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Kristen Black is back....figuratively. She is just starting school at Forks High and is making trouble and breaking hearts along the way. But when she encounters the most beautiful boy in the world, how will she cope with the rejection? SEQUEL TO HAUNTING GAMES

Woo hoo story!! i just wanted to put a HUGE DISCLAIMER on this entire story. I OWN NOTHING!!! and its only rated teen for some swearage and a maybe naughty scene? you decide with your review!!

1. Game Plan

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Breathe. Kristen you have to breathe. You have serious issues with that you know. I breathed in deeply, waited till blue and purple polka dots ran across my vision and let the breath out. I had never been nervous for school before but that is probably due to the lack of challenge at the Rez School. Forks High School had a brand new AP program because so many kids were dissatisfied with the lack of intensity in the old curriculum. My mother was the one who finally changed their minds about the program.

She had been an English teacher here before she died. But at one point she had been just like me. Timid and shy at a brand new school. I clutched my bag close to my chest as I stepped out of the car. I had never been so thankful that I hadn’t inherited my mother’s klutzy nature. I walked down the worn paths and looked for building 3. It definitely wasn’t hard to find, but ivy and moss had covered most of the sign. I was just about to step inside the door when a scrawny arm pulled me back. I fell to the ground almost losing my glasses in the process.

“Kristen Black. You are not going to sit in your class for 20 minutes waiting for school to start. I won’t allow it,” my best friend, Rachel, could be really pushy. I stood up and dusted myself off. “Rachel, you need to be nicer to me. I am going to have to help you in almost all your classes!” She growled at me while lunging at my back. Being friends and an almost younger sister to Andrew had taught me speed and power. I spun around her just as her arms reached where my waist would have been and grabbed her arm to keep her from falling.

“I hate it when you do that,” she said. I laughed loudly at my friend’s obvious embarrassment and helped her up. While she was up and dusting off her pants I sauntered over to pick up my discarded bag. When I got over to it I couldn’t find it. I knew there was only one person in the world who would steal my bag. “ANDREW!”I cried, “GIVE ME BACK MY BAG OR I SWEAR TO GOD I WILL…” He hurried out from behind some bushes and handed me my bag. “Okay I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. I snorted and walked away.

Andrew Uley had been my best guy friend since I was three. I had met him at Rachel’s birthday party seeing as they are fraternal twins. He was very tall and muscular like his dad, but with a softer face like his mom. I had had a crush on him since the time I was eleven. His sister, who had been my actual best friend since birth, looked almost exactly like him only with ocean blue eyes which no one understood. I was insanely jealous of both of them.

The nasal tone of the tardy bell sent us scurrying on our way. I had to run to make it on time to my AP Biology class. The teacher was a short balding man with really bad root situations. He was fiddling with things on his desk when I walked in. I had him sign the slip I got in the office earlier that day and took a seat front and center. I pulled out my provisions as I sat down. Pencil, notebook and a planner. The teacher began to talk and I fell into the monotony of class work.


I decided to leave my bag in my sixth period class as I walked to lunch. Rachel could be heard blabbering from twenty yards away from the noisy cafeteria. I tried to hear what they were saying but it wasn’t working out for me. When I saw Rachel’s arms in the air I decided that it was a good time to butt in.

“Hi guys. What’s up?” Andrew grinned at me while Rachel glared at my interruption. She knew I did it to save Andrew because I had a HUGE crush on him. Only Rachel knew about it though. And for that I would be forever thankful.

They didn’t speak but just walked to the shortest line and started talking to random people. School lunch was disgusting so I didn’t eat. I went outside instead to think. Thinking about everything and nothing had always been my strong point. I usually picked a harmless topic and stuck to it. Essays were always easy for me too.

I sat on the slightly damp wooden bench and began to think about my adoptive parents. Sam and Emily had been my parents since I was seven. That was the year both of my parents had died in a car crash. Things had never really been the same since. Well obviously I mean, how could it be? Losing your whole family in one night of flame and twisted metal. That really made my life suck.

The bell rang once again making me jump. The clouds had grown thicker and it had begun to rain. I threw on my hood and ran to my next class. When I got in there everyone was seated and I was late. I quickly took the last available seat by this beautiful boy that I had noticed earlier. He had very pale skin which wasn’t abnormal but the bruises under his eyes were. He looked like he was either recovering from a broken nose or a nose job. His dark red hair had tiny beads of precipitation in it. But it was without a doubt his eyes that amazed me the most. His eyes were a bright green with a tiny bit of a honey color in the middle.

“Hello,” said the gorgeous boy. “I am Blaire Cullen.” I just sat in a state of shock at the fact that this boy was talking to me. I needed a minute. But I didn’t have a minute so I answered, “Hi. I’m Kristen Black.” Very suave.

He laughed at my facial expression and turned away from me to study. I just sat there staring at him like an idiot till finally I cast my eyes downward toward my paper. And again I fell into the monotony of classes


We were driving home when it hit me. I liked Blaire. I had known him for a total of two hours and I already was madly in love with him. He was everything. He consumed my every thought until we got home.

“Hey Kris, can I talk to you for a second?” Andrew asked. I nodded my head and followed him into the living room. The house was small but I loved it. It got even smaller when the boys came over. Embry, Quil and Claire, Jared and Kim, Paul, Seth, Leah and Mike, Colin, and Brady. They were always over here.

Andrew grabbed my hand and pulled me on to the couch next to him. I was completely shocked. He never acted this way. He was usually so quiet and calm. He was scaring me a little bit.

“Kris. I know that you don’t like me very much.” Internal laugh. “But I wanted you to know that I want to be your boyfriend. Really, really bad.” I just sat there looking at him like he was crazy. What was with the spontaneous asking me to be his girlfriend? I bet it’s a dare. He would never go out with a nerd like me. I had short black hair and really nerdy glasses. How could he like me?

I was just about to say I would be his girlfriend when I remembered Blaire. He was a worthy adversary and I had never lost a guy before. At least, in my own league. But I decided it was worth a shot so I sighed and looked at Andrew.

“Look Andrew. I would say yes but I just met someone today who I am fascinated with. I also just think of you as a big brother. It would be weird to date you. I love you but I’m not in love with you.” His face fell and he released my hand. He looked at me and smiled but it did not touch his eyes. He got off the couch and walked into his room.

I felt bad about saying no but I didn’t like him like that. Well I did. But then Blaire… Rachel gave me a hard time about it too.

“Geez Kris could you have been any colder? I know you have issues with guys but that’s my brother moping in his room right now. And I’m going to get blamed for it.” I tuned her out as I so often do and just focused on Blaire’s face. It look a lot like Heath Ledgers but there was something else there. It was like a hidden force or power that lurked just beyond his face.

I spent hours trying to figure it out when I heard Emily downstairs. She always knew how to help me. I ran downstairs and gave her a huge hug. “Wow Kris. Excited to see me?” I nodded and smiled. I had never been so happy to see her in all my life. “Mom could you help me with something?” She looked at me oddly then sat down at the dining room table.

“Mom. There’s this boy at school and I don’t know what to do. He is so cute and nice that I instantly liked him the moment I saw him. What do I do?” She looked at me suspiciously and cleared her throat. “Well if I were you, I would do my damndest to make him mine. I would do whatever it takes. But no felonies.” I shouted a thank you then ran back to my room. I had to plan.