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Hold Her

Sequel to Protect Her and Love Her. Quil and Claire have escaped from the past-- mostly. They are trying to fit in at college and find themselves and each other.

This will be fluffy, mostly. Some angst, of course. go read the prequels first. and enjoy. i don't own quil. poor me. review. please please PLEASE review.

9. Chapter 9

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And I so completely needed another complication, right? Fast forward to Friday night. I was working the bar, when, lo and behold, a youngish woman comes up. She’s about thirty-seven, good-looking, and vaguely familiar.

“Quil! Quil Ateara, right?”

“Yeah. And you’re… I know you.”

“Elaine James. You asked me out when I was going out with Steven, in twelfth grade.”

That’s right… that was another lifetime. “Wow. Small world, huh?”

“Yeah. But then you were one of Sam’s gang. I thought you guys were going to stay on the rez forever?” Yeah, that was the plan. But true love got in the way and the vampires moved out.

“Nothing lasts forever. Sam’s…” stopped phasing? What was I going to say? “We’ve all grown up, I guess. None of us are over-sized children anymore.”

“You don’t look a day older. Not that you looked sixteen, then, but you only look twenty-five.”

Lie, lie, I need a lie… “I skipped a couple grades. I just turned thirty.” In reality, I was a really dumb student, and I haven’t got a clue how old I am, so I’ll just lie. Lying isn’t good, unless you have a supernatural secret that people would lock you up if they knew.

“Wow, I never knew that. What’re you doing here?”

I blushed. “I’m putting Claire through college.”


“My… girlfriend, I guess.” And so much more, of course.

She eyed me, teasingly. “I thought you were into older girls.”

“I’ve changed. Besides… Claire and I have been best friends for years. She even lived with me in La Push, after you left and her dad died.” I left out the dismemberment and child abuse. Oh, and imprinting and werewolves, of course. “Sam and Emily were nearby- she’s Emily’s niece. But Sam and Emily can be a little… much, you know. They love each other so much it’s almost nauseating. So Claire stayed with me. She’s twenty-six now, but she’s only a freshman.” Actually, she’s nineteen. But Elaine does not need to know that, because she thinks I’m thirty.

“Oh. Well, do the two of you want to come over tomorrow? I’m having a party… I’m an assistant professor of Literary Arts, but I just started working here, so I’m hoping to get to know some of the other young teachers and old students.

“I’ve got to work… except between six and nine.”

“That’s exactly when the party is! You’re in luck. Come on, you can’t say no. I live just outside East Campus, in the Dwyer building. Second floor, apartment 205. You have to come. I want to meet her.”

“Sure.” This was such a bad, bad, BAD idea. I had to explain this to Claire. Maybe I could use the flu excuse again… it was more than just the usual awkwardness of meeting someone who rejected you twenty years ago, it was the awkwardness of the fact that she was an adult and you were still a kid.

Bad, bad, bad.

She smiled. “See ya then, Quil.”

I smiled too, and then scooted away to help someone. Or just to get away before she saw through my story.