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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

2. 2: Encounters

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Some of my new friends were going to the beach down in LaPush on Saturday and had asked if I would like to come. I had told them I had to ask but I really was planning on getting myself down there one way or another. Alice glanced over at me, and just smiled innocently. She had already seen a vision of my perfect plan, and I knew it would work.

What are you going to do about the overprotective Edward? She asked mentally. I thought up another plan and waited for her to see it. When she finally came back from a long space out, a very wide grin crossed her face.

Awesome! It’s perfect! Do you need any help with it? I nodded and she followed me upstairs and into my room where we discussed a very thorough plan in case Edward forbid that I go do to LaPush. It was both marvelous and devious. Alice said I got my planning skills from my mom and I just smiled back warmly. I never thought of Alice as my aunt, more of my sister.

At school, I told all f my friends that I was planning on going. Edwards still had no idea of what I was doing, and I planned to keep it that way with the help of Alice and all the songs I had memorized over my past sixteen years. I couldn’t wait for Saturday to come. I was on the edge of my seat in Pre-Calculus on Friday waiting for the final bell to ring. When it finally did after what seemed like eons, I rushed out of class and into the parking lot. Alice and I had car pulled to school together and she was waiting for me. I was across the lot in a matter of seconds and in the passenger seat of her yellow Porsche. We discussed the plan for sneaking me out of the house the next day the whole ride home. Everything was set and I went to bed extra early that night. Edward was growing somewhat suspicious and so I made up the excuse that I had had a very long day, which was true, and that I was planning on hanging out with a bunch of friends tomorrow. Also true. I just never told him the whole truth.

I got up earlier than planned, but Alice was waiting. We had decided that we would go “shopping” but in separate cars because of all the stuff we might come home with and sped off towards LaPush. Alice was extremely talkative in her mind the whole way there. I would acknowledge her by moving my eyes in the rearview mirror of my car, which I was positive she could see me because she started asking yes or no questions at supersonic speed. Alice was so funny.

We finally reached the boundary line between the Cullen land and the Reservation and Alice did a swift U-turn and sped off to gather as much evidence as possible for our shopping spree story. I made it to the beach in less than two minutes. I parked and got out and started to wander the beach. There weren’t many people out this morning despite the sight of the ever so rare sun through the cloudy sky. I sighed, taking in the beauty of the small beach. The waves were calm and rhythmic against the shore. There was a really old and large tree with its roots twisted out in all directions farther up the beach. I decided to go and sit near the tree.

I ended up sitting on one of the roots that formed into an almost perfect and natural bench. I sat there for a while. My friends wouldn’t be here for another hour. I reached into my bag and pulled out a copy of Romeo and Juliet that I had to read for school even though I already had read the book about eight times. I was deeply involved in my reading that I hardly noticed someone sit next to me. I glance up when his head blocks out the sun that I was using as a natural reading light. He had black hair, big grey-blue eyes, tan skin, and really big hands. I stared at him dumbstruck for a minute. He suddenly glanced my way and I felt myself blush.

“Hi,” he said. His voice was sweet but husky, “good book?” He lifted on eyebrow. I couldn’t believe he hadn’t read the story of Romeo and Juliet before.

“Umm, yeah, it’s really good.” I said smiling back.

“My name’s Alec,” He said and the most dazzling crooked smile crossed his face revealing his intensely white teeth, “What’s yours?”

I smiled and politely said, “My name is Elizabeth Cullen, but most people call me Liz. It’s nice to meet you Alec.”

Something flashed across his face. I couldn’t tell if it was anger, irritation, disbelief, disgust, or worry. So, I did what any mind reader would do, looked into his mind of course.

Wow, I can’t believe she’s actually a Cullen. I’ve heard a lot of the old legends but she doesn’t fit any of the characteristics of a vampire. Hmm, I wonder why she’s not sparkling in the sun. Maybe she’s part of another Cullen family. But if she is, then why is the pack still growing? We have about fifteen wolves now. Sam will want to know about this, I should probably go and tell him. No, that would be rude. I have to stay and talk to her for a while. I wonder how she got past the boundary line. Maybe…

I left him to his thoughts for another few minutes wanting to get all of his suspicions out of my head. He glanced up at me a few times, and I tried to ignore him. It was hard. The waters were changing with my emotions. Before I was calm, now, I was irritated; if he wanted to stay and talk, than he should open his mouth and say something to me. He finally did get me talking after a while. We talked about regular things like the weather, school, homework, life, music, art, books, ect.

“Hey, do you want to come over to my house? It’s starting to rain.” He said smiling at me. I hadn’t even noticed how much time had passed or the dramatic change in the weather.

“Sure, how far is it?” I asked. I had finally realized I was getting cold and wet.

“Oh, it’s just over that hill up there,” He pointed to one of the smaller hill, “you’ll love my dad, he’s so awesome.”

So I got up and followed him up to the house. I hope Alice hadn’t gotten back from “our” shopping trip yet. If she had, hopefully she had come up with a believable reason why I wasn’t there. We were about half way up the hill and it was pouring rain now. I pulled my hoodie on and put the hood up. It was really cold now. We reached a very small, shack like house. There was a car parked in the driveway that I couldn’t place date or model. We entered the small house and I was instantly swept off m feet into a giant bear hug.

