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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

5. 5:Dead Meat

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Inside the box was a small, silver charm bracelet. And on the bracelet, was a very small, stone, wolf. The wolf was sitting and looked like it was howling. It was absolutely beautiful.

Alec was watching my reaction carefully with hopeful eyes. I toyed with the small charm, wondering how on earth they had carved this for me. I looked up at them and smiled. I absolutely loved it. Alec was bouncing on his chair; he was obviously overjoyed that I loved my gift. I got up and hugged him. He hugged me back, and everything felt so right. It was as if all the monsters had left, it was just me, Alec, and Jacob. Just three people in the world. None of the monsters existed, they weren’t werewolves and I wasn’t a half-vampire freak. We were all just people. I finally le go of him and made my way over to hug Jacob. This was honestly the best gift I had ever received. Jacob was beaming, he was happy too.

I had suggested that we go out and try the new snowboard out. There was plenty of snow on the ground, and the hill behind the Black’s house was perfect for boarding. Jacob didn’t want to come, so it was just Alec and me.

It was cold outside. The wind stung my ears. Alec had come out underdressed as usual. I knew he’d be fine. He had an average temperature of 108 after all. We boarded for about an hour before we got bored. Alec got so board that he suggested going for a walk, or run in the woods. I agreed, and he transformed into the steel-grey wolf I had seen about a month ago. Get on. He thought. I wasn’t thinking as I climbed onto his back, and suddenly, we were flashing by trees as if we were on a jet plane, just on the ground. Alec’s coat stood out against the snow. I knew Edward was watching, and I knew he was mad, but I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay on Alec and run like this forever. It was fun, and Edward knew I loved fun.

What the hell is she doing? It was Edward; I could plainly picture his angry face as Alec ran along the boundary line. I knew he was teasing Edward, but I didn’t care.

Elizabeth Renee Cullen! Get off of that dog this instant! His mind was screaming at me. Elizabeth, Elizabeth I know you can hear me! If you do not get off of that dog this second, I’ll cross the line and you’ll be sorry!

No you won’t. You wouldn’t cross the line unless Alec was going to get me killed. I quipped.

GET… OFF…NOW!! His thoughts were screaming in my head, and as much as I tried to ignore them, it was impossible. I couldn’t keep this up much longer without verbally screaming at Edward to shut up and let me have some fun, and freedom. I wasn’t five anymore, I was practically an adult, or would be a year away from full freedom in six months. I laid my head back down on Alec’s back and listened to his steady breathing and the sound of his feet, well paws, beating against the snowy ground as he ran. It was soothing. I enjoyed the sound of his breathing and steps. I had almost completely forgotten he was a dangerous werewolf. I inhaled his musty, woodsy scent as we sped off, deeper into the forest and farther away from Edward and his angry thoughts. I could hear him cursing after us as we disappeared into the trees.

I guess I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew, I was laying on a clear patch of ground next to my steel-grey wolf who was napping lazily in the bright winter sunset that shown over the trees in the small clearing. I glanced at my phone. It was around seven. Had I really been asleep for six hours? Edward was going to kill me for getting home late that is, if I’m not dead by the time he finishes screaming his head off at me for taking a joy ride on a werewolf. I sighed. What more harm could I do if I stayed out a little longer? I shrugged thinking that there wasn’t much else damage to be done now. I had disobeyed his most “sacred” rule; never associate with a werewolf. And then there was his second most sacred rule; never stay out past eight without another family member with you. I knew Alec and I had been out for hours, and it would probably take us an hour or so to get back to his house; plus the additional half an hour it would take me to get home if I dragged out the ride for as long as I could. I was so dead when I got home. Even Emmet wouldn’t mess with Edward when he’s this mad. I leaned back into the warm, soft fur of my friendly werewolf and sighed again. I knew Edward would never allow me to come back, and I wanted to make the most of my remaining time with Alec.

I dug my elbow into his side and he turned his big furry head at me. What? He asked.

“I am sooo dead,” I said standing up and stretching, “Edward is going to throw a fit when I come home late, and he’ll probably be mad enough to try to rip me limb from limb right after I walk in. No one has ever made him this mad before. I hope he hasn’t wrecked that new TV, or the piano, especially the piano.”

Alec had gotten up and stretched too. His long, grey fur quivered as his stretched his whole body forward. Do you want me to come with you? You know, to try and help you explain what happened? I laughed. I could picture Edward’s face at the sight of me and Alec walking into the house, my head hanging low, and Alec wearing a cheerful grin on his face as if nothing had ever happened; Edward’s nostrils will flare, his eyes will bug out of his head, his teeth will be bared, ready to attack either of us, me for disobeying him, and Alec for just being a werewolf. Yeah, Alec being there would be so much help.

