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Unexpected Obstacles

What if Edward already has a girlfriend when Bella steps into Forks High School that first day. If he didn't have such a strong urge to drain her dry, would he still notice her? Because she definately notices him.


1. Chapter 1

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Disclaimer: I own the world. Or not.

Full Summary: One moment in time can change an entire timeline. Say Tanya (from the Denali clan) joined the Cullens' a few years before Twilight started and ended up getting together with Edward (seeing as he's the only single male). What'll happen when Bella moves into Forks if Edward's otherwise unavailable? (For convenience sake, I eliminated that whole "I wanna kill you and suck your blood" thing that Edward has going on with Bella) B/E

Unexpected Obstacles

I didn't mean to stare at him. I just couldn't help it. He was right there in my line of sight, sitting at a window table, surrounded by four particularly beautiful people. His bronze hair was a bit mussed up and some of it fell over his eyes, his perfectly angled face was like a statue - meant to be looked at, not meant to be touched - and his skin was so smooth, so pale … In all actuality, it was like everything about him begged me to stare at him. So how could I not?

I must've let out a sigh as I continued my blatant ogling because Jessica poked me hard in the ribs.

"What?" I turned to her, a little irritated.

"Four words," she smirked, holding up her fist and counting with her fingers as she spoke. "Out. Of. Your. League."

I scowled. "I don't know what you're talking about," I muttered, dropping my gaze to the unappetizing food on my tray.

"You were staring at Edward Cullen," she gave me a knowing smile and poked me again.

"I was n- " I looked up again. He was looking at something outside the window, seeming completely bored. "Is that his name?"

Jessica rolled her eyes and bit into her slice of pizza.

"Yeah," she nodded. "Absolutely gorgeous, absolutely unavailable."

Just as the words escaped her mouth, a devastatingly beautiful girl floated in from the doors across the cafeteria and strode over to the table he was at. When she reached him, she slipped an arm around his shoulders and dropped into his lap. He looked up at her blankly, his bored expression not changing as she pressed a kiss to his mouth.

"He doesn't seem to like her much," I murmured, studying their interaction. Jessica looked, too.

"He must like her a little," she shrugged. "They've been going out for three years. Her name's Tanya Ames. She's an absolute bitch, too."

"Just her?"

"Yeah. Everyone else in that table's okay, I guess. Edward doesn't talk much and everybody thinks Rosalie's pretentious, but other than that, they're all okay."

When I asked which one Rosalie was, she pointed them all out for me. Alice Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Edward Cullen, and Tanya Ames. I drowned her out as she got into their past and history, preferring to slip into my own dream world and fantasize about this Edward Cullen.

That's when he glanced up from his table and looked right at me.

I must've stopped breathing because suddenly, I felt my chest constrict and started choking. Jessica stopped her rambling and asked me if I was okay. I rapidly shook my head and scrambled to my feet. As I hurried out of the cafeteria and to a bathroom, I thought I saw an amused look on Edward Cullen's face.

But then again, I might've imagined it.


I quickly splashed water on my face, trying to get rid of the redness that seemed to reach all the way down my neck. There were no more paper towels in the dispenser, so I used my shirt. I glanced at the mirror and grimaced.

The water had only succeeded in blotching my face, now.

I was truly pathetic.

The bathroom door opened and I caught Tanya Ames's reflection in the mirror as she strutted in. Ugh. Next to her, I felt like a horrendously ugly rag doll, tattered and dirty, worthy of being stuffed into the bottom of the wastebasket. Lovely.

Instead of entering a stall, she walked right up to me, forcing me to turn around.

"You're Isabella Swan?" she asked, disdain plain in her voice. "The new girl?"

She said "new" as if it were the equivalent of the speck of dust on her spotless heels.

"Uh, yeah," I nodded. "I'd rather be called Bell - "

"I don't care," she lifted her top lip up in a sneer. The murderous look she was giving me only emphasized her beauty and I hated her for it. "Just stay away from Edward."

My eyes widened.

"Excuse me?"

"I saw you staring at him, you no-good little twit," she spat out. "And I just wanted to tell you that he's mine. So stay the hell away from him or else."

Color rose up my cheeks and I felt myself automatically fix her with a glare.

"And to make sure that I, a - how did you say it - a 'no-good little twit,' stay away from your boyfriend, you have to resort to name-calling and empty threats?" I lifted my chin. I was just a little shorter than her, probably because of her heels, and that made me feel a bit better. "Insecure, are you?"

Tanya's eyes flashed with something akin to absolute fury. She drew dangerously close to me and I felt the tiniest tinge of fear.

"What did you just say?"

I swallowed and put on my best cocky smirk - it probably amounted to something like a timid smile. "Deaf and insecure, then. My bad."

