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Carlisle and Esme's Story

This is what my version of Carilsle and Esme is. This is how I pictured them meeting and being together. This is what I think happened when Esme found out, and this is what happened when Esme wanted in.

I warn you that the facts in this story are wrong, all wrong! This is simply what would have happened if the order of the Cullens changed.

4. Chapter 4

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The next night we meet again. We talk of nothing but vampires. She asks me numerous questions. I answer. We talk until the church bell rings 1 again. We both hesitantly let each other leave. When we part we say ‘I love you'. This is what holds me together until the next night.
One night she asks me something peculiar.

"When will it happen?" She asks after a moment of silence.

"When will what happen?" I ask.

"When will you take me away? When will you change me?" She looks
at me with eyes that are sad. She looks hurt and depressed. "I do not believe anymore, Carlisle.. I do not believe you will come and change me. Please tell me you will. Tell me to never worry. Tell me you will take me tomorrow." Her eyes are full of tears, tears and hope.

"Esme," I say," I will. I will change you. I will change you whenever you ask. When you ask, is when I will act." I look at her entranced by her beauty.

"Tomorrow evening." She says. The church bell rings and she stands to leave.

"I love you she whispers." I whisper back and she leaves.

The next night I come to our meeting place with my bag. I see that she is there too. She has but her purse and one small bag.

"is this all you wish to bring?" I ask skeptically.

"Yes" She says. She takes her bags and walks away. We come out of the park and catch a cab. We place out bags inside.

"Where to?" asks the rude old cabby driver.

"We would like to go to the port." I answer. She gives me a curious look.

"America" I say. Her eyes widen.

"Would you really waste such money on me?" she asks.

"You are not a waste." I answer. She blushes at my modesty.
We make our way to the port. We board a small ship the next day. When we find our room she immediately falls to sleep. I watch her. Her even deep breaths are calming. She does not snore, she does not talk in her slumber. She wakes at dawn the next morning.

"Did I sleep all night through?" She asks.

"Yes" I answer. She looks upset. "Why do worry?" I ask.

"I did not mean to leave you so alone for so long. Were you not full of boredom?" She asks.

"No" I answer.

"What did you do the numerous hours?" She asks.

"I watched the most beautiful woman on the planet sleep." I smile at her. She blushes again.

"I will get dressed, and then we shall have breakfast?" She asks.
"Yes" I answer making my way for the door.

A few moments later the door opens and she walks out. She look magnificent in her green dress. It is the exact shade of her eyes.

"You look like an angel." I says to her.

"Thank you." She answers and we walk to breakfast.

When we make it to the ‘New World' Esme is sick. She cannot stand or sit for a long while. I wish to make her comfortable but I know I can do nothing. One night as she's falling asleep in the small room we had at the local inn, she whispers to me.

"Carlisle," Her voice is crackly. "Do it now. Change me."

She's asleep before I can object. I think about her words. Change me. As much as I would wish too I could never . I sob dry tears as I realize that I'm a liar.

I said I would change her. I said I would help her become a vampire. I said I would stay with her, but know I know the truth of the matter is, I can't.

She wakes in the night from a coughing fit. Her fits have grown worse and worse. The worry me more and more. When she stops with the frightful sounds I ask her.

"Esme, my darling, is this truly what you want? Are you sure you do not want to simply die, and not have to worry for all of eternity?" I look at her half closed eyes. She does not say anything, and I worry that she has decided against it. Her eyes close as she answers in her raspy whisper.


That's when I realize that as painful as it may be for me, I need to do it for her. I need to do it for her, soon. I check out of the old country inn and I find an old abandoned building. It is small and one roomed, but it is far from others. I walk back to the inn and carry Esme and all of her things. I carry her the 6 miles out of town. When we make it to the small, new home, I ask her if she feels well.

"That depends on" Cough "your definition." She answers.

I smile at this. She is clearly feeling at least the slightest bit better, otherwise she would not bother with her witty comments.

"Esme" I whisper in her ear.

She nods with her eyes closed. "Esme, I'm going to change you." Her eyes pop open.

"Really?!" She asks. She smiles big. She even manages to sit up. "Really, Carlisle?"

"Of course." I say. I smile at her happiness.

"When?" She asks. Her eyes are eager and hopeful. I missed them They have been closed too long.

"Tonight" I say. Her face is still alighted. She smiles and stares at me, then the ground. She is still smiling but I see a bit of worry in her eyes.

"Is this alright?" I ask. I worry too. I worry she'll back out. I worry she'll leave me forever.

"Well...Yes...Everything is alright. I simply am worried...does it hurt terribly?" she looks at me and her eye are worried and fearful. I sigh.

"Esme," I can't look at hurt.

"It is painful....but didn't you know that? Did you not agree to it for the part after?" I once again worry that she'll not go through with it.

"Yes!" She answers quickly. "I did! I want nothing more than to live with you for eternity. I simply questioned the process. Do not worry. Nothing will stop me from becoming a vampire."

She brings her hand up to my chin. She raises my head as to look at me with her intense green eyes.

"I love you." She whispers.

"I love you too, Esme." I whisper back.

I watch her fall asleep and prepare myself to change her. I prepare myself for the rest of eternity, with Esme, the vampire.