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I love him, mother

After Renée finds out about Bella's and Edward's wedding plans, she boards the next flight to Seattle. Can she really talk Bella out of it, or will she learn to accept her decision? ** The forgotten epilogue is now out =D

This is my first fanfic... I hope you like it. Reviews are greatly appreciated.

2. Presents

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Edward was waiting in his silver car when I finally got out of the hotel. The conversation with Renée had been a little better than I had hoped for, which caused my mood to lighten up the tiniest bit. Maybe there was hope after all.

I ran over to the Volvo as quick as I could without tripping. Edward was already holding the door open for me, a worried smile on his perfect lips.

“Hello, love. How was it?”

I didn’t answer until I was safely in the dry car with Edward next to me.

“Ok, I guess. Could have been worse.”

Something about his expression then gave him away.

“You were listening!” I accused him. He really shouldn’t have heard that particular conversation.

“I’m sorry. I read her thoughts earlier, and knew she wasn’t going to be too easy on you,” he answered guiltily “I figured I should be close by in case it got ugly.”

His attempt to lighten my mood did the opposite. It only made me frown more.

“Well, I hope you enjoyed it then, at least.”

Edward put his arm around my shoulder, and looked at me with his beautiful, butterscotch eyes.

“I am truly, deeply sorry. It was very rude of me to listen to your private conversation without your permission.”

I nodded. Of course he was forgiven. He always was.

Edward shifted his eyes back to the road. “Now I see why you were so opposed to getting married… Your mother’s reaction was stronger than what I’d expected. I’m sorry I’m putting you through this. Maybe we should cancel the wedding. Like I said, I’ll still keep my side of the bargain. The offer from earlier this week still stands. I’m sure Renée would be more than pleased if she…”


Edward turned to me again, his eyes full of the pain he hadn’t wished for me to see.

“I’m getting married because I want to. Nobody can keep me from that. Not Mom, not Charlie, not even YOU.”

This caused some of the pain in Edward’s eyes to vanish, but his smile remained apprehensive.

“Thank you. So you really want this?”

“Of course, or I wouldn’t be doing it.”

We were now parked in the Cullens’ garage. I could see Rosalie’s red convertible next to Carlisle’s black Mercedes. If Edward could have his way, there would be another shiny and extremely over-priced car in here, possibly an Audi or something of that sort. That thought made me nauseous. If I’d let him, he’d probably bury me in presents, from diamond necklaces to enormous beach villas. And what could I give him? A book he’d probably already read? A CD he’d heard a thousand times? No, I couldn’t let it get that far.

Thinking of presents suddenly made me notice something. I had never gotten Edward anything except for those concert tickets that ended up being used my Mike and Angela instead. As I looked at the glimmering heart on my bracelet, I noted we were uneven already. I’d have to get him something good, something that would show him how much I really loved him.

Something within my price range.

“Bella? What are you thinking about?”

I realized I was staring out the car window. Shaking my head, I turned to look at my subject of my obsession. He was looking straight at me, a concentrated look on his face. Probably trying to decipher my thoughts, I figured. How long had I been sitting like that?

“Nothing special.”

Of course he didn’t believe me, I could tell. But he let the subject drop like I hoped he would, and turned his attention to something in the general direction of the house. His lips twitched.

“Emmett thinks we’re about to make out and is waiting for the action. Maybe we should go inside now so he doesn’t get too excited.”

I snorted and blushed at the same time. Only Emmett could have that effect on me.

Edward stepped out of the car first and helped me out. We walked to the Cullen’s marvelous, white house hand-in-hand.

Before we even got to the door, Alice dashed out and gave me a worried hug. “I’m sorry… You’ll convince her soon enough though.”


“Well, no, I can’t really see it happening.”

The tiny shimmer of hope from earlier this morning disappeared. My expression must have given me away, because Alice hastily added, “Yet. She might change her mind any minute.” She gave me a reassuring smile.

