we have a lot of renovating to do. New paint, new furniture, fix the ceilings and walls. Clean everything. But otherwise, it’s wonderful in here. It’s like out of a Victorian novel. Count Dracula’s castle, downsized. I’ve already chosen my room. Oh how marvelous this is. And I’m finally happy. My dark and sarcastic mood has left me if only for a few hours. But for tonight, we’re all going to sleep in one room. It’s the only room we’ve gotten to clean so far.



A scream rings out in the night. Strings of profanities stream after it. I jolt out of the covers.


Again? I break my damn arm again? What is this? This doesn’t make any sense. And now my head hurts like hell and I have a gash the length of a pencil on the side of my face. Sam won’t tell me anything, and Quil and Embry left with him. Only Leah and Emily are here, and Leah only bothers me.

"Stop screaming, you baby.," Leah says as she watches Emily dress my wounds. "It’s late."

"Shut up and leave Leah. Besides, no one lives around here anyway. Oww...."

"Jacob, you can’t phase for a while. But luckily, the wounds are healing fast. You may have a scar where the gash is."

Great. As if I didn’t have enough problems already, why not cut my self esteem by twenty? This is screwed. I don’t even remember what happened last. All I saw were lights. Then that was it. Next thing I knew, Sam and the guys were bringing me in. Then Embry left.

"Jacob." Sam’s voice brings me out of my reverie. I know. If I’d had stopped running after she left, I wouldn’t be here right now. But I really had to clear my head right about now.


"I need to talk to you." Leah and Emily leave the room, Quil and Embry close the door.

"Do you remember what happened?"

"I was running, then I saw some lights, then it all went dark."

"Hmm. That’s it? The lights were coming in front of you, right?"

"Yeah. In fact, I think the car was black. And large. It’s all I remember anyway."

Sam nodded, silent and absorbed in his thoughts. He stands up.

"And Leah’s right. Keep it down. People do live around here now."

I stare back at Sam incredulously. The only place around here is . . .