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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

11. 12:After Thought

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Where was I? I was floating. Floating in black, in cold, and I was alone. I must be dead. I knew I was dead; otherwise I would not be alone. There would be voices, anything, light, even if it was just a sliver.

There was something really cold under me, holding me up, keeping me from drowning in the darkness. There was a whisper too, but I could not tell if it was a voice or if it was an invisible wind.

Oh god, please say that we won’t be too late. The wind whispered, I should have known that she would go back down there. I knew that Alec could have done exactly this, but I let her go. I let her go, and now this happened. How could I have been so STUPID? I never should have let her come down here, all I can do now is hope that we can save her without having to… his thoughts choked on the last words, to… bite… her.

I tried to open my eyes, but my face hurt. I wanted to see where we were, and who was carrying me. I wanted to know where we were going, I wanted to know if everyone was okay. I needed to know, but I felt the darkness creeping, creeping back to take me away again. I was forced to give in.

There was a low, soft, beeping coming from somewhere. I felt something soft under me, and a lot of wires. I also heard voices.

“Car-Carl- Carlisle,” I managed weakly, I felt eyes on me, and then a cold hand on my forehead.

“Shh… shh, Elizabeth, you need to rest. You have lost a lot of blood, you need you rest.” He answered in just a little more than a whisper.

I protested and managed, “Wha-what ha-happened? Where am I?”

He soothed me by running his cool hand over my head, “You are in the hospital, and Edward and I are the only ones allowed to see you. Alec got mad and attacked you. Edward said you called him and he came to help. Alec was so mad that he did not recognize you and he was about to shred you to pieces. The reason why, I do not know, but Bella managed to pry you loose and Edward ran you here while Bella stayed and tried to sort things out. Bella is at home tending to her wounds. Alec managed a large gouge in her, but both Sam and Jacob kept him from committing further damage. He was ashamed of what he had done, and he will probably always be…” He continued to say more, but I fell asleep, or into unconsciousness.

The next thing I can remember is a pair of familiar, topaz eyes staring at me.

“E-Edward?” I mumbled. He was at my side in a fraction of a second, one hand behind my head, and the other drawing circles on my palm.

“Oh thank god you are okay. I did not know what to do, so I worried. I worried that I might lose you, that you would never come back, that I would never see you again.” I felt him push his nose into my hair and inhaled his beautiful and familiar scent.

I tried to lift one of my arms to hug him, but discovered that I could not even feel it. I could not move, or feel my right arm, or my left leg.

“They’re broken. When Alec,” he spat his name, “rolled back over, he broke your arm and leg.” His hands were balled into fists as he remembers what happened. The scene unfolds before my mind.

It was back in the middle of the fight. My hair was filled with leaves and twigs, my clothes a sticky, and bloody mess, and I was unconscious as Alec swung himself back over on top of me. Edward then ran forward to try and help Bella with Alec, Sam, and Jacob. Alec turned his head and I noticed that his eyes were a very dark and bloody shade of red. They’ve never been like that before. Bella collided with Alec, flipping him over, and I go flying and land flat on my back. Jacob is watching as my body flown into the air, then he got really mad, and his eyes turned from brown to the same bloody shade of red as Alec’s.

He lunged at Bella, but was knocked down by Sam, who mentally communicated, “STOP! We can’t harm them any further. Yes Jacob, they did cross the line, but you have to understand that they only did it to save Liz. If they had not gotten here when they did, Elizabeth would be dead. Is that what you want Jacob?” Jacob dropped his eyes and thought, “No, I don’t want her dead, even if she is a half-leech, and I don’t want to fight with Bella either, but I would not mind taking on Edward… but I guess I can save that battle for later.”

Bella then scooped me up and sped off. Edward was happy to follow. Alec shook his head as if he had just come out of a trance, and his eyes went from red to ice blue. He then returned to human form and broke down. The rest of the memory was filled with running me to the hospital.

I blinked a few times to clear my head of Edward’s memory. He was looking at me apologetically, I’m sorry, I did not mean for you to have to see that.

