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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

4. 4:Gift

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The days now passed in blurs. It was getting colder and everyone was excited about the winter holiday. I couldn’t wait for some of our annual snowball fights. They were more like wars though. I knew I would have bruises for weeks, but I was okay with that as long as I got to play. All of my friends wanted to come over and enjoy the holiday with me but it was impossible to tell them he truth about my family, and that meant breaking the most sacred vampire rule, so I lied through my teeth again. I could even think lies now. I was getting good, but a little too good for Edward’s taste. I was scolded more than once by him mentally for lying to one of my family members. I hadn’t lied too much, just about where I was going with friends and stuff. I just normally lied to my friends about my family.

Math, my new last class of the day, dragged on for what seemed like forever. It was the last day of school before break and the anticipation was killing me. My fingers were starting to make dents in the desk. Superhuman strength was completely normal. Edward’s hand lightly touched my shoulder to stop me from ripping the desk to shreds. I wanted to leave and I wanted to leave now. I wanted to be on break so I could enjoy myself without too much worry.

Twelve. The answer’s twelve.

I then realized that Ms. Pack was standing over me waiting for an answer.

“Um, twelve.” I answered trying to sound like I knew what I was talking about when I hadn’t been following any bit of the lesson. She smiled and continued looking for a helpless person to mortify.

Thanks Edward. I thought. I was truly grateful to have Edward in all of my classes now even though he was a little uptight.

No problem, but please try to pay attention to the rest of class.

Man, I hated when he did that. Oh sure he’ll take the thanks but then remind you of the thing’s you’re supposed to be doing like a normal person. The thing is no one else was paying attention either. Any normal person would be staring at the clock, but not Edward, and now, me either. I knew I had to pay attention now or suffer home schooling from Edward over break. I just hope I could remember everything now.

The bell finally rang. I was free! Free of all my teachers, free of pretending to be normal, free of homework, free of studying, and free of all of the annoying guys who wanted to go out with me. Gosh I hope I had “forgotten” to give Tyler me number. Wink, wink. I raced to my locker, trying to ignore everyone who wished me happy holidays. I knew I would be fine. I grabbed all of the books I would need to study for mid-term exams and rushed out to the parking lot. It had started snowing right as I had made it into the silver Volvo. Edward and Alice had already been waiting, but Bella and Jasper were running a little late. They finally came around the corner and spotted us. They climbed in laughing. We all told about our days on the car ride home. We walked inside to find Esme putting up our annual Christmas tree.

We all rushed to help decorate. We were done in less than a minute. The tree was beautiful. There were red bows and white roses on most of the branches and big ball ornaments with our names on them on the front of the tree and an extremely beautiful and expensive crystal angel on top. Christmas was still four days away, but we all headed out to go gift shopping. Alice was never surprised about what anyone got her. She saw everything in her visions. Edward cheated too by reading everyone’s minds, but he was always surprised by what Bella got him because of her special defect. I tried not to cheat using my ability, but it was hard. I really did want to know, but tried as hard as possible to not think about it.

The ride to Seattle took less than five minutes. Alice, Bella, Rosalie, Esme and I headed off in one direction and the boys took off in the other. We went all over the place. We stopped in every clothing store, toy store, book store, and electronics store. When we finally had everything we wanted to give, we went back and shopped for ourselves. I love Christmas with the Cullens. It’s always overdone. Esme buys and bakes a real Christmas dinner and everyone digs in despite their lack of good taste for human food. We all wait until it’s five o’clock in the morning before opening gifts, and we all go out for our usual snow wars. The wars typically start with boys vs. girls and then goes into smaller briquettes like Carlisle vs. Esme, Bella vs. Edward and me, Alice or Rosalie vs. Jasper or Emmet, and then we all get back together for the finish of the first fight. I really couldn’t wait until Christmas this year.

Arms full of shopping bags; we headed out of Border’s Bookstore and back to the car. Edward, Emmet, Jasper, and Carlisle were waiting and shoved our things in the trunk. We all got in the SUV and Carlisle sped off towards home.

* * *

“Liz, Phone!” Emmet screamed. I raced down the stairs for about the millionth time today and grabbed the phone from him.

“Hello?” I called casually into the receiver.

“Hey Liz! It’s Alec. How are you doing?” He asked. He was defiantly in the Christmas spirit.

“I’m doing good, how about you?” I called back, echoing his cheerful tone.

“Fine I guess, nothing’s really changed except the weather,” He sounded extremely happy today, “Hey, you know a lot about me right?”