I didn’t answer. I knew Renée so much better than Alice did, even with her psychic’s skills. Only I knew exactly how stubborn she could be. If the Cullens knew her better, they’d be just as pessimistic as I was. And then it hit me - the Cullens had never met Renée. Edward was going to be her son-in-law soon, yet his own parents knew her only from my partly not very flattering stories. But could I really ask them to put on a human façade for a few hours just for her?

“Um, Edward?”

“Yes, Bella?”

“Do you... could your… would it be possible for Mom to meet your family sometime soon?”

Alice started jumping around before Edward could answer. “Yes!! That would be… no, that will be great! We could take her for a shopping trip to Seattle! Or… how about we go to Europe with her for a couple of days? Spain is too sunny, but it’ll be cloudy in London this weekend, so we could…”

Alice! I was thinking about spending a quite afternoon here at Forks, actually. Nothing too fancy.”


Alice’s mouth pulled down at the corners.

“Hmm… maybe we should invite Renée over tomorrow. We could give her a tour of the house. And I’m sure she, Carlisle and Esme will have plenty to talk about. The rest of the family will be home, too.”

I was happy to see the enthusiasm that always came when we talked about the wedding back on Edward’s face. He didn’t seem to have a problem with letting my mom meet his vampire family.

“That sounds perfect, Edward. But are you sure everyone will be all right with it? Rosalie, Jasper…”

“…will be on there best behavior. Don’t worry. As a matter of fact, my family has been very eager to meet Renée for a while now. Especially Esme.”

“I’ll go tell the others!” Alice seemed to have regained most of her keenness as she danced back into the house.

Edward took my hand again and followed her in.

Emmett was sitting on the couch watching TV. As soon as we were in the room he jumped to his feet and was standing in front of us in a blink of an eye.

“So Renée is coming over? Perfect! Now we’ll see exactly where Bella got her clumsiness from!”

I blushed. Why did Emmett constantly have to remind me about my feet’s non-existent coordination skills? It was their fault I always fell down. And my hands’ fault that I dropped everything. And my head’s fault that I banged it into every object within a ten-meter radius of me. And… no, let’s leave it at that.

“Actually, I got most of my genes from Charlie. Mom and I are nothing alike.”

Emmett just laughed and was suddenly sitting back on the big, white couch.

And then I was flying. Edward had swept me in his arms and was running upstairs at full speed. There he placed me on his bed and sat beside me.

“You’re planning to give me a present.”

It took me a minute to comprehend what he was saying. Alice was the culprit, no doubt. But I hadn’t really decided what to get him yet, so he couldn’t know it himself, could he?

“Well… the thought crossed my mind. But I wanted it to be a surprise. I don’t even know what I’m getting you yet.”

“You don’t have to get me anything.”

“Yes, I do. But it won’t be anything big, I promise. My pocket money isn’t quite the same range as yours.”

Edward thought about that for a second and smiled his crooked smile.

“Anything I get from you will be the most precious thing I own. But since I’m letting you get me a gift, am I allowed to get you one, as well?”

“No. Nice try, though.”

“Isn’t that a little unfair?”

“You’ve already given me a gift.”

I held up my bracelet. The crystal - I was not going to believe it was a real, ridiculously large diamond - reflected the light coming from outside and shot rainbows at the walls.

“That was your graduation present. You gave me the concert tickets, remember?”

“Which you couldn’t use.”

“Whether I used them or not, you still gave them to me. Ergo, it was a gift from you to me. So if you give me another one, we’ll be out of balance.”

“We already are out of balance.”

“That’s what you think.”



And then his cool lips were on mine, kissing me gently. It was a short, but sweat kiss that left me hungry for more.

Please?” he repeated, using the full force of his golden eyes on me.

After struggling to clear my head without luck, I sighed.

“All right then, you unfair, annoying vampire! But don't you dare spend lots of money on this!”

Edward only smiled.