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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

5. My Heartfelt Apathy Goes Out to You

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He laughs, eyes glancing at me. "You’re really something Luz."

"Of course I am." I push Alejandro playfully. He smiles, and kisses me on the cheek. I stop. I’m not sure how to react. I back away from him. He looks at me confused.

"Did I? ..."

I shake my head. "I’ve gotta go."

And I run away. And I lie. I lie to myself. I didn’t have to go. I wanted to kiss him back. Why didn’t I? Fool, fool, fool. I should go back there right now.

"Luz Maria! They’re coming. Come on! ," yelled Carolina. She runs and pulls me. I turn back to see Alejandro staring at me as Diego and Antonio begin to leave the house. They drag him, and he’s trying to tell me something.

I break free of Carolina’s grip and run toward the guys, as Nadia joins them.

"Luz you got to go. They’re coming. You’ve got"–

I grab Alejandro’s face, and bring his lips to mine. He’s taken off guard. His lips are smooth and warm against mine, and I feel like everything will be fine. I pull away. He’s left stunned. He grins at me, and kisses me out of joy for a second.

"See you . . ."

I smile back. I feel disgusted. Is it possible for a human to feel so . . . so helplessly romantic? Especially at a time like this? It’s like a cheesy made for tv movie. I stare at the horizon with Carolina as the rest of the De la Sierra family goes off to battle the fiendish vampires. We’re going to have to leave Texas soon.

That damn coven is out to get me. But I won’t let Alejandro or his family know that. They can’t find that out. Ever.

I wake with a start, gasping for air. I shouldn’t be thinking of him again. Or ever for that matter. I check the alarm clock on the floor. Four forty seven in the morning. I glance toward the window; the sun isn’t even out yet. Wait. My heart stops. Is that? I rub my eyes. No. It can’t be. I squint.

There is a coyote by the front gates that leads to the path. It stares at me. Oh no. Diego . . . It howls. I know I should be scared out of my wits, but it’s actually annoying. I can’t stay anywhere for more than a year, and I can’t have any stable relationships of any kind. I’m going to buy a rifle and shoot that damn dog. I glance out the window. The coyote is no longer there. I must be seeing things. I’m becoming far too paranoid right now. I need to sleep some more.


Staring out the window is no fun. It’s near five in the morning and I can’t wait. One more day and I can phase back. It’s been nearly two weeks since my injury. Sam told me he wants me to go talk to the people who ran me over. God. That was awkward. I never had Sam scold me before. He told me I needed to be more careful next time. But then again, Sam’s been on edge ever since the accident. Emily won’t tell me anything either.

What I don’t understand is how those people haven’t said sorry. They could at least have brought me a frickin’ teddy bear. They ran me over dammit! How can you not be sorry for running someone over?

A loud, unfamiliar howl breaks my thoughts. What was that? It wasn’t anyone from the Pack. And it wasn’t any of the local animals. Dammit! I wish I could be around now. But no. Not even today. Why? Because today, I need to go see that family. I really need to talk to Sam. There’s something missing.

The Pack

Their thoughts all mingle. Everyone is sure that they heard that howl. It was coming from the Cullen Manor. Sam speeded forth, and the rest of the pack fell back in arrow formation.

That’s when they all saw it; a coyote was howling at the Cullen Manor.

Should we attack it?

No Leah, Sam told us to stay behind.

Leave you guys. Phase back when you arrive. I’ll deal with this.

In the early morning hours, the wolves fell deeper into the mess of trees, until not even the gleam of their eyes can be seen. Moments later Sam is alone in his thoughts.

The coyote turns back to him. Sam quickly glances at the window, aware someone is bound to look out. He motions for the coyote to follow him. It does. Seconds later, from the dark, both the coyote and the wolf see a face in the window. The girl.

