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Carlisle and Esme's Story

This is what my version of Carilsle and Esme is. This is how I pictured them meeting and being together. This is what I think happened when Esme found out, and this is what happened when Esme wanted in.

I warn you that the facts in this story are wrong, all wrong! This is simply what would have happened if the order of the Cullens changed.

5. Chapter 5

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Eventually she falls asleep. Her sickness prevents her from staying awake. When she is sound asleep, and nothing will wake her I realize it is time.

I kneel beside her beautiful face. I take in her scent one last time. I crouch so that me lips are just inches from her neck. I lightly kiss her before I dig my teeth into her skin. I inject the most amount of venom as possible.

When I pull back I see Esme's face. Her eyes popped wide open. She opens her mouth to scream but nothing comes out. She grabs my hand sand squeezes it with such intensity. I look at her with pain. I do not want her to suffer so. I know that if it was possible I would be crying my eyes out.

She screams a long bloodcurdling scream. It makes me wince. She squeezes my hand tighter. She fidgets hoping to take the pain away but it never ceases. She lets out so many piercing screams her voice has left her. She simply gasps for air. She wails and fidgets some more. She cries her last tears.

Eventually she fidgets again and again and again until I think that something has gone wrong. It seems more like a seizure than a human being changed. She wails one more time and before I know it, I see her skin turning whiter. It pales until it's the sickeningly white shade of a true vampire. Her eyes change under her squeezed shut eyelids. I wince at the thought of not being able to see her beautiful eyes anymore. With any luck they'll be more gorgeous as the Golden shade that they will be. Her squeeze become so tight its almost painful. She screams one last time and then lets go.

After another day or two of the fidgeting, the screaming and the wailing she stops. She never opens her eyes/ She simply sops. She lays on the bed and I wonder if she has died. I wonder if her poor little heart could not take it. I wonder if I will be alone again.

That's when her eyes pop open I see the piercing red eyes for the first time. She looks at me. She sniff s the air.
She has changed.

"You smell...delicious. " She whisper and comes toward me. The look in her eyes tells me just how hungry she is.

"Esme!" I say. "You must train first. We will go hunting." She doesn't stop coming toward me. She grabs me with her new forceful hands.

"We shall go hunting now." I grab the hands and put them to her sides. I hive her a long hard stare and walk out the door . She follows. We walk to the nearby forest. She is constantly sniffing the air and listening for something to quench her massive thirst.

Something crackles. It sounds like a paw on a dead leaf. The bushes to our left move. She looks at me even more wild eyed then before. She can smell it as well as me.

"Rabbit!" She says. She lunges for the bush. I see nothing but the bushes moving. I hear the sound of victory. She comes up and she has blood all around her mouth. Her eyes are the slightest bit softer, but they are still red. Piercing, scary, red.

"More" She says and takes off running at her newfound speed. I follow and watch her as she finds deer and a raccoon. I find a smaller deer and I quietly eat while she looks for more.

She finds something that finally quenches her thirst. She is not totally satisfied but she is satisfied enough to leave the forest. Her eyes are still red so I know that we will hunt again. Tomorrow, and the next day and the day there after.

We hunt everyday until her eyes slowly make it to the dark black color, then to the golden color of safety. One day after we went hunting she sit on the old rocking chair that I built for her. She asks me something that I found peculiar.

"Is it possible...to...move?" She looks at me with he newfound golden eyes. She is more gorgeous than before. Without doubt.

I look at her for a second trying to read her face. When I find no clues as to what she means. I ask her.

"Yes it is, is this home not satisfying you?" I ask. I try to read her face once more, once again I find nothing.

"No, of course it is!" She answers "I simply wonder at the possibilities." She looks out the window and stares a the sun once again makes its way up to the sky.

"I will do anything to make you happy" I answer her. I crouch by her chair and hold her now cold hands. "If you want to move, then we shall find home wherever you please."

She smiles at this. She even lets out a small giggle.

"Is it possible to...get married?" She looks at me sheepishly. I smile at her bigger than I have ever smile before. The thought of being married to one as lovely as Esme is but a dream.

I whisper yes and then she steal the words right out of my mouth.

"I love you"

"I love you too" I whisper back. We kiss a nice slow kiss. Neither need air so we take as long as we like. We kiss for hours.

That's when I realized that I couldn't live without her and her beautiful lips to kiss.