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Unexpected Obstacles

What if Edward already has a girlfriend when Bella steps into Forks High School that first day. If he didn't have such a strong urge to drain her dry, would he still notice her? Because she definately notices him.


3. Chapter 3

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Author's Note: A lot of people are wondering if Edward actually likes Tanya. Here's my answer: Physically, yes. She was an unexpected addition to the family and because everybody expected Edward and Tanya to be together, it happened. And yes, Edward is physically attracted to her. Who wouldn't be? Even Emmett is attracted to her.


The newness wore off after a week. Most people stopped staring, the whispering ceased, and I felt at ease with all my friends. All in all, there was progress. The only exception was in the Biology II front, in other words, Edward Cullen.

He still treated me like I was nothing but a fly on the wall that he could ignore. After a few days, I stopped trying. The only shared words between us were the ever common monosyllabic "please," "thanks," and the every so often, "yes," and "no," if either one of us posed a question. Which was not often. In all actuality, it was only one time.

It went something like this:

Edward bends down to pick up an eraser: "Yours?"

I look over and recognize it: "Yes."

Edward hands it over.

Not all too exciting.

Maybe that was why I was so surprised the following Monday when I sat in my usual seat and was greeted by a "Hello, Bella."

At first, I wasn't sure if it was him. But then, it had to be. Who else had that same enchanting, velvety voice? I blinked at him, unsure. He stared back, a corner of his mouth tipped up, obviously waiting for a response.

I blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Oh, we're talking now?"

His eyes widened a fraction, probably taken back by my bluntness. I blushed, realizing that I probably came off as rude. But on second thought, I pushed the thought aside; as if he hadn't been cold towards me all last week.

"I realize we probably started off on the wrong foot," his smooth voice was talking again and he was looking directly at me, smiling slightly. "I'm Edward Cullen. But you probably already knew that."

"Why would you assume so?" I asked, crossing my arms protectively in front of my chest. "We never really got around to the introductory stages of this … relationship."

He looked surprised again at my abruptness. "Well … did you know?"

"Yeah, but - "

"Then that's settled," he cut me off, sounding annoyed.

At that moment, the teacher saved me from further discussion with Edward as he stepped to the front of the class and announced a pop quiz. I took out a pen and faced forward, not intending to speak to the presumptuous bastard next to me again. When I felt his eyes burning into the side of my head, I bit my lip in triumph.

Sudden anger flooded off his body in waves and I felt the temperature in the classroom drop as he also turned to the quiz that had been placed in front of him.

I was tempted to apologize for my rudeness, but then I remembered the way he'd blatantly ignored me all of last week and decided I wasn't the one who needed to say sorry.


Edward tightened his hold on the pen in his hand, determined not to cast anymore sideways glances at the girl sitting next to him, no matter how shiny her hair looked today or how good the lavender scent of her body wash smelled or -

Stop! He scolded himself.

When Alice had blabbed to Esme over the weekend about her stupid vision of Edward getting married, he'd been confronted by a very interested Esme and Carlisle, both of whom speculated as to who this Bella Swan persona was.

When he told them that one, he wasn't interested, and two, he hadn't spoke more than ten syllables to the girl in question, they'd both looked disheartened and slightly angry with him. Esme, in particular.

Have I taught you nothing about manners? She'd chided, Are you or are you not a gentleman, Edward Cullen? At his disgruntled nod, she'd added, Then start acting like one and talk to the poor girl!

As he walked away, she'd sent him one last good-natured, She is your future wife after all! I want you to bring her home by the end of next week!

At first, he'd been set on ignoring them. But then, he thought, why not? There really was no harm in trying to be civil, was there? Yeah, Tanya wouldn't like it, but at this point, he didn't really care what Tanya liked or didn't like.

So he had tried. And look where it got him.

He glared at the finished quiz in front of him again and looked at Bella from the corner of his eye. A curtain of hair blocked her face from his view and he sighed. He hadn't realized just how far he'd alienated her by his cold-shoulder.

