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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

3. 3: Lunch

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I wasn’t in trouble, and that surprised me. Edward had told Esme and Carlisle and both of them also reassured me that I was an acceptation to the treaty. That still didn’t make me feel much better, but I took their words gratefully.

School returned to normal and Alec hadn’t show up since Monday. I was finally beginning to feel normal again. I really was feeling better. Math, Chemistry, and English were full of lectures over various topics. Lunch was normal with my friends. They hadn’t even noticed the new guy who was there on Monday. P.E was, as always, a cinch. We were on our dodge ball unit, and it was very easy for my team; practically my whole family and a few other kids, to take all of the other three teams out. I was enjoying myself until I started walking towards the history building.

Alec had decided to show up again. And the best part was he was stalking me. I pretended not to notice him as I went to my locker to grab my books and headed off, but it was utterly impossible. I had made it to history after glancing at Alec for probably the fortieth time over my shoulder. He was grinning as he trailed behind me, and I hated it. I really wanted to walk up to him and smack him across the face, but I would be late if I did, and I couldn’t afford that. We were covering the civil war and it was one of my favorite units.

The whole period was Mr. Klents talking and lecturing over the topic. It was so old, dry, and boring the way he was telling it. I wish Jasper could be the teacher. He’s always so elaborate when it comes to the civil war. So, being as bored as I was, I started mind reading and boy that was worse than Mr. Klents’ lecture.

What should I wear tomorrow? OH! I know! I’ll wear that one really pretty pled mini skirt and that one white shirt. The image of her outfit flashed in front of my eyes.

Who was that guy following Liz? I bet he thinks he’s her boyfriend; well he’s got a slim chance. Liz has been eyeing me for about a week and I think I’ll make a move after class. Maybe I should go get her something and ask her out tomorrow… Tyler was so naive. He was the one with little to no chance of being my boyfriend. At this rate, Alec was about twenty times better than Tyler. I just wish that all of these guys weren’t so helpless; or hopeless.

The bell finally rang and Mr. Klents passed out tonight’s homework; outlines of chapters seventeen and eighteen. I’ll have ‘em done in about ten minutes flat. Outlining was so easy. I headed to my locker as fast as I could to grab the remaining books I needed for tonight’s homework.

I had just grabbed my books and turned around when I saw Edward glaring at Alec. Alec was watching me from the corner of the closest building. I was happy that Edward’s and Alice’s lockers were in either side of mine. I really felt a whole lot safer when I was in between them. Edward let out a very low growl which only Alice, Bella, and I could hear. Bella place an arm on his shoulder and we waited for Jasper to come around the corner to help us calm Edward down.

Alec finally left, still grinning, and Edward calmed himself down enough to let us all walk to the car in peace. The ride home seemed longer than usual. Edward questioned me furiously about Alec. I had told him that he was a werewolf, and that he’d followed me from gym to history and Edward seemed satisfied that I didn’t talk to him. Now, apparently, I was going to have my classes changed to match Edward’s, Alice’s or Bella’s. Edward could get that done easily. I really thought they were going to too much trouble about the whole Alec showing up thing, but I guess I couldn’t blame them.

* * *

We got home a little later than Emmet and Rosalie, who were already waiting on the porch. Emmet was imitating an angry mother; hands on his hips, frowning, and tapping his foot. That made all of us laugh like crazy. I’ve never seen him do anything so odd before, and it was really quite funny because as soon as we started laughing, Emmet bounced off the porch and over to us laughing his head off too. Rosalie just went back inside. She was no fun. Emmet practically bounced up the stairs of the porch after us. We entered the house to find everything a little brighter than normal.

“Emmet,” Edward’s tone seemed nervous, “What did you do?”

One look around the house revealed that Emmet had switched all of the furniture in all of the rooms. All of my stuff was in Edward’s and Bella’s room, Alice’s stuff in Carlisle’s study, and so on. Edward was furious.

“Emmet,” He was growling now. Emmet just bounced back and fourth on the balls of his feet, “I’m going to kill you if you don’t get everything back to where it’s supposed to be. And you better have it done before Esme gets back or she going to keel over.”

“Fine, I’ll put everything back.” Emmet sounded almost sad as he said it. And he speed Edward was supervising him; the rest of us went out into the woods. We all just ran as fast as we could. It was so nice to feel the wind in my hair again. This was one of the only days where it wasn’t raining but still cloudy. It was perfect for my family. I wish I could last forever. We must have split up, because, all of a sudden, I was running on my own and couldn’t hear anyone around me. I raced directly to my clearing and sat down on the edge of the little pond. It was nice. Next, I got up and flew off to the meadow that Edward and Bella had shown me after we had first gotten here. It was still as beautiful as ever. When I didn’t see Bella there, I was utterly surprised. She almost always ran here. Where else would she go?

