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The Shelter

This story is based on the .5% that like werewolves. HOORAY for them!!!!!!

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1. The Shelter

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Bella: Let's go to the shelter and get a PUPPY!

Edward: No.

Bella: Yes.

Edward: Fine, but we're not going to spend the whole day there.

Bella: Yay!

(Act 2)

(The Shelter of werewolves)

Bella: Wow, all these werewolves look exactly the same!

Edward: Yes, they do. So this should only take a few minutes, right?

Bella: But they all look so cute and friendly! Oh, I want them all!

Edward: Only one.

Bella: I like this one, no this one, no this one. Oh, I can't decide! You pick, Edward.

Edward:Ummmmm, that one over there.

(pointing to a random wolf)

Bella: No, I don't like that one. How about... that one over there!

(pointing to the same wolf)

Edward: But that's the same one!

Bella: So. Your point?

Edward: Fine, let's just take the stupid thing and leave.

Bella: Ok

(Act 3)

(back at home)

Bella: Oh, he's so cute! I'll name him Billybob!

Edward: But it's a girl.

Bella: Fine, then it's Billybobette.

Edward: Works for me.