His eyes slid forward to rest on her quiz. It was already all filled out. He raised an eyebrow, surprised. Leaning forward an inch to get a better view, he quickly scanned her answers, looking for mistakes.

Dang. There were none.

At that moment, Bella pulled back and her eyes flickered up to meet his - which had been resting on her paper.

"What are you doing?!" she hissed, sounding angry. He blinked and she quickly flipped over her paper.

"What are you - "

A shadow loomed over them and they both looked up. Mr. Banner stood, glaring at the both of them. He stuck one hand in front of each of them.

"Quizzes," he said tersely.

"But - " Bella began then stopped. Sighing, she handed her paper to him. Edward did the same and rolled his eyes.

Mr. Banner crumpled them both in his hands. "Detention Friday afternoon in my room. Don't be late."

Edward sighed.


I was … shocked. I had never gotten a detention before. Not in Phoenix, not ever. I just wasn't the type. And then Edward Cullen decides to take an interest in me, look at my paper, and make me get in trouble for cheating! How did that work? Where was the justice in the world?

"I hope you're happy," I bit out, bitterly. He looked amused and shrugged nonchalantly.

"Of course. Because more time with you just makes my day all the more brighter," he deadpanned.

"I wish I could say the same," I muttered under my breath. It wasn't meant for him to hear, but a low chuckle escaped his throat indicating that he had heard me. Reddening, I turned away and ignored him for the rest of the period. It wasn't a hard task because he didn't try initiating conversation with me again.

When the bell rang, he disappeared out the door, as usual. Mike jogged across the classroom and waited for me as I packed my bag.

"What happened?" he asked, falling into step with me as I walked out.

"He was looking at my quiz and Mr. Banner caught him," I grumbled. Mike sensed my bad mood and didn't question me any further, opting to pat me on the back and changing the subject.

"What are you doing this weekend?" he asked, hiking his backpack up higher as we walked out of the classroom and into the hall. I shrugged, not really knowing.

"Do you want to go to the beach?"

The beach? I raised my eyebrows in surprise as he hurried along with his offer.

"You know, there'll be other people there - Jessica, you know Jess, right? And Angela and several - "

At that moment, I happened to catch two familiar bodies pressed against each other from the corner of my eye. There was Edward, trapped between the beautiful, leggy Tanya and a locker, looking slightly bored, but not all that upset that his gorgeous girlfriend was invading his personal space.

His eyes lifted up to meet mine and I hastily turned away.

"Yes," I said abruptly, cutting off Mike's speech. He blinked and widened his eyes.

"Really?" a happy grin formed on his lips and I smiled back.

"Yeah, it should be fun. I'd love to go with you."

As I kept walking down the hall towards P.E. with the suddenly ecstatic Michael, I felt cold eyes burning the back of my neck. And I couldn't keep the slow, triumphant smirk from crawling across my mouth.


Edward scowled at the golden blonde head resting on his shoulder and ignored the consistent chattering from the owner of said blonde head.

I'd love to go with you, she'd said to Michael. In a soft, contented voice; one which she would never bestow upon himself. His frown deepened. What gave her the right?

Not that Edward cared.

Because he didn't. He just didn't think it was necessary for her to be so bitingly sarcastic to him and be so sweet and complying to Mike. And she knew exactly what she had been doing, too! He had seen that small glance and her change in posture, seen the way she'd only been half-interested until she realized that he was listening and watching in on her conversation - then, she'd decided to be all "Oh Mike, let me fall into your arms again!"

His jaw clenched and he had to restrain himself from hitting the lockers behind him. And what was Tanya doing?

"I need to go to class," Edward grumbled, pushing Tanya away. He ignored her as she called his name, thinking instead about the plain, brunette girl with the shiny hair and the biting voice.

Then he realized something.

He had detention with her Friday afternoon in the Biology room.

Several students darted out of his way as a frighteningly bright smile suddenly appeared on his face. He didn't even notice.

Author's Note: Hope you enjoyed this chapter. There's really nothing concrete planned out yet (unlike BB which had a very thorough outline throughout the writing process). I kind of like just letting this take me wherever it goes. So… anybody like the E/B interaction? It made me smile a bit.