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A Newborn Danger

When deadly, new vampires come to Forks, Bella realizes just how dangerous newborn can be... Chaper One is finally here!!! BUT I've had some system errors, so I might have to take it off again and fix it so you can read it flawlessly. :)

Okay, this is my first post, I hope you like it! It doesn't really make sense in the beginning, but I explain it all later, don't worry! :) Oh and it's all in Bellas POV, unless marked otherwise! Enjoy! And before I forget.... DISCLAIMER: All characters, places, ect. belong to the fabulous Stephenie Meyer, unless marked otherwise. :)

1. Prologue: Danger

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I was alone in the forest, the gloomy light of twilight seeping through the massive canopy of trees and lighting the forest behind the Cullens' house just enough to see where I was going. I had terrible cramps in my sides from breathing so hard that I was practically on the verge of hyperventilation, but I barely noticed that. All I knew was that I had to run far away from the Cullens, from Edward, hidden away inside the beautiful white house on the river, and the terrifying monsters surrounding it. I knew that the monsters were vampires, but only in the very worst way. They were nothing like the Cullens, the vampires I knew and had come to love dearly, even more so than my own life. But the monsters would find me soon if I kept stopping like this, so I had to keep running. I got up from my low, tightly crouched position on the damp forest floor and began running as fast as I could. Tonight, it was not my life that I ran for, but every one else's.

Earlier today Edward had told me everything would be alright, but I knew better than to listen to his lies that he spoke only to protect me. Alice had said that we would all die, unless someone could lure them away before we all got killed. Of course, Alice didn't really believe that I would be the one to run, and now it was far too late for her to stop me. The monsters were already after me, and she and the rest of the Cullens were trapped in their own home by more of the vicious intruders. Another root sent me sprawling on my knees, ripping my already grass-stained jeans.

Run, Bella, run, I thought to myself, don't think about what's going on back at the house! They'll be alright! Just run!

I gritted my teeth, got up again and began to run again as fast as my body would allow. My legs ached and my chest burned, but I knew I couldn't stop running. I knew I had to save them, even if it meant sacrificing my own life. Even though I was nothing but a mere mortal against these horrible, terrifying monsters, I alone had the potential to save those I loved. I didn't get very far before they caught up to me. As the three of them caught sight of me in the dim forest light, they paused while still about thirty yards away, and then ran up to only a few feet away from me. They smiled, then went for the kill. They were deadly and I had been foolish enough to cross their path, knowing how lethal those excruciatingly beautiful venom-coated smiles were.

"Edward!" I screamed with my last gasp of air just before those terrible monsters were upon me. I shrieked when I saw the blurs that meant the monsters were coming, and my eyes closed instinctively to save my mind from the image outside. And so, in my final moments, I saw my beloved Edward. I forced my mind to remember every detail of his face, the exact angle of my favorite crooked smile. Then everything went black and I thought to myself my last words. Goodbye, my angel, I love you.