There was a small rustle of leaves and I heard a twig snap. That was completely unlike a vampire to give themselves away like that, so then who is it? I glanced in the general direction of the noise and saw tree sets of yellow, glowing eyes staring back at me. The creatures took a few steps forward, and I noticed that these things were defiantly not vampires, but werewolves. Their teeth bared and muscles tense, they came towards me. I didn’t move, no, I couldn’t move. I couldn’t go anywhere without them charging after me. They still all mist believe that I’m a vampire. Any fleeing would most likely advance their theory. They kept coming. The first, a big black one, must be Sam. The next, was farther back and on his right was russet brown. Jacob. And the last was, well, a steel grey. I hadn’t seen that one before, but I guessed it was Alec. The one I thought was Alec growled. No, Alec would never growl at me, I knew that, didn’t I? The black one shot him a look. The grey was silenced. Sam kept coming; he was about ten feet from me. I stood as still as I could and looked him straight in the eyes. I knew I had to probe to find out what was going to happen.

Well Alec, we’re here, and she’s here, she’s probably hunting. And we’re in luck, we’ve found some prey. She should be juicy enough. She looks young too. It was Sam.

Yeah boy, you’re getting a first hand look at whet we do to traitors of the treaty. This is going to be easy. She doesn’t look like she even wants to fight. We should be able to take her down without much effort. This might not be as fun as I thought it would be. The russet wolf, who must be Jacob, thought.

Dad, Sam, please don’t do this. I only changed and came with you because of this. I want to prevent it from happening. Alec’s mind was screaming. He was apparently outraged that his father and his pack leader would do this to me. They knew this would be easy, so they didn’t bother bringing the rest of the pack. I kind of wish they had. It’s funny. I’m seeing a werewolf for the first time and even though I know they’re deadly, I still wish they would have brought everyone. Sam was now within an arm’s length of me and I realized I was shaking. The steel grey wolf bowed its head in between its legs and stared at me. His eyes were apologizing for what was about to happen to me. Suddenly, everything clicked. Alec had come to warn me, and I might have been able to save myself if I would have stopped to listen to him. Maybe I would have gotten away, maybe not, but now was not the time to wish to go back. I had to do something, find a way to tell them I was only a half breed. I didn’t want to anger any of them though. I just wanted to live.

“Sam,” I started, “I’m not a vampire.” The black wolf looked at me completely confused.

Then why do you smell so bad? He asked. I took a little offense at the mental comment, and tried to pretend I hadn’t heard it.

“I’m a half breed. My mother was a human, and my father was a vampire. I was orphaned when I was two and I grew up with some regular humans until I was seven, then, the Cullens found me and took me in.” I was lying through my teeth and they seemed to believe it. Hopefully I could get out of this untouched.

Why did the Cullens take you in? It’s not like them to do that and not try and bite you. Jacob was asking questions now. I risked a glance at Alec. His face was full of shock. It was hard not to laugh at.

“The Cullens took me in because, well, I have a sort of, gift,” I said slowly, “I can sort of read minds like Edward can.” I didn’t want to shock them with any of my other abilities.

They all had the look of shock and disbelief on their faces. It’s really quite funny when you see a werewolf looking shocked at something you had just said. I then heard a low growl coming from behind me. I spun around to find Edward crouched down ready to attack Sam if he got any closer. I then instinctively took a few steps toward Edward. His mind was threatening Sam and the group with very vile ways of destroying them if they ever touched me. I’m glad Sam can’t read his mind. I had reached Edward now and was mentally reassuring him that I was perfectly fine, but he didn’t seem to hear me. I looked back at Sam, Jacob, and Alec to see that they had all composed themselves and were waiting for Edward and me to leave. I felt Edward grab my arm and effortlessly lift me up and onto his back. I glanced back at Alec over my shoulder as we sped off through the woods. Alec looked sad about me having to leave.

We reached the house seconds later and I was swept into Bella’s arms. She had obviously been worrying about me. They had all come home and Edward went out to look for me. He found me in the clearing when Sam was first coming at me. He had watched stunned and proud of my lying techniques and how believable I had sounded. Bella was very unhappy with Edward not intervening right away, but she was also proud of me for lying my way out of getting mauled by the wolves. I was proud of myself too. But I was also extremely tired, so I headed upstairs without discussing the matter of my disappearance and wolf run-in with anyone and went to bed.