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Unexpected Obstacles

What if Edward already has a girlfriend when Bella steps into Forks High School that first day. If he didn't have such a strong urge to drain her dry, would he still notice her? Because she definately notices him.


2. Chapter 2

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I rushed into class five minutes late. The teacher, Mr. Banner, paused in his lecture, staring at me over thick-rimmed glasses. I quickly scanned the room - Angela was already in her seat and a dozen eyes were fixed on me, some just curious, others overtly interested. The only one who didn't turn around was Edward Cullen; I recognized him by his unusual hair. For a moment, I stared, transfixed, at the back of his head before blinking and looking away.

Quickly, I hoisted my bag higher on my shoulder and walked to the front of the room to give the teacher my slip stating that it was my first day in school. As I sidestepped a bag tossed haphazardly in the middle of the isle, my hip jabbed the edge of one of the blacktopped tables and a jolt of pain shot through my body.

I bit my lip and limped the rest of the way to his desk. After he'd signed the slip and handed me my book, I surveyed the room again, looking for a seat. The only empty one was next to Edward.

Great. His girlfriend was definitely going to throw a fit now.

He didn't turn as I sat. He didn't even seem to register that I'd just plopped myself down next to him. For a few seconds, I studied his face. His eyes were pinned to the chalkboard but it was obvious his mind was elsewhere.

Deciding to ignore his pointed silence, I reached into my bag and pulled out a notebook, preparing to take notes. However, a few minutes into class told me that I'd already done this unit in Phoenix. Wonderful. I groaned silently; now I'd have to endure being completely bored for the next forty-five minutes of class.

I didn’t even realize I'd been tapping my notebook with my pen until it dropped from my hand and started rolling. Horrified, I stared as it rolled past Edward towards the edge of the table. Just as it fell, his hand shot out and caught it.

"Thanks," I muttered as he slid it back in my direction. He didn't say anything.

Miffed at his none-response, I uncapped the pen and started doodling along the margins of my notebook. From the corner of my eye, I noticed his head tilt ever so slightly in my direction. His mouth opened and closed as if he thought of saying something then decided against it.

A soft, musical, "You're welcome," drifted in my direction and I looked up sharply. His eyes were back on the board and his mouth was set in a straight line.

A little unsettled by his soft-spoken words, I blinked and turned back to my doodles. Once in a while, I'd glance over in his direction as discreetly as possible, but he never moved a muscle.

The bell jerked me awake before I realized I'd been dozing off. Edward Cullen was out of his seat swiftly and fluidly, making it across the room and out the door before I could get a word out. He didn't look at me once during the entire class period.

It had almost been like he was an entire level above me and couldn't be bothered to spare me a split second of his time. For some reason, this really bothered me and I found myself glaring at the notebook in front of me.

I didn't care how different he was or how untouchably perfect. He had no right to be so indifferent and rude. The velvet tone of his "You're welcome" replayed in my head and I found myself smiling slightly. Ugh…

"Isabella Swan, right?" a male voice broke me out of my thoughts.

"It's Bella," I corrected automatically, lifting my eyes to see a friendly, blonde boy grinning at me.

"Bella," he repeated then stuck out his hand. "I'm Mike."

I looked down at his hand then back up at his face before smiling. At least some people at this school knew how to be nice.


Edward grimaced, thinking back to that painfully uneventful Biology II class. Except not so uneventful, a treacherous thought crept into his mind. For a moment, he felt like snarling at its owner before he realized it was his own thought.

Isabella Swan.

Bella Swan.

She was nothing special. Just one out of a few handfuls of girls in the school. She wasn't even that attractive. Not really. Not like all the boys in the school were making her out to be. Not like Tanya, who personified beauty. Not that he'd really noticed because he spent the majority of the class period not looking at her.

But there was just something about her and the idea that he couldn't get that something out of his mind really irked him.

What could it be?