“Bella! Oh Bella it’s so good to see you again! I knew that monster wouldn’t have the guts to change ya!” The voice was unrecognizable, but it was the words the voice was saying that confused me most until I realized it was getting harder to breath.

“Can’t…. breathe!” I managed and was instantly released. I took a few good, deep breaths and then quickly assessed the situation before me. I didn’t know who this person was, but it was obvious he had known my mom, and hadn’t believed her death. But, the scariest part was that he thought I was Bella and that monster, meaning Edward hadn’t changed me. Did I really look that old? I then realized that both Alec and, who I guessed was his dad, were both staring at me. Alec’s expression was clearly shock, but his dad’s; well it was a mix between confusion and something else.

“Umm,” I started, “I’m afraid you’ve got me confused with someone else.” It was all I could manage before both Alec and his dad burst out laughing like maniacs. Alec was clearly laughing about how polite I was being, his dad, out of disbelief.

“Oh… Oh Bells!” His dad was still laughing like crazy, “Oh Bells that good! That’s really…. Good!”

I rolled my eyes. That made them both stop and stare at me again. I felt my face turn beat red. Wow, how impossible was this guy? I decided to try to explain myself again, “No. Honestly, I have no idea who you are, and… well… my name’s not Bella. I’m Elizabeth.”

This time instead of laughter and disbelief, there was silence. It lasted for a few minutes before Alec’s dad muttered an apology. I told him it was okay which made him feel a little better for a minute. I knew I shouldn’t tell him my last name, I had kind of guessed that Alec’s dad was Jacob Black. Jacob still looked the same as he did when mom had shown me a picture of him from her scrap book; tall, tan, black hair and a crooked smile. Yep, it was defiantly Jacob. I wanted to tell him that my mom was fine, but she had been changed and was a vampire, but I knew better than to do that. I would never want to upset Jacob and possibly start a war.

Before I could say anything to comfort Jacob, Sam burst through the door. He was flustered and drenched with sweat.

Once Sam had finally caught his breath, he said, “Jacob… vampires… back… wolf… new… go… help… I’ll… stay… Alec.” He was still half gasping for air as he finished. His eyes locked with mine and he stared in shock. I just had to look, just on quick look into his head.

What the hell? Is that Bella? No, it can’t be Bella. She had darker hair and brown eyes. But she looks so much like her. I wonder if Jacob had mistaken the two. Hopefully not, he’d be in pieces by now anyway. I guess I’m just being silly…

I let him finish his thought and took a small peek into Jacob’s mind.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. I can’t believe I made that stupid mistake. It’s obviously not Bella. Bella died in a car crash after graduation. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why can’t I just accept the fact that that Bella’s dead? Why? Why? Why?

Because she’s not dead Jacob, that’s why. I wanted to tell him, I really did, but then that would risk the possibility of Jacob finding out that I was half vampire and, well, I had really grown to like the beach and Alec’s house and really didn’t want to lose the only place that I could get away from my up-tight and over protective father. I would really miss this place if I did. What if I told him half the truth? No. That was outrageous what was I going to say? Hi, my name is Elizabeth Cullen, but I am not a member of a family of vampires? Oh yeah, they wouldn’t have a clue about my real life. Alec didn’t know, so why tell his father? I was snapped out of my train of thought by Sam yelling something. I looked up at him, but didn’t understand why he was yelling at Alec. My only guess was that he had correctly guessed my secret.

“… How can you be so stupid?!? What were you thinking? You know the stories are true just as much as I do, and the first girl you see, you just have to take her to your house where you know how your father will react, and you thought it would be funny?!?!?” Sam continued screaming his head off as if I wasn’t even in the room or of any existence, at Alec’s actions. The only wrong thing he was saying was that I was a vampire and I had crossed the line so therefore, I had broken the treaty. Why was screaming at Alec and not me? I was the one to be blamed. Jacob must feel like a complete idiot, Alec like a traitor, and I felt guilty for all of it. I sighed quietly and walked out of the tiny little house into the downpour of rain. My car was still sitting at the beach, so I headed off in the general direction.

By the time I had reached my car, I was soaked to the bone and freezing my ass off. I turned the key and the car sprang to life. I cranked the heat up as high as it would go and sped off towards home. I was just passed the boundary line when my phone started to ring. I glanced at the caller ID and was relieved to see that it was Alice.

“Alice?” I answered cautiously.

“Oh thanks goodness your okay.” Alice sounded flustered, “I had been getting so many snippets of your future and all of them looked bleak. On was where you told Jacob everything and he changed and killed you, another one was where you only told him half the truth, that you were a Cullen and not Bells, and again he changed and killed you, and the most scariest one was where you told the whole truth and nothing but the truth while Sam was in there and Sam and Jacob both turned and ripped you to pieces.” She had finally stopped and waited for a reply.

“Alice, I thought you couldn’t see werewolves,” I started, “so, how could you see my demise in Alec’s house?”

“You’re right… I can’t see werewolves, but then… wait! Am I going insane?” I figured t was a rhetorical question and didn’t bother to answer, “Oh, when you get home, don’t go in right away, wait out on the street for about thirty seconds and I should be right behind you to back up the shopping trip thing.” The line went dead.

I did as I was told and Alice and I made our entrance soaked and giggling carrying probably about thirty bags per hand. Edward didn’t even bother to probe. I skipped up the stairs and into my bathroom and took a nice, long, hot shower before deciding to finish up my extra-credit math homework.

* * *

Sunday passed in a blur and along came the first day of a new school week. I trudged along the grounds of Forks High School in a really bad mood managing to sing through “Old McDonald” for about the eighth time using all the farm animals I could possibly think of. I had even done farms from other countries singing the song in the country’s native language. I was expecting at any moment to be attacked by werewolves. My heart sank as I entered the lunch room. I quickly headed for my family’s table because, sitting in my usual seat with all of my friends was Alec. I saw him smile at me as I passed his table, and I could hear Edward’s growls from across the room. Hopefully Alice hadn’t told him and he was just irritated by the fact that a werewolf was at our school. I hadn’t actually seen Alec change before but had gotten a memory of it when Sam was yelling at him. I quickly ate my lunch wanting to avoid conversation with any of my family members for the rest of the day. Once finished, I dumped the tray and raced out of the lunch room. Alice had followed me.

What do you think he wants? I shrugged. It could be anything really. He might want to say that he wants me to come back to LaPush, that he knows my secret and is okay with it, that he wants to warn me and my family of an oncoming werewolf vs. vampire war or something along those lines, or he wants to take a piece of me for himself during the fight. Who knows?

I quickly made my way to the girl’s bathroom where Alice and I could really talk. I still wanted to avoid everyone else though.

Once safely inside, I told Alice exactly what had happened. I hadn’t probed Sam’s mind before leaving because I thought he had already guess right about me, so I didn’t bother to confirm it. That Jacob had mistook me for Bella and believed she was still alive somewhere, witch was half true. I also told her about what I was thinking during the whole Sam vs. Alec thing and that was why I left, because I felt guilty about starting this whole fight. After spilling my guts, Alice gave me a big hug and promised that it would be okay. And that I was an exception to the treaty. Like that made me feel any better, so now I was an exception to some hundred year old rule, fantastic. Now I can go down to LaPush and get myself killed. Wahoo. I swore I was never going back there, and I’m sticking to it. Now if Edward is mad at me, then I’ll tell him that I’ve learned a valuable lesson and won’t ever set foot in LaPush ever again.

Biology and History passed by in blurs I couldn’t remember a single word any of the teachers had said. I hadn’t seen Alec again since lunch, but I was ever fearful he might jump out at me from around a corner or something. After Math, I rushed out of the small building and straight to my car, revved the engine, and left for home. But I didn’t go home. I went to the woods. I had found a spot in the woods near our house that I could go and sit. It was a small clearing with a little natural pond around it and I was the only one who knew about it. I parked my car about five miles up the road and ran, with my natural superhuman speed to my little paradise away from paradise.

I sat there for a very long time. I hadn’t even notice the sun go down and the woods get dark and cold. I all noticed was how thinking about my actions made me feel even guiltier. The pond reflected a full moon against a black sky. It was odd. Normally I could see the stars in the small pool, but not tonight. I glanced up when I felt a smooth, cold hand tough my shoulder. I knew that hand too well. Edward had found me. I looked at him for a while and he looked back. I didn’t try to read his mind. It was one benefit of the power I got that he didn’t; the choice to use it. All I could think was ‘I’m sorry’ over and over again. I hoped he wasn’t too mad at me.

For what? What are you sorry for? He asked.

For all the trouble I have caused. I didn’t mean for Alec to show up at school today. I didn’t even know he knew I lived in Forks. I answered

How do you know Alec? He asked again.

He was, uh, at the beach down in LaPush when all of my friends and I went to go to the beach on Saturday. He was there with some of his friends and he invited me to his house and Jacob- I was going to continue but he cut me off.

Jacob. His mind spat out the word.

Yeah, Jacob. He mistook me for Bella and then Sam came and said something about a new wolf, and the Sam saw me and thought I was Bella too, but then he was like ‘oh no it cant’ be Bella! She’s dead.' And then he kept trying to figure out who I was and the next thing I knew he was yelling at Alec for bringing a vampire into the house, and that I had broken the treaty and that Alec was in a lot of trouble. Then I left and Alice called.

The truth was pouring out; I couldn’t stop myself from admitting everything. Mixture of emotions flashed across Edward’s face as I told my tale. Once I was finished, he pulled me into a big hug. He told me he wasn’t mad, he was just really concerned about this, and he told me I was an exception to the rules, just like Alice had. I did feel better after telling him this, but worse at the same time because he wasn’t just going to let me off the hook. I knew he would tell Carlisle and Esme about this and I knew I would probably be in some kind of trouble afterwards. But all I could do was let it all out.