“Yeah I guess so, what’s up?” I really wanted to know what seemed to be bugging him all of a sudden.

“Well, the thing is, well, I just haven’t been able to get over the one night where Sam and Jacob cornered you in the woods. You’re okay right?”

“Yeah, I’m perfectly fine, it’s cool, and everyone in my house didn’t really seem to care about it much. I can fend for myself most of the time.”

“Oh, ok, hey when you said ‘fend for myself’ how does that apply to werewolves?”

“Oh well you see, there’s not many normal things about me. The mind reading’s probably the biggest, but I can also do a lot of other things too. You remember that insane ‘landslide’ we had last year? Well, it was no natural event; I did that by throwing a major temper tantrum. Oh, and the really big tree destruction, I did that too, I through Emmet from on top of the mountain to get back at him for painting my room with bright pink paint, and then Esme made him redo my room until everything looked exactly as I remembered it. We went through a whole store-full of paint.” I ended laughing lightly at the memories. When Alec didn’t respond, “Alec, are you still there?”

“Uh huh.” He responded quietly.

“Liz! Get off the phone!” Rosalie shouted. I checked the clock, I had only been on the phone for five minutes, and apparently that was far too long for Rosalie.

“Hey, Alec, sorry but I have to go. I’ll call you back later.” I said in a rush.

I head a ‘wait’ as I hit the end call button. Then I zipped into Rosalie’s room and passed her the phone, more like chucked it at her head, but what’s the difference when your sister’s a vampire? Now that Rosalie was happy, Edward was calling me to come down. So, I raced down the stairs and found Edward and Bella sitting at the piano.

“Oh good, you made it.” Edward glanced up over his shoulder at me. Bella patted the space next to her for me to sit down. I did. They were starting a new song and they wanted me to judge it. I sat and listened. It was really good. It’s nice that your dad writes songs; there’s so much variety and nothing is ever repeated. They played the song for me three times, playing through it with the speed incapable of the fastest human pianist to ever exist. I really like the new song and they seemed happy to play it.

“It’s really good Edward.” I praised.

“Thank you, I was hoping you would say that.” He flashed me a smile and continues playing.

“Why?” I asked. I really did want to know why he thought it was good that I liked it.

“Oh, no real reason. I just wanted you to like it.” He said as casually as if we were talking about the weather. I tried a peek at his mind but he was just humming along with the song. Something in the harmony seemed strangely familiar. As if I had heard it on the radio about a million years ago. It confused me and threw off my concentration on the melody. It annoyed me when he got all involved in a piece and hid things he knew I would probably recognize in them. Once they finished the song for the fourth time, I trudged upstairs to listen to all of the music I owned to find out where he had gotten that harmony. It was six o’clock in the afternoon when I went up to listen to my songs, and now, it was three in the morning and I was exhausted but I was still determined as ever to find the song. Alice and Rosalie had agreed to help in the search. We had been listening for hours. I really wanted to sleep though. Alice got a far away look in her eyes and came back staring at me.

“You’ve got to get some sleep. If you don’t Liz, then I can almost guarantee a broken leg and a sprained wrist from falling out a window.” She said.

“Okay I’ll sleep, but you two have to keep listening for even the slightest hint of where that harmony came from, and if you find it, you have to wake me up and let me know the ipod, artiste, and song title. Got it?” I asked. They both nodded in response and I crawled into bed and fell asleep.

* * *

I woke up to the sounds of screaming from downstairs. Well, it wasn’t verbal screaming, but mental screaming, and it seemed like it was happy screams. I slowly sat up and stretched. What time was is? The clock on my bedside table said it was just after four in the morning. Good thing it was winter break. I crawled out of bed and trudged down the long stairs. Alice, Bella, and Rosalie were sitting on the living room couch laughing like crazy. They were all in PJs and it looked like they were having their own never ending sleepover or something. Bella looked up as I descended the stairs.

“Did we wake you up?” Bella’s eyes were their usual topaz color. She smiled at me. I knew she would be really sorry if they had woken me up. So, I lied.

“No. You didn’t wake me up. Its okay, really, I just got really bored of trying to fall asleep.”

“Oh, well, okay. Since you’re up, would you like to join us?” Bella asked.

“Sure. What’s the movie?” I said sitting down on the couch next to her.

“We don’t really know. We just grabbed one and started watching it.” Alice shrugged and smiled.