It’s okay Edward. I just don’t want to have to relive it. That is why I promise to NEVER go back to La Push, ever. I thought. I knew that he would be perfectly fine with my decision, and that he would rather me be with Jeremy. But he doesn’t know what I might know. He does not know that Lucas has almost convinced me that Jeremy is evil, from his letter anyway. Oh crud! I completely missed going to Nympth with Lucas. He probably thinks that I am dead and that Jeremy killed me. Oh man, there’s probably a war or something in Nympth for Jeremy “killing” me.

My thoughts were overruled by a soft tap on the door. I could hear his thoughts. It was Lucas, and he seemed worried. I think his hearing my thoughts helped him though. He was smiling when I mentally told him he could come in. Edward let out a low growl, but backed off as I shot him one of my classic evil-eyes.

“Hi Lucas,” I whispered, it was still really hard to talk, “How have you been?”

I’ve been ok, hey, why didn’t you tell- I cut him off with an expression that said that we could not even think about it here, in front of Edward. I knew Edward was listening, because I got his thoughts too. It would be so nice to be able to control whose thoughts I could and could not hear, oh well.

“Edward,” He looked at me as if I was lying on my death bed, “What day is it?”

“It’s Thursday. You’ve been out of school for four days, but don’t worry, I have already done all of your make-up work, and our excuse is that a tree fell down on top of your car. Alice made it look convincing.”

I felt my eyes grow wide with the horror of my beautiful Porsche being smashed!

“It’s okay; we’re getting you a new one.” Edward smiled now, and I was happy.

“I came to give you this,” Said Lucas, “but you are only allowed to open it when you are feeling better and are at home.” He handed me a white envelope with my name on it. I tried to peek into his mind, but he would not tell me anything, but he did give me one clue: it concerns you, and the amulet giver.

* * *

I was stuck in the hospital for about another week and a half, and it was killing me. I needed to get out of that tiny room here only my family was allowed to come and see me. I could not even have any of my human friends come in and say they hoped I felt better soon. I always had Edward, Bella, or Carlisle in there watching me all the time, and that made it really hard to sleep. Lucas wanted to come back, but Edward was always so rude to him, and I really did not like the thoughts running through Edward’s head as he heard Lucas waiting outside. I wondered why he did not just orb in.

Jeremy came one of the last days that I was stuck, and Edward left to give us some “privacy” but I knew he would be listening from outside, even if it was Jeremy. I had told Edward that Jeremy kind of scared me recently, but I would not, and could not tell him why.

“How are you doing?” Jeremy asked as innocently as possible. He actually sounded like he meant it for a second.

“Fine,” I spat back coldly, “As if you would care.” then I lowered my voice to a whisper even Edward would not be able to hear and said, “Because you are an evil shadow creature, and I have a feeling that you are behind my ‘accident’.” I finished. Lucas had earlier informed me that Jeremy could take over people’s minds, and the only way you would be able to tell was because his victim’s eyes turned bloody red.

I rolled over away from him and tried to calm myself down; I really did not need Jeremy, the shadow creature, mad at me right now for telling him off.

“Lucas told you didn’t he,” Jeremy spat Lucas’s name like it was a disease or something; “I knew this would end badly, and it has just begun. I am a shadow creature, but I did not cause the accident. It was Ryan, my friend who was growing impatient. I tried to stop him to protect you, but he got away and then Alec got mad at you and he seized the opportunity. I’m not like the other shadows.” He was on the same side of my bed as I was laying on, so I had to look at him now, and his expression and mind seemed sincere, but I still did not understand, and I missed another trip to Nympth. I heard Lucas’s angry thoughts approaching, and I knew that this could get really bad, really fast. Jeremy must be able to read minds too, because he got really tense as Luke approached the door.

There was the sound of the door knob turning and I heard Lucas’s footsteps coming closer to my back. I glanced up at Jeremy, and he was not happy. He was completely tense, and his hands were balled into fists. I hope he can’t turn into a werewolf too. I managed to roll myself over onto my back so I could sit and see them both, and their whole expression and posture mirrored each other. I could not believe how similar they looked. The only differences were hair and eye color, and height. It was scary.

“Now, before anything goes wrong, I want both of you to know that I consider both of you my friends, and I and NOT being stuck in the middle of anything. Be it a fight, an argument, or a war. I want nothing to do with it.” I said before either of them could lose it.