As he slid into his seat, he thought about Alice's vision. He'd waved it off, dismissing it as one of those subjective flashes of the future - a possibility, an event that was most definitely not set in stone. He snorted at the idea of him getting married.

The entire idea of it was enough to make him shudder, disgusted. And to Isabella Swan. He didn't even know the girl and had no notion of getting to know her. What was so special about her, anyways? What was so special that he would marry her and go against the one event that he'd pushed away at every turn?

"I'm imagining the babies right now," a voice interrupted his thoughts. Alice plopped down in the desk next to him.

He frowned, scanning her thoughts. Immediately, he cringed.

"I'm a hundred percent certain that that particular anomaly isn't anatomically possible for a vampire," he snorted, rolling his eyes.

"But weren't they cute?"

He frowned. "Not particularly, no."

She giggled. "Ooh, I'll be an aunty."

"I don't even like children."

"Right," Alice shrugged, still smiling. Not missing a beat, she asked, "So, when are you dumping Tanya?"

His lip curved up slightly, amused. "I'm not," he answered. "And don't let her hear you saying stuff like that. I'm not ending things with Tanya just because you had an awry vision."

Idiot, Alice thought, narrowing her eyes at him. Honestly, what do you see in that girl? She's such a … a…

"Captivating female specimen?" Edward finished, bored with the subject already.

"More like 'heinous bitch,' actually," Alice glared. Edward shrugged.

"She's … interesting. Among other things."

"Yeah. Other things like annoying, completely and utterly worthless, loud-mouthed, dumb as a fork - "

"Just full of pleasantries today, aren't you?" Tanya's high-pitched voice cut into her ramble. Alice didn't bother looking up when she shrugged a shoulder.

"I tell it like I see it."

Tanya ignored her and, once again, placed herself on Edward's lap. She placed a loud, smacking kiss on his cheek and cooed, "How's my huggy wuggy bunny bear?"

Edward grimaced.

"Never call me that again," he grumbled, shooting a look at Alice, who was hiding her laugh under her hand. "And there's a perfectly empty chair in front of me."

Class had already begun and the teacher, Mrs. Goff, had yet to give Tanya a reproving look at her blatant attempt to maul her boyfriend. Instead of getting up, she pouted and wiggled a bit in Edward's lap, trying to get a reaction.

He groaned and pushed her off.

"Not in class," he hissed, sending her a glare.

"It's because of her, isn't it?" Tanya accused, pointing at Alice. Alice widened her eyes and gestured to herself, mouthing 'Me?' Tanya scowled. "No, not you. That ugly girl; what's her name - Bella Dove or … Pigeon or whatever."

"Swan. And she inconsequential," Edward sighed, turning his head to face the class, effectively closing the subject.

Whoever Bella was, she was definitely causing some disruptions in the Cullens' tight knit family. Edward mulled over this, wondering if it was a good thing or not.

Bella's prettier than Tanya, Alice sent over, smiling slightly. Edward snorted. That was highly unlikely.

Catching the disbelieving look on Edward's face, Alice added, Sometimes, beauty is morethan just skin deep.


Mike was laughing at me as we strolled out of Gym, the last class of the day. I shot him a peeved look which just had him clutching at his stomach as he chortled.

"Shut up," I muttered, tightening my grip on my backpack.

"Sorry Bella," he said, not looking sorry at all. "I just don't understand how you got in the way of seven volleyballs, then tripped over thin air."

I growled under my breath, increasing my pace. Not a good idea, because at that moment, my shoelace came undone and I felt myself pitching forward. Mike quickly leaped forward, wrapping two arms around my waist just before I hit the ground.

"I always knew you'd be falling in my arms," he smirked, straightening me. I blushed furiously.

"Thanks," I shot him an embarrassed smile. "I'm really clumsy."

"Really?" he raised a mirthful eyebrow. "I didn't notice."