The movie wasn’t long, but it was almost half way over when I got downstairs. I enjoyed most of it. It didn’t really make sense because I had missed the first half, but I sat there watching anyway. All of us jumped at all the scary parts as if on cue. Then we all ended up laughing about it when the movie wasn’t really scary at all. The phone rang a few times but no one bothered to answer it. We had just finished watching the movie for the third time when Edward came down. He smiled as we all jumped as we saw him on the stairs. Emmet and Jasper joined us later and by now, all of us girls were quoting all of the lines in the movie no matter how small or useless they were.

Finally, around seven or eight, I went back up stairs to get dressed. I had picked out a very simple outfit; a light blue, v-neck sweater, and some light blue jeans, and headed back downstairs with my snow boots and jacket.

“Where are you going Liz?” Edward asked.

“I want to go down to LaPush and wish Alec and Jacob a merry Christmas.” I really did want to go, and I had presents tucked under my arm for the both of them anyway. I had gotten Alec a snow board. I didn’t think to get him any clothes because I knew he never got cold. And I had gotten Jacob some new car parts so he could hopefully keep his Rabbit running. Both of the items were wrapped in our usual silver paper.

“Maybe you should wait until after Christmas to give them their gifts.” Edward suggested.

“No. I want to give them to them now.” I said and marched out the front door. Edward gave me a five minute head start.

I was racing my way down to LaPush. I really did want to give these gifts to them. Edward was right on my tail though as I raced to get past the boundary line. I knew he would probably stop and wait for me on our side until he knew I wasn’t in any trouble. I sighed and kept driving. I was probably just as bad as the rest of my family at watching the speed limit. I was going about one-hundred in a forty-five zone. Oh well. Edward thought I was going as slow as a snail. I had called Alec on my way down, and he said he would be waiting for me at the boundary. I hadn’t seen him in what seemed like ages. I was really glad to hear his voice, even if it was only on the phone.

I finally crossed the line and Edward did an immediate ninety degree turn and parked his car on a small path and waited. Alec was already there waiting for me in his own car. I parked on another path, grabbed the two silver wrapped presents and headed over to Alec’s car. I mentally heard a low growl from behind me and I tried not to laugh. I knew Edward would be mad, but he couldn’t touch me once I had crossed the boundary. Alec had opened the passenger door for me and I climbed in. He was eager to see what was in the ginormus boxes I had brought with me. It was a good thing that I had stashed them in the trunk.

We talked about the most random things on our short drive to his house. He still hadn’t completely gotten over the fact that I was a half vampire. I couldn’t blame him really. I mean it’s not every day that you become best friends with someone who’s half a monster.

“So, how’s being a werewolf working out for you?” I asked. I really was curious of how the whole transformation thing was going.

“It’s okay I guess. Dad’s helping me with the whole control thing, but other than that, it’s really cool. I mean I get all this power and stuff. I can run really fast when I’m a wolf and that feels great,” He said smiling his classic crooked smile, “The only other bad thing is that, when I’m a wolf, I mean when more than one of us is a wolf, we involuntarily hear each other’s thoughts.” He sighed. I knew how he felt. I had been like that; unable to control my power. It was horrible. It’s just too bad that all of the wolves wouldn’t be able to control it.

We reached the house as I had finished that last thought. I heard someone’s footsteps in the hallway, and then came the thoughts:

Well, that’s Alec and Liz. I hope no one ruins this for Alec. He’s really been looking forward to seeing Elizabeth again. I hope everything goes okay…

Alec and I were already on the front porch. I had the gifts in my arms and was really ready to give them out. Jacob was even more ecstatic to see me again than Alec had been. He scooped me up into a big bear hug, like Emmet only a little better, and swung me around as if I were five.

“How are you doing Liz?” Jacob asked still swinging me around.

“I’m fine Jacob,” I said with an ear to ear grin, “How have you been?”

“I’m doing okay I guess. I have to deal with this one all the time though.” He smiled and gestured towards Alec. I couldn’t help but smile too. It was so easy to be around Alec and Jacob. They had become like family to me in such a short time.

We all walked into the living room and enjoyed talking over some hot chocolate. It was nice to see them again. It seemed like ages since I had talked to either of them. Next, we dealt out the gifts. Alec opened his and was thanking me for about the next twenty minutes. Jacob really loved the auto shop gift card I had gotten him. Alec and Jacob had both gone together to decide on one gift to get me. Alec handed me a small box wrapped in shiny gold paper with a white bow on top. I unwrapped it vary carefully, setting the bow and paper aside carefully, not wanting to ruin any of it. Under the paper was a small, velvet box. It must be from a jewelry store. I carefully opened the tiny box and gasped.