The coyote grins. It looks at the wolf. Sam hopes that their thoughts could be communicated better. They aren’t. But before Sam thinks of what to do, the coyote shifts forms. He is a young man, about his own age, somewhere in his twenties, coyote skin slung on his shoulder. He wraps it around his waist. Sam goes into the trees, and phases back. He comes back out in jeans. The other young man speaks first.

"I think we have some common interests to discuss."

"That being?"

"The fate of Luz Maria Baez."

Luz Maria

This is taking longer than I have expected.

"And it doesn’t help that I’m doing this alone either! ," I yell into the empty house.

I need to remind my father never to make a comment about renovating ever again. Especially when I’m the one doing the renovating.

Here I go, lying to myself again. Acting like everything is fine. No. Nothing is fine. I won’t ever rest calmly until I know the bones in my closet have turned to dust. I have to keep everything a secret. But the damn bones in my closet insist on following me; leaving their dark confines.

Last night, I dreamed of the love that was, that will never be, that never should have been. The love that I had lied to myself that existed. Last night, I saw a piece of my past that I hope had stayed where it belonged–far away behind and from me.

I think now is the best time to reflect, to tell myself the truth, write it out, so that I can say, "Hey, this isn’t one of your compulsive actions, it really did happen."

Or I should at least confront myself in front of the mirror. The doorbell rings. I jump; I need to stop being so paranoid. I run to the door. Oh, great.



It is the kid, excuse me, man we ran over. Well, he ran me to us. Jesus he’s huge. He looks like he’s twenty-five or something. Sick. But he is handsome, and his body is built. Gorgeous . . . He surveys me. I meet his eyes with a sharp glance.

"So, I’m the guy you ran over."

"No, you’re the kid who ran into my car."

He looked affronted. His face creased with lines of frowns. "What?"

"Yes. You ran into our car."

"I broke my arm, I have a scar on the side of my face, and I was immobile for two weeks."

"Who was the one running?"

"Whom were the ones driving?"

I sigh irritated, realizing this is going no where.

"Okay, okay, so say I did run you over. I wouldn’t have ran you over if you hadn’t been running in the middle of the highway. Now who decided to go running the highway? You. So now the question to be answered is why. Once you’ve found an answer, go to that person and inflict all that pain upon them. Then we can call it even."

Jacob stares at me, his brown eyes vivid with disbelief for what he’d just heard. But they had weakened in the moment following the question asking why he had been running. The vividness returned when I began to tap my fingers on the door.

"Is this all? Because you’re taking up my time."

"So you don’t even have an apology?"

"No. Why would I? I didn’t run you over. My father was at the wheel anyway."

"You almost killed me!"

"I don’t say sorry to kids with cancer, what makes you think I’d say sorry to you?"

His gaze on me hardens. I sharpen my own gaze.

"Oh wait! I do have something for you."

I run to the living room and pick up the bloody rags near my makeshift bed. I rush back. I hand the rags out to him. He looks at them with disgust.

"What is this?"

"Your bloody rags. I’d keep them, but it’s past the color of red I like."

His makes faces as he takes the rags out of my hands. I laugh. He scowls.

"Not even a ‘feel better’."

"You are better. Look. You’re a strong healthy boy. Go run along now and play in the sandbox. Grown ups have things to do."

Jacob’s expression sours. "Nice to meet you."

"The pleasure is all mine." My tone is bitter, and it is quite obvious I mean otherwise. Jacob looks at me one last time and I glare at him. He makes his way down the path.

"Bye now." Jacob looks over his bac k to glare at me.

"You should clean that house harder, it stinks!"

"I’ll be sure to do that for you. "

He dismisses my comment as he makes his way to a small car I hadn’t seen before. It’s blue and tiny, and looks so odd next to him. It looks ridiculous. I cannot resist making a remark.

"And I love your car." I slam the door. I hear him honk the horn five times. The engine starts.

Stupid prick. Whom did he think he was to demand reparations?

"You don’t even apologize . . . Get over yourself."

I have to clean, and figure out what is going on around here. But first, I need to admit the truth to myself. Look at myself in the eyes and admit every truth that has happened.