Well, are you coming? I looked toward Alec, who was still a wolf. He was kneeling almost. He was down on his front paws, and apparently waiting for me to get on. I nodded and walked over to where he knelt and heaved myself up onto his broad back.

We were sailing past the trees in seconds. The air we moved through pulled all of my copper brown hair away from my face. It felt nice to be going this fast again. It all just made me feel so free. Alec must have sensed my happiness because he made himself go even faster. I let out a verbal squeal of joy. Then I immediately regretted it. There was a figure moving as fast as we were through the trees. We must have drifted back towards the boundary line because I clearly recognized the figure. It was Edward. Damn he was so annoying. Why couldn’t Edward just leave me alone? I sighed. Alec misread the action because he immediately slowed his pace. I didn’t want him to slow down. I wanted him to get me away from the boundary, and my father.

Get off the dog. Elizabeth get off that dog now! Edward commanded. He sounded like his mind was thinking through gritted teeth.

No. If I do you’ll kill me. I replied. I knew he would if I let him get close enough to me.

You know I would never do that Liz. Why would you ever think that? His mind was totally serious now; there was no anger in the thoughts.

Because, I have disobeyed you and broken your two most important rules; no werewolves and I’d never make it home until after curfew anyway. And, you HATE Alec. My only problem with that is you won’t tell me why. Why Edward? Why do you hate him? He’s never done anything wrong, he’s always been super careful, and he’d never put me in any dangerous situations. I was trying to make a point, and wasn’t exactly sure if it was working. I liked Alec. He’s my only true best friend. I can be completely open with him. I wanted Edward do understand that I didn’t see him as just a werewolf; that I saw him as a normal human, Alec, my Alec would do nothing to ever hurt me, even as a wolf, he’d hate himself if anything even slightly bad happened to me. I wanted Edward to understand. I wondered if he had ever met anyone he just saw as a person, a friend, someone he could just talk to and they wouldn’t judge him.

Dad, haven’t you ever had someone who you could just talk to and they listened no matter what you told them? Someone who didn’t judge you and saw you as a person? Someone who never thought of you as a monster, as a human, and that humans make mistakes and all that stuff you bore into my head about a good friend? Well, everything you have ever told me to look for in a good friend, Alec fits. He fits every single little detail. He’s nice, funny, he listens, he understands, he talks to me, we have fun together, and he can make me laugh just by smiling! He’s all that I could ever ask for in a friend. Can’t you at least try to understand how Alec makes me happy? I was close to tears, I wanted him to understand. To show him how I felt when I was around Alec. Right now, I wished he also had Jasper’s power, I wish he could feel what I felt, that he could live in my body for a day in LaPush and see things how I did. I would give anything to make him understand!

Yes. Your mother was exactly like that. I could trust her, tell her anything and everything, I could talk to her, and she would listen. I can do all of those things with your mother that you can with Alec, but I don’t trust him around you. He’s a werewolf for god’s sake Elizabeth! He’s your vampire-half’s mortal enemy! They destroy us! We can’t live in peace together. That’s why the boundary is here! We can’t all get along! His mind was also pleading like mine. Please, just get off and come home with me. Your mother’s getting worried. We can talk about this later.

No. I want to talk about this now! They’re all fine with me being down here dad! Sam said so himself! I even checked everyone’s heads to make sure they’re all okay with me! Why do you think I like it here? I like it here because I don’t have to hide! I’m around people like me! I’m around friends who understand me and my powers! No, they do understand the mind reading! They do dad! They only get it when they’re wolves though, but they still understand it! They also feel each other’s emotions and experience the other’s mental memories as if they were there! They’re more like us than you know! The tears were streaming down my face and into Alec’s soft fur.

I squeezed my legs into his side as if I were riding a horse, and left Edward sprinting along the boundary after us. I grabbed Alec’s fur in my hands and sobbed into his back. We were getting further away from the boundary and weren’t too far from Alec’s house now. Alec slowed down to a walk. What can I do? What can I do to help? Alec had obviously noticed that I had been crying. I climbed off of his back and walked along side him.

“Nothing, you can’t do anything to help Alec. My father just doesn’t understand how I can be friends with a werewolf,” I sighed, my shoulders started to shake again, and I had to fight back the new tears, “He just doesn’t like me being with you because half of me is your mortal enemy, he just can’t see how you see me as a person and that it wouldn’t matter if I was a zombie or demon, we’d still be friends.”

He nodded his big wolf head and we kept walking. