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Hold Her

Sequel to Protect Her and Love Her. Quil and Claire have escaped from the past-- mostly. They are trying to fit in at college and find themselves and each other.

This will be fluffy, mostly. Some angst, of course. go read the prequels first. and enjoy. i don't own quil. poor me. review. please please PLEASE review.

3. Chapter 3

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There were no live bands tonight, but there was recorded music playing too loud as I mixed drinks.

That was good. I didn’t want to think. Didn’t want to worry. Didn’t want to ask myself what Claire wanted.

It was March. We’d been here for six months. Nothing had changed between us… and I desperately wanted it too. Did she?

No thinking! Bad, bad Quil…

I woke up in a dream today

To the cold of the static, and put my cold feet on the floor

Forgot all about yesterday

Remembering I'm pretending to be where I'm not anymore

A little taste of hypocrisy

And I'm left in the wake of the mistake, slow to react

Even though you're so close to me

You're still so distant, and I can't bring you back

Great. The music is reminding me of her…

Left in the wake of the mistake… what a perfect way to put it. My failure is dragging me down, pulling me away from her.

She’s still so distant… maybe it’s me and my fears pulling us apart, but maybe it’s her, still afraid. Maybe I can’t bring her back.

Before I imprinted on Claire, I never had these doubts. I was the classic over-confident cocky little kid. I thought I could do anything, that I was irresistible. Especially with my werewolf muscles.

Now, I was nervous around her… and everyone, because I wasn’t sure what to do. And I couldn’t afford another mistake.

It's true

The way I feel

Was promised by your face

The sound of your voice

Painted on my memories

Even if you're not with me

I'm with you

I always was with her, from the moment I met her. I could never, no matter whether she wanted me, love anyone else. I had lost the ability to love anyone other than my Claire.

No, no matter how far we've come

I can't wait to see tomorrow

No matter how far we’ve come

I can’t wait to see tomorrow

With you

I couldn’t wait. I realized, as I shook the drink-mixer thing (what on EARTH is it called? You know what I mean, right?) that I couldn’t keep stalling. Couldn’t keep waiting. Maybe she was waiting too.

She had said we would start being together, and there was no higher honor for me than being a part of anything she was.

No matter how far we came, I could never forget how I had failed her. We could go a million miles and the shadow of it would still be there. But I couldn’t wait for the next day. For another chance. Because I was determined. Tomorrow, I would try.

I wasn’t sure quite yet what I would do, but I was resolved… I would do my very best.

I wanted the past to be past. I wanted now to be now.

I wanted to be Claire’s boyfriend. And I would be.

“Dude, can I have my drink?”

“Oh. Yeah…” I blushed and poured. The man winked.

“Thinkin’ about a girl?”

“You caught me.”

He laughed. “Good luck, man.”

I may very well need it.