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Two different people. Two different lives. Both running away from things they couldn't handle and didn't want to face. But a head on collision between the wounded Jacob and cunning Luz Maria maybe worth more trouble than facing the demons before them. (FIN : WASHOUT)

Disclaimer : All of the characters, situations, places, and ideas belong to their rightful owners. This story is not my speculation for what will occur in Breaking Dawn, but simply something that occurred after Eclipse. If that made any sense...

8. Sweetness is Revolting

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I am ever so happy today. Yes, a bright smile is on my face. Why? I get to see Jacob Black today. My dreams, oh my sweet dreams. They have given me grandiose ideas. Jacob Black will want to be my friend. I’ll make him my best friend. My very best friend.


"We’re really sorry. It was such a horrible accident. We’ve been sending you cards and flowers, but apparently, you never received them."

"Yes. They’re really sorry . . . " I smile at Jacob, who stares unconvinced at me. He believes my parent’s sincerity, but my brightness is a lie to him.

"Well, I’m okay now, so . . . "

My parents nod enthusiastically. It’s so cute to see them groveling for their damn engine. We really should just get a new car.


"I think it’s a little bit odd that I never received any of their cards . . . "

Jacob and I walk ahead of my parents.

"Post office could be having some trouble."

He looks at me for a second longer than he should have. My gaze becomes a glare. "Yes?"

He grins impishly. "Nothing."

He turns his attention to the road before him. I have to be nicer. I have to be nicer. He speeds up a bit. I skip little to reach up to him. He speeds up again. I’m sure I saw him glance at me with that stupid little grin on his face. I play along.

"Can you stop walking so fast? ," I call from behind him.

He laughs. I glower. We reach the car, my parents not too far behind us. He stares at the hood of the car, which despite all my attempts, still has a slight dent.

"You hit the car pretty hard." I lean against the side of the van. He looks up at me.

"You want to start that again?"

I shrug. "I’m just making a statement."

He looks behind us. My parents are there. His eyes glance back at me.

Jacob lifts the hood of the car. "Ouch."

"What happened with it?" I really think my father cares more about that minivan than me.

"Well, you see this? That’s in charge of . . . "

Jacob’s voice becomes background music as I think. I feel eyes hard on my back. I turn around to see Jacob’s friend, the tall one who came scolding me. He looks at me with disdain and disgust. He has seen what I’ve done. Good. Let him fear for his own life. Maybe that way, he’ll stay out of mine.

"Luz! Come here." My mother has slipped my name to the world. Damn it.

I skip to her side on the far end of the hood. She hands me the estimate. It’s cheaper than the Ruddy’s, significantly cheaper, but I say we should get a new car.


With my eyes fixed on the paper, I speak distantly. "This is better . . . "

We should just get a new car. This one is broken, old, and dying. You’re kicking a dying animal. Do it a favor and shoot it. That’s what I wanted to say. That’s why the words I spoke came out so forced.

"Are you sure?" I look at my father’s confused face. Jacob smirks. Stupid prick.

I open my mouth to speak, though I should just nod.

"We should just get a new car. This one is broken, old, and dying. You’re kicking a dying animal. Do it a favor and shoot it." There. I said. It was bound to surface at one point. My parents frown.

"But of course, if you’d like this . . . young gentleman . . . to . . . fix the engine, then by all means, go ahead."

These words sounded choked as they escaped my lips. Jacob looks offended, but more on the verge of bursting with laughter. I shoot a sharp look at him. He grins.

"Jacob! ," calls Jacob’s friend. He smiles.

"Hey Sam!" Sam smiles cordially at my parents, occasionally glancing at me with loathing.

What is he doing here? Is he blind as well?

"Hello. I’m Sam, Jacob’s friend." He speaks respectfully to my parents. They smile and shake his hand.

"I’m Carlos Baez this is my wife Xiomara, and that is"--

"Luz Maria. Yes. We’ve met." I feel my lips turning twisting down. Sam matches my expression.

Jacob clears his throat. "Well, I guess you can drive the car over tomorrow. I’ll have it fixed for you by next week."

I take it he wants us to leave. Could he have made it any more obvious? I glare at Sam. Stupid bastard. I wonder if I can get Jacob to turn against him too . . .

Jacob slams the hood down, and my parents open the doors. I slide open the side door.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Baez, Mrs. Baez. . .," Jacob pauses, grinning, "Luz Maria. Have a good night."

"We’ll be sure to. Jacob. Sam." I say the latter with disgust. He glares at me. Oh yes. I am going to find out what they are speaking about.

I let a ring slip off my finger when none of them is paying attention to me. I slam the door shut. My parents begin to drive off, and I will have to wait for tonight.


"Are you sure you haven’t seen it?" I speak in a rush, flinging things around in a search for my ring.

"You had it on earlier. It must have fallen."

"Nooo! I got that in New Mexico. Please. Don’t tell me I lost it . . . "

There is a sad plea in my voice that I’m sure strikes compassion within my parents’ hearts. Night has fallen, but they’d know I’d do anything for Alejandro. Or any of the De la Sierra, for that matter, excluding Diego.

