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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

6. The Bones in My Closet

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I go upstairs, to one of the rooms we haven’t touched yet. There are some pieces of furniture draped in canvas cloth. I pull the cloth off of an armoire. It is beautiful solid mahogany wood. The dust glitters in the room,. As the sun trickles gold into the room at odd angles.

I must face my inner demons. I must see the monster I have become. That way, I can slay it, and with the death of my past, I can annihilate whatever else thinks it can bring me back. I need to find a way out of this mess.

I pull the armoire doors open. There is a mirror in the back of the closet , and two on the panels of the doors. I see myself threefold. What atrocity I have become?

I look in the mirror. It is not the same reflection that greeted me when I first left Florida a good four years ago. I was thirteen then.

I have come into adulthood quite nicely, but the my eyes speak otherwise. The youthful glow of my skin does not match the pale darkness in my brown eyes. They are sharp, apprehension and suspicion evident in their depths. The eyes are supposed to be the windows into our souls. The doors even. I do not like what I see in mine. I want to keep the windows barred and the door locked shut for eternity. I feel the creases on my brow as I frown. Tears sting my eyes. I must confront myself now.

I stare into the reflection of the girl whom I do not recognize. She is pleasing to look at,, but the look in her eyes . . . They send you running. They make you feel alone, sacred, confused, and angry. Something hot runs down my cheeks.

"This is who you are. Look at her. The demon in the mirror. Touch her flesh, she is you, and she is real." I acknowledge the angry tears spilling silently form my eyes.

What have you done Luz? The reflection pleads with me. Such hurt in her eyes.

I breath out. The truth is supposed you set you free. Here it goes.

"I am guilty. I have lied. I am a sinner. There is no one to blame but myself for the catastrophe that has followed me. I lied. The Henry coven became my allies. I betrayed them. I lied. The Weaver coven became my allies. I lied. I betrayed them all. The Henry and Weaver covens are gone. I lied. Stefan became my friend. His friends became my friends. I lied. He saw the truth. We ran.

"I lied. The De la Sierras became my family. I lied. Alejandro loved me. I lied I loved him. I lied. I betrayed. They went to battle, and won. I spoke the truth. I loved Alejandro. Diego saw the truth. He saw what I had done. He saw that there were others coming for me. I lied. We all ran. I lied. They believed. They died. I lied. I was fine. We ran. We run. We stop. I lie. And now I speak the truth. Diego De la Sierra is here. He wants to kill me, and I understand. I tore his life apart from under him. I am a murderer. I killed his family. I killed the other families. I killed them all. My hands are not bloodied, but my soul is stained with the red of their blood. All of them."

And I cry. I cry what I did not cry when we took flight. I cried what I did not cry when I was in pain, when I lied, when they believed, when we believed. I cry what I did not cry when Alejandro was taken from me. I did not wan to feel. I still do not wan to feel, but I do now. And it hurts. Someone had stabbed a sharp rusted dagger into my soul, and twisted it, mauling whatever soul that was not tainted into shreds until I was left with nothing but a hideous beast. And now I know who did it. Me.

And now Diego wants to kill me. He has followed me here to kill me. I look into the mirror form my fallen position on the floor.

Look at yourself Lu. You’re letting yourself die. You’re letting those damn bones pull you into the dark. Do not give them the pleasure of bringing you down. Pity is not you.

I sniff my tears in, and wipe my nose on my sleeve. That’s right. Luz Maria Baez will not die now, nor anytime soon. I am strong must live. I mean, look at all the crap I’ve gone through. To live through all that and die now would be a big load of bull. I will not give the honors to end my life to anyone form my past. This is a new start here. I refuse to let anyone ruin for me. Even myself. I must speak the ultimate truth, so that I can accept it.

"I am a liar."


Okay. I feel better now. I know who I am now and what I must do. I must live. And in order to live I must get rid of Diego De la Sierra. But how? Become a vampire? Eh. I don’t fancy that too much. Wait! Jacob Black is a werewolf. If skin walkers can kill skin walkers, and vampires can kill vampires, then that must mean.....Yes!!!! Victory shall be mine!

I must find a way to get Jacob to trust me. Then, I’ll lure him into the palm of my hands and he’ll be my puppet. Then, he can kill Diego for me!

I begin to laugh. My own genius stuns me. Amazing.

However, I must be careful. No one can find out about my past. Especially not Jacob. Hmm. This will be hard. The leader doesn’t trust me. Hell, none of them like me. The leader knows I know about werewolves, but he doesn’t know how. He doesn’t even know my name. At time like these, I wish I was Arachne. I could spin a web so fine and delicate, with designs so intricate, event he gods would scorn me for it.

I have forgiven myself of being a liar; I have accepted this truth, this flaw in me. Am I willing to create possibly the biggest web of lies that will ever leave my lips so that I may live, while others are left to suffer? I smirk. Of course I would. I’m done running.

Minutes into my evil laughing, my parents arrive. I run downstairs. They look upset.

"What is it?"

"The car. That boy bashed the engine." Perfect. I have a reason to search for him.

"Did you guys go to a mechanic?"

"The one in Port Angeles is expensive."

"I’ll check around here if you want. I’ll drive the car. How much would it cost?"

My father hands me an estimate. Ouch. Five thousand Three hundred forty five dollars. I’m willing to learn how to fix it at that price.

"They said we need a new engine, but I don’t believe him.," my mother glares at the paper as she speaks.

My father opens the door. "Start searching. We may even need to head to Seattle."

I grab my jacket and step outside.


So far no one in this town knows any other mechanic besides Ruddy in Port Angeles. They told me the one here will cost twofold what you’ll be paying down there. Stupid little towns. I check the rear view mirror when I hear sirens. I pull over. A big middle aged man comes out of the car. Do I have any ID? No matter. I roll down the window.

"Can I help you officer?"

"Yes. You are actually driving with a broken headlight and without a seatbelt."

A broken headlight? The sun is still out, you nit. As you stand here and waste my time, my engine is dying and I need to get home. And I barely know these roads.

"I’ll be sure to get that fixed officer.," I say as I quickly strap on my seat belt. I smile as pleasantly as I can.

"Well, I’ll let you go with a warning."

"Thank you. Well, I’m new around here, so if you could tell me where a good mechanic is, I’m having engine troubles too." Being the sweet girl next door isn’t such a hard role to play.

He stares at me for a second more. His face lights up. "You’re the new family that moved in to the old place..."

"Yes, that’s us.," I end my comment with a false laugh. Daylight is burning.

"Well, I know this great kid. Amazing with cars. He could probably get the job done cheaper and better too."


"Yeah. His name is Jacob Black. He lives in the reservation. You take this road..."

As his voice trails on, my face falls. This can be very beneficial or prove to be dangerous for me. I mst make my choices wisely. The man has stopped speaking.

"Thank very much officer. Have a good evening."

He tips his cap and walk back to his car. I must make this decision. Should I go now, or tomorrow? Now, or tomorrow? Now. I have to. I must being to lay my traps. I know Diego. He likes to play with his food before he eats it. I always thought the way he toyed with the vampires before he killed them was demented; I thought it was the sickest thing I ever saw. And I loved it. But now, when you’re the food, it’s not that fun to watch anymore.

I start the engine and try to recall what the cop said. Was it a right and two lefts after this road?