I sighed and started walking again. Something caught my eye and I turned my head. Edward Cullen was leaning against the brick wall by the parking lot, staring straight at me with an unquestionably angry glare. I gaped, not sure what I did to make him look at me that way.

Mike noticed and whistled.

"Cullen looks like he's ready to kill you," he grinned, spelling out what I could see plainly for myself.

"I don't know what I did," I murmured and ripped my gaze away from Edward.

"It's okay," Mike placed a friendly arm around my shoulder. "I'll protect you."

His statement made me laugh. I doubt that, I thought silently to myself. I highly doubt that.


Edward clenched his fist, frustrated with himself. He wasn't supposed to be drawn to a human girl such as Bella. What was so undeniably special about her that he couldn't stop his eyes from following her form as she walked through the double doors of the gym and down the hall? Why was it that when she fell into that disgusting Mike Newton's arm, something inside him screamed and he had to exert his control to the max to put down his growl?

It just wasn't right. When boys visibly drooled over Tanya, he never felt this urge to knock their teeth out as he did now. As it was, whenever someone so much as thought inappropriate thoughts about Bella, he glared at them.

This wouldn't do.

As Alice walked past him, he seized her arm.

WHAT is your problem? She shot him an angry look and jerked her arm out of his grasp.

"It's all your fault," he said, darkly.

Alice raised her eyebrows and turned, noticing Bella walk to the parking lot with Mike Newton. Ohh, she smirked, realizing. You're jealous!

"What?" he gaped. At her knowing smile, he snorted in disgust. "Of her? Please."

Alice just patted his arm. "It's okay, brother dear. A little jealousy never hurt anyone."

"Who's jealous?" Emmett appeared with Rosalie, looking questioningly at Edward. Edward scowled at them and turned away.

Alice pointed as Bella paused by an old truck and waved Mike off.

"Is that your little wifey?" Emmett laughed, punching Edward's shoulder. A growl was all he got as a response. Emmett shrugged. "She's pretty easy on the eyes. Nothing like my Rosalie here, but there's definite potential for a little wham bam if you know what I'm sayin'."

Rosalie widened her eyes and smacked him as he ducked away from her, chuckling. Edward narrowed his eyes.

"Why would I want someone like her when I've got Tanya?" he sneered, condescendingly.

Alice started at his grating tone. "I don't know, why would you?" she said evenly before turning her back on him and walking towards their Volvo.

"Some people might surprise you," Jasper told him breezily as he appeared by their side. He glanced at Alice's retreating back. "Don't be so quick to judge, Edward."

Rosalie just rolled her eyes at the entire spectacle. She really had no preference. On one hand, having Tanya around was exhausting. She was the only one with looks that rivaled Rosalie's and sometimes, she caught Emmett's eye straying … But on the other hand, this Isabella Swan girl was … a human.

"Who're we waiting for again?" she asked impatiently, tapping her foot.

"Tanya," Edward answered, distractedly. His eyes were fixed on that old truck Bella was driving as she exited the lot.

Rosalie groaned. "We need to drive a bigger car than that Volvo. It's a five seater. Tanya doesn't fit."

Edward ignored her.

Author's Note: A lot of people are wondering if Edward actually likes Tanya. Here's my answer: Physically, yes. She was an unexpected addition to the family and because everybody expected Edward and Tanya to be together, it happened. And yes, Edward is physically attracted to her. Who wouldn't be? Even Emmett is attracted to her.

On another note: Burn Beautiful's Ch. 16 is 75% done. Spring break ended and I'm swamped with scholarships, etc. I'm hearing back from Columbia, Duke, and Princeton next Thursday... wish me luck, guys! The next chapter of this is half written.

The majority of this story will be very angst-free. It'll be a typical high school love triangle story with the exception of the Cullens being vampires. Vampirism will be somewhat prominent in this, but it wont be as big of a deal as in Twilight and New Moon. I'm focusing on the relationship purely based on who Bella is and who Edward is - not WHAT either of them are.