"You didn’t have it when you left the reservation. We’ll go back first thing tomorrow. Okay?"

I attempt to get my eyes to tear, but that doesn’t come easily to me. So I nod solemnly. I trudge up the stairs, the purest look of tragedy splayed across my face.

I have begun to spin my first web. This is beautiful. In the rains, dew drops glitter like diamonds on a web. The striking effect it has lures all to gape in awe. And some, well, some even dare to touch the fine, silken thread. But they forget, like a moth to fire, the fire will burn, and the threads will trap.


It’s ten seventeen. My parents are asleep. I have no idea how I’m actually going to get to the rez; it’s a fifteen minute drive from here to there.

I sigh, realizing my only hope is starting the car. But it wouldn’t be smart. It would call attention, and that’s the last thing I need. I suppose I’ll walk. Fast.


Eleven o-seven. This walk has taken me longer than expected. And now, I’m out of breath. At least I’m finally here. I stop by a fire hydrant.

Okay, if I go in through the front, they’ll obviously see me. But I’m not sure if cutting through the woods would be too smart either. After the vampires in Texas attacked us, Diego, Alejandro, Antonio and Nadia would patrol the plains. Maybe the werewolves patrolled the woods? Well, I don’t know for sure. Either way, I run the risk of getting caught. However, as a werewolf, they wouldn’t risk revealing themselves to me. They hate me, but my unexplained death would pose some problems.

I must head for the woods. I need to know what they have planned. Only then can I design a web especially for Jacob. And Sam too. And certainly Diego.


This pact I’ve made with the werewolves has to be by far one of the best things I’ve done yet. I had no idea there were werewolves up here. This is perfect. That Sam doesn’t like Luz either, so it works out perfectly.

All I had to do was tell him all the things she’d done. All the lies, the betrayal, and the knowledge she had. Yes, she may not be able to change forms, but she could be very destructive given the chance.

Staying in the Uley’s attic was more than I could ask for. A roof, food, and most importantly, an ally. Not only was this ally not fond of Luz Maria, but he was the leader of his pack. He has much influence over them. But I’ve been watching Luz. From my window, I’ve been watching her I even have the ring she dropped. When is she coming? Is she trying to do what she did to Alejandro? I won’t let it happen again. I swear it. I will avenge my brother, my family, and I swear Luz Maria will....What’s this?

Movement in the woods.

I open the window and breathe. That scent. I know it all too well. Luz Maria Baez is in town.


"I’m just going to get some air..."

"Okay." Sam opens the door for me, as the rest of the pack stares in silence. The door closes behind me, and I hear laughter and shouts. The bittersweet memory only makes me ache even more to see that monster’s body bloody and lifeless between my jaws.

I shift into my coyote skin. I will hide in the in the darkness, lure her deep into the woods where I can . . . Well, I’ll just figure what I’ll do when I get there. A grin spreads across my face.

Luz Maria

Crap. I need to calm down. I’m sure I’ve been in these woods for at least twenty minutes. I hear shouts and laughter. The house must be that way.

Leaves rustle by me. I freeze. I feel a cold stare down my back. I should head back. No. I must use my anger for fuel.

I keep walking toward the sounds. A howl assures me I’m not alone, only it’s not coming from the direction of the stare. Keep going. I feel like a trapped animal. I promised myself I would never feel this way again. I have to keep going. I break into a run.

A large animal flies at me from the side. I slide hard on the ground. The animal has me pinned. I look up at my predator.


The coyote glares at me with such fury, I almost feel scared. There I go again. I’m scared out of my wits. But for my own sanity, I must lie. I’m not scared at all. I stare back defiantly, daring him to attack me.

"Get off of me." Diego growls at me. His nails bite into my skin, and I feel the flesh tear. I wince. My eyes stay locked on his wild ones. I feel the warm blood against my skin in the cold night.

"I will not let you kill me Diego De la Sierra."

He raises his paw in a second and I know what is to come. I move my face inward. I bite my lips in pain as I feel Diego’s claws make contact in my skin, slowly.

I’m sure he’s in euphoria. I must take my chance. I move my leg from under his grasp, and fling him off of me. He swerves in the ground. Dust rises in the moonlit night. He glares at me. A low threatening growl escapes his mouth.

I begin to run toward the house. I come crashing into the ground, hard. The taste of earth and salty metal merge in my mouth. Something heavy is on my back, pinning me chest down to the ground.

"Why are you here?," Diego speaks into my ear.

"I’m looking for something."

"This?" He holds the ring in front of me. I try to snatch it, but he brings my arm behind my back in a lock. He lifts me by the hair. I feel the burn from the wounds on my face. He turns me to him.

"Well, well. Luz Maria. I haven’t seen you face to face in a long time."

I almost cry; he looks just like Alejandro, but with even sharper features. No. This is his older brother, who hate s me ,and who I hate. Alejandro and Diego were never the same person. That is one thing I could not lie to myself about. Ever.