Her jaw ticked.

"I'd watch it if I were you, little girl," she hissed. "You have no idea what I can do to you…"

Then she poked me with a perfectly manicure nail. I bit down to contain my wince of pain. This was the last straw.

"I don't know who you think you are or what your problem is," I said evenly, leveling my gaze on her. "But if you touch me one more time, I'll be forced to reach behind you and yank that spoon out of your ass and shove it down your throat. Are we clear?"

My face must have been flaming red by now. I hated confrontations. I hated cursing. And I barely knew this girl for five minutes and already, she was making me do both. Her lips curled up, baring her gleaming, white teeth and an inhuman growl erupted from her throat.

I saw her hand raise up - probably to strike me - but, at that moment, the bathroom door burst open and the girl Jessica pointed out as Alice Cullen burst in and grabbed Tanya, tossing her halfway across the girl's room. She crashed into a row of stalls, bringing the dividers tumbling down.

I blinked, slightly shocked.

"Tanya, you idiot," she screamed at the blonde, who was already getting up, not looking like she just brought down the metal stalls of the bathroom. She didn't even look hurt at all; just completely pissed off.

"That bitch is trying to steal Edward!" Tanya screeched. Alice just shook her head.

"I never should have said anything about that stupid vision," Alice mumbled under her breath, clearly not meaning for me to hear her words. They startled me and I started backing towards the exit. The two of them were obviously unstable.

Tanya screamed something incoherent and I used that opportunity to slip out of the bathroom and into the nearly empty halls. Lunch was over and the next period was about to start in … 10 seconds.

Damn, I swore and started running in the direction of Biology. Wherever it was.


Damn it, Edward, Alice grumbled in her mind as she watched the girl scramble out of the girls' room. She better be worth it.

Tanya was glowering at her from the other end of the bathroom.

"You better hope she keeps her mouth shut," Alice hissed. Tanya's eyes narrowed. "I don't care if you're Edward's girl. This is the millionth time you stepped out of line. I don't understand why Carlisle insists on keeping you with us when everybody knows you were so much better off in Denali and - "

"Edward loves me," Tanya cried out, glaring at the dark-haired girl. Alice rolled her eyes.

"Edward puts up with you," she muttered, shifting her gaze to survey the mess. The dividers between the toilet seats had all fallen down into a huge mess of debris and metal. She pinched the bridge of her nose and closed her eyes. "Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful."

"It's your fault, you know," Tanya smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. "If you hadn't made that stupid comment about that ugly girl…"

Alice groaned, remembering.

They were sitting at lunch when a surprising vision suddenly attacked her. Alice's eyes widened.

"Whoa," she murmured. Edward glanced at her, lifting his eyebrows. Jasper turned, too, curious.

"Another vision?" he asked.

She sent a furtive glance at Edward and he raised an eyebrow, shaking his head. Rosalie and Emmett were already leaning forward, their interest piqued.

Can I tell them? She thought to Edward. He shrugged.

"Tanya's not here, and I can't stop you," he said. An amused glint appeared behind his eyes.

Alice noticed and grinned.

"Out with it," Rosalie demanded, desperate for something mildly interesting to think about.

"Our Edward's getting married," Alice sang.

Everybody immediately pulled horrified faces.

"To Tanya?"

"No, Edward!"

"Very funny."

"No, no, no," she corrected them, realizing who they thought Edward would be marrying. "To some other girl. Really pretty, too… dark hair, pale, petite."

Emmett laughed and punched Edward's shoulder. "Sounds hot, bro," he chuckled.

"Thank God," Rosalie wiped a fake bead of sweat off her forehead, smiling. "When I thought you meant he'd marry Tanya, I - "

"WHAT?" a voice hissed.

"Crap," Rosalie muttered, turning away. Alice looked up to see an enraged Tanya standing next to their table.

"Of course he'll marry me," she glared, placing herself on Edward's lap and proceeding to sick everyone out. After a few seconds, she twisted her head to shoot a dirty look in Rosalie's direction. "He loves me. Don’t you, baby?"

Edward didn't answer. He was too busy looking at something else…

Tanya narrowed her eyes. "Who … are you marrying?"

"Nobody, Tanya," he muttered, still not paying any attention to her.

Alice sighed and turned her head just in time to see a familiar person exit the cafeteria.

"Hey, that's her!" she exclaimed without thinking. "That's her! Isabella Swan."

Everybody at the table turned to look.

Tanya carefully stood up and before anyone could stop her, stalked out of the lunchroom.

Big mistake.

"Get over it, Tan," Alice sighed and left the restroom.

Author's Note: This is just a side project to "Burn Beautiful." I felt like writing something light and this was the result. Hope you guys like it!