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Carlisle and Esme's Story

This is what my version of Carilsle and Esme is. This is how I pictured them meeting and being together. This is what I think happened when Esme found out, and this is what happened when Esme wanted in.

I warn you that the facts in this story are wrong, all wrong! This is simply what would have happened if the order of the Cullens changed.

6. Chapter 6

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The next morning we sit on the porch and watch as the black sky turns to blue, then to purple. Then it slowly turns to red and soon it's a flaming orange as the sun comes into view. Esme leans her head on my shoulder. Moments like this I will never forget.

Soon the sun is high up in the sky and we decide it's time to hunt. Neither of us want to leave this comfortable position, but both of us know we must. After a while we get up and head to the forest.

We drink more than we thirst because we know of the humans that we will meet along the way to...To wherever life may take us. We hunt and hunt until soon the predicted clouds cover the sun and it's time for us to leave.

We make our way through town like any traveler would, smiling and being friendly. We act like we're just passing through. Soon we're so far from the town we can barely even see it. I stop the carriage. Esme turns to me.

"Why are we stopping, Carlisle?" She looks confused.

I point to the road.

"The path splits in two. We must choose which way to go." I smile at her. "Where do you want to go?"

Her eyes sparkle with wonder and hope.

"Can we go back to England?" The texture of her voice says it all. She wants to go back to England more than anything in the world.

I urge the horses forward and to the right.

"England it is."

We ride for hours and hours. All through the night we ride. We take many short breaks for the horses to rest, but for the most part we rise straight through until we make it to the port.

We unload our things and load them on the boat and soon we are off. We are off to England, to a new place, to a new adventure.

I walk into the room to see Esme sitting by the window staring out the window at the bright sunny day. Part of the sunshine comes in and lands on her face and arm, making her skin sparkle. She turns to me and smiles.

"Esme," I say and sit down opposite from her, "As you may know when we get to England and find a new house and settle there, people may assume that we are married." She nods and I can tell by her eyes that she knows where this is going. "But we are not. We must either lie and say we are or find a chapel near the port and marry there. These are the only options to which I can think of."

She nods again, not saying anything, then she looks up and her eyes say it all. She wants to get married but she wants it to be special. She doesn't want to hastily get married in secret.

"I have another idea." I say. "Please excuse me." I walk out the door and leave her there to puzzle my actions.

Then as soon as the sun has set and the passengers have gone to bed I tell Esme to get her finest dress on. She looks at me questioningly but agrees and does so. As soon as she comes out of the bathroom I gently take her hand and lead her to the captain's cabin.

I knock on the door and immediately come in, not waiting for someone to get it. I walk her through the large room and out onto the balcony. Her face lights up.

We step out on to a small balcony, small, lit candles surrounding us. A few white roses are here and there. Then opposite the door there is are a few larger candles and a few more roses and a man dressed in full uniform, the captain.

"Carlisle, what is this?!" She looks stunned and overjoyed and amazingly beautiful. The way the candle light hits her pale skin and makes her eyes sparkle is a sight I never wish to forget.

"This is our wedding." I say and lead her up to the 'alter' and the captain who smiles at her reaction.

"Is it legally correct?" She asks.

"Yes, the captain of the ship is allowed to marry any couple, if they wish so." I say. SHe looks so shocked and so happy I cannot decide which she is more of.

The captain starts but I must admit I get lost in Esme and her beauty. Her eyes sparkling, her soft lips in a wide smile, her sweet smell every time the wind blows, her gentle hands in mine.

We both say 'I do' never taking our eyes off each other. We kiss. Nothing can compare to that moment when we were declared husband and wife. Nothing can compare to that kiss we shared that night out on the balcony.