They just stared at each other, probably having a mental argument that Lucas prevented me from hearing, and I was glad he did. They stood there staring for a very, very, very long time. I think it was about an hour or so and I started to doze off when Lucas started screaming at me.

“YOU KISSED HIM?” He screamed at the top of his mental lung level, “I CAN’T BELIEVE THAY YOU KISSED HIM! AND YOU SEEMED TO ENJOY IT!” His face was now a very dark shade of red, as if he were going to explode or something. I was scared of him now, and the memory of me kissing Jeremy was deliberately yanked up from the back of my mind. I forgot how good it felt.

Jeremy was mentally screaming at Lucas for doing that to me, and said that I could marry whoever I wanted to. Wait… MARRY? Since when does kissing someone, or in this case, some thing mean that I am going to marry them? I am NOT ready to be married! I mean, I’m only a junior! I am so not ready for that.

Edward walked in then as if not seeming to hear their mental conversation, but he stared at the two of them for a very, very long time until his eye were filled with rage. His hands twitched at his sides and I was wondering which one he was going to take out first, or if he would come after me. I had no idea where their argument had gone, but I knew it could not be good.

I called for Carlisle to get in here, and right as I was almost done whispering his name, he appeared in the doorway. He was obviously confused and angry by the sight before him; Edward, Lucas, and Jeremy standing in a triangle around my hospital bed and all of them fuming. He was also obviously scared about my safety with me being in such a “delicate” state, which would be perfectly health for any human, but I was still considered fragile until I had built up the remainder of my needed strength.

Carlisle was in the middle of the triangle in an instant and he had his hands spread out in front of him as if preventing anyone, or anything from harming me. I was thankful that he could keep his head much better than the rest of my family. He had accidentally left the door to the room open though, and a crowd of nurses were watching the scene unfold. I was quick to brainwash, and tell them to go back to their work and close the door and never come back to this room again, and they obeyed easily.

With the crowd gone, the tension in the room seemed to grow even more. I did not like it one bit. Where was Jasper when you need him? Who knows, and now was when I really needed him here.

Edward growled at someone and it was like I growl I ha never heard before. It was certainly lethal, but I did not know who it was directed at. All I could do was sit there in the hospital bed and wait for someone to crack and attack the other side.

Al hell broke loose when someone thought something that pissed Lucas off, and sent him over the edge. He had Jeremy in one of his blue balls, and was letting all possible air out of it, and it was shrinking. Edward had jumped on top of Lucas, and Carlisle was trying to get him off of Lucas.

Somehow, I got mixed up in this and was found in a head lock, and Jeremy was the one holding me. I could not help but scream as I felt his arms threatening to break my back, collar bone, or neck. Everything seemed to stop as I screamed and everyone was paused and staring at me and Jeremy.

“Now, let’s not do anything too rash, or I’ll snap her neck right here and now.” Jeremy threatened with an evil smirk. Edward growled, Lucas fidgeted, and Carlisle went ridged.

Jeremy loosened his grip from around my neck and said, “Now Lucas, I am sure both of us would certainly be happier if Ms. Cullen came with me, and you got to go back and rule your little kingdom.” He now had an arm around my waist, and the other across my chest. I had absolutely no idea what was going on, and I could not read anyone’s mind except for Edward and Carlisle, and that was no help at all.

Now, what shall your new name be? Let’s see, maybe it should be Miss Elizabeth Renee Cullen Shadow… no, how about Miss Elizabeth Renee Demon… I like that one better. What do you think Elizabeth? I mentally spat on both of those names he suggested and I cursed him several times until he retightened his grip and I could not move my head to face him. I was now bent over in another head lock and Edward was shaking. Alec would have lost it by now. Why wasn’t anyone doing anything?

I was hoping for someone to at least try and help me. I really did not like Jeremy anymore. Lucas was also getting really angry. I did not realize the reason until it was too late, and Jeremy’s lips were pressed against mine. His lips move blindly over my mouth, and I could not help but give in to them as he held me there. It was like he was controlling me or something. Oh yeah, I forgot he could do that. I wonder if my eyes are red.

The next thing I knew was that Lucas was on top of Jeremy and there were shots of colorful lights whizzing around the room. I realized that Edward was dragging me away, and that my legs had given out on me. I could not help but lose consciousness because of the stress the current situation was putting on me.