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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

13. 11: ouch

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I visited Alec on Tuesday and Wednesday. He tried to convince me both times we talked that both Lucas and Jeremy were not right for me. I ignored him both times. Other wise the next few days were boring.

On Friday though, my day was the complete opposite as the others I had recently had. I woke up to a beautiful white, glass, rose on my bedside table. It was the most perfect thing that I had ever seen. A note came with it. It read:


I give you this rose to show you how beautiful you are to me. I hope you like it.

Jeremy Roushe.

I did love it. I wanted to thank him with another gift. To show him how I felt. Edward had Alice whisk me off to Paris to find something for Jeremy. Edward promised to cover for me today at school saying that I had a fever. I found the perfect thing for Jeremy, an exquisite, hand crafted, white gold, Swiss watch. I knew that he would love it. Alice saw his reaction and was very pleased for me.

We returned to Forks late Friday night. Edward had brought me my homework for the weekend, the usual math, science, and English assignments and a project for history. Easy stuff. I whipped out my math notebook to find a piece of paper sticking out from in between one of the pages. I ignored it for the time being. I would look at it tomorrow or Sunday. It’s probably just a worksheet. I finished everything within the hour and headed up to my room to wait until Saturday. Edward had no idea that I was going to Jeremy’s world, but he did know that I was going out.

Around midnight, I got so bored of waiting for Saturday night to come that I decided to go through my math notebook and see what was on that stupid piece of paper that had been bugging me all day.

I found the paper easily, and gasped when I had read the note once:

Liz, I know that you are really mad at me right now, but you can not go to the clearing on Saturday with Jeremy. I know I have been through this with you before but you do not know Jeremy like I do. He is a shadow creature. He only is nice to you because he is my mortal enemy. He only showers you with gifts because he thinks that he can win you from me. I have been trying very hard to keep that from happening without telling you everything about my world, and I am obviously failing at it. So now I will tell you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

I am the strongest warlock on the light side. Jeremy is the leader of the Shadows. He is after me because the light can never be seen to those who do not protect it. The light is what keeps our world alive. I come from Nympth. I am the true prince of King Klagomon and Queen Aserath; I am the heir to the throne and the only one who can save our world. Jeremy is over four billion years old. He fought the original light when the earth was being created. The light won and he was banished from Earth to wander space for three and a half billion years while the light ruled and everything was safe.

Jeremy returned to earth the day after his sentence was over. He was the one who whipped out the dinosaurs. He has been seeking the light ever since. Humans were created to disguise the Light’s protectors and all of the other creatures that roamed the planet. Like vampires and werewolves. Humans caught on to our charade eventually, starting the medieval period in history. We never expected humans to become so smart. Many of the witch accusations were partially true. Either the accused was a witch or they were the child or grandchild of a witch and had just discovered their powers. Jeremy has tried to take everything away from me so I could be forced to fight him for the ruler ship of our world. He’s now after the only thing I hold dear to me besides my kingdom, which he has been after for ages, you. He wants to take you away from me Elizabeth, and I can’t let that happen.

If you go to the clearing on Saturday, you will be taken to our world, yes, but nothing else will go right. I am not directly allowed to tell you what you mean to my world, but you are one of the most important creatures to the light, and if we lose you, Jeremy will win. If you do go, he will either hold you captive, wait for me to come, and then kill you in our world, or he will kill you in the clearing to make sure you are never able to come to Nympth again. I beg you not to go because the future of Nympth rests in your hands. If you value your life, then you can not allow yourself to go to the clearing. If you do… then both your world and mine will never be the same. I can take you back to our world if you want to go. Meet me in the large meadow around four. I will have you back in time to make sure Jeremy does not know that you have already re-visited my world.

I love you Elizabeth Renee Cullen, and I never want to lose you.

Lucas Starr *

I re-read the letter over and over again. Jeremy could not be evil. He was just too nice, but then Luke said he never wanted to lose me and that he loves me. But I think I’m in love with Jeremy. This is going to take a while to sort out. I mean Luke and I are friends, and friends have grown to love each other before, so I guess Luke could really love me, but then I am almost positive that I love Jeremy, and he loves me back. I mean we kissed! We kissed and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and a moment I would never forget. Why the hell is my life so complicated? I know why, it’s because I am pretty much a horror movie character and this is my movie. I did not like the way things were going, and I was the one walking into the haunted house apparently. I would never know what was in the closet or under the bed until I looked. So I guess I could go and meet Luke, and then go and meet Jeremy later, but I would have to come up with something to tell Edward as to me going out about four hours early.

I decided to tell Edward that I was going to go hiking. It was mostly true, so he would most likely believe me. He did and he asked if I wanted someone to come with me. I wanted to say yes because I did not know what to expect, but I told him no because he probably would not enjoy going back. I also decided to spend the remainder of my day down in La Push with Alec.

* * *

Alec was ecstatic to see me again. I pulled up in my blue Porsche and I was pinned to the ground by Alec.

“Hi to you too.” I said as the air was thrust out of my lungs. He backed off so I could breathe again. I laid there for a minute regaining my air requirement, then sat up and brushed some of the dust off.

“Sorry,” Alec mumbled, “I am just so glad you came by. I thought that you hated me.”

“Alec,” I said, “I would call you crazy if you thought that I could stay mad it you for so long.” He smiled at my words and we walked inside.

As soon as I set foot in the house, I was swept up into a giant bear hug by Jacob.

“Liz, its so god to see you again!” He shouted as I was thrown around in circles.

“Nice… to… see… you… too…Jacob…air… important!” I said as I was losing all the air in my lungs.

He let me go and I felt myself fall to the hard wood floor of their entry way. They were both on the ground and trying to help me back up when I waved them off. They remembered that I was not human and I was back on my feet in an instant.

Sorry about that, Jacob thought, I really did not mean to.

I smiled at him to reassure him that I was really okay and that the thought would not cross my mind. I had other things on my mind anyway, like how I was possibly risking my life by going into the woods tonight. I was also thinking about how Alec would respond if I told him. All of the reactions I came up with were bad and angry and probably wolf transforming, but I kind of wanted him to come with me. I wanted him to come and see Nympth with Luke and me. Yes, it would probably be really tense when they saw each other, but I really, really wanted Alec to come.

We sat in the kitchen and talked a lot. Alec had gotten into stake boarding in order to keep his skills up for the snowboard, and Jake had gotten a new car and a really nice one too. He sold the Rabbit to some hobo or something for a good price, and I was happy for him.

For the first time since I have ever visited the Black’s house, I noticed a small picture sitting on the mantle of the fireplace. It was a 5x8 probably and held the picture of an astoundingly beautiful woman. She was as pale as Bella had been when she was human, but had the same coppery hair as Edward. She could be my sister if she wanted to. She was at the beach, and posing for the picture. She was one of the most beautiful people I had ever seen.

Someone must have noticed me staring at the small picture for a voice invaded my head.

That’s my mom, Rachel; she was a whole lot of fun. I miss her a lot. She died when I was seven. I have not been able to get over it until I morphed and met you. You remind me so much of her. She was always a little head strong, but she never liked seeing people hurt or mistreated. You are a lot like her.

I turned and smiled at Alec, a small and sympathetic smile. I had never really lost someone, and knew that I probably never would because all of my family is made up of vampires. I thought about what it would be like to lose Alec, or Luke, or Jeremy even if he was evil. I would be crushed, and I would not know how to move on.

“Hey, Liz, do you want to go down to the beach?” Alec’s voice broke through my thoughts. I nodded eagerly; I really want to talk to him.

He smiled back and we rose from our chairs and set off out the door. We walked hand and hand the whole way there chatting about uninteresting things. He lead me to the ancient tree where we had first met and gestured for me to sit next to him on the old, twisted root that our parents sat on before us.

“Elizabeth,” He said, he never called me by my full first name, “I heard about the note from a very good and reliable pair of ears. You are not really going there today are you?” There was a look of worry, and fear in his face.

I did not know how I could politely tell him that I was, so I came right out and said it, “Yes. I do plan on going tonight. But before, I am going to meet Lucas at four and he will take me there first. If Jeremy does plan on harming me, Lucas will be waiting to kill him before he can touch me. I will be perfectly safe.”

“You can’t go,” Alec was shaking; this is what I had been afraid of, “I… won’t… let… you!” He was vibrating violently and then he morphed before my eyes. His steel-grey form was a blur as the hair erupted from all over him. He growled a deep, threatening growl, and I fled for my life.

I was running, but he was fast. I was screaming in my head for Edward and Bella, and praying they would hear me. We ran and ran, my in front and fleeing, and he in back and chasing. I could not tell where we were headed, the trees were blurring wildly as I ran through the maze.

I could feel his breath close to my back. He was no longer friendly, but I still believed he might be, but did not dare turn until someone was there to assist me. I still kept calling, praying, hoping, running, and being blind to my path.

I heard a low growl before I realized that Edward was coming from the opposite direction I was running. I saw him blur past me and pounce on top of Alec, but he missed by a hair of Alec’s fur, and landed in the mud.

I had come to a clearing now, and I stopped for the slightest second to breathe. It was the worst thing I could have ever done. Alec pounced and landed directly on top of me. I could not help but scream as his claws bore into my shoulders and thighs. I could feel the cuts and the little amount of blood my body normally contained oozing from the cuts.

I heard an enormous roar from Edward, and got a small glimpse of his fury filled eyes as he pounced on top of Alec, clawing at him with vicious strokes. I continued screaming, and I saw another wolf bound into the clearing. It was Sam, and he was furious. He growled and charged at Alec, just barely managing to knock him off of me, but Alec’s claws were dug into my skin deep, and my body rolled over his. I heard Edward roar and make a move to grab me, but Sam blocked his way. Sam had known that Edward had crossed the line, and that he, Edward, had broken the treaty and was on wolf territory.

I screamed again as Alec rolled back on top of me and started slashing at my face. Jacob, in wolf form, burst through the clearing then, and I saw his face smile as he saw Sam taking Edward and knew that my father would be ripped to shreds easily. I heard another, female, scream that was not my own and witnessed Bella dash into the clearing and at Alec. I saw her tackle him and felt myself being thrown into the air, but still stuck on his deadly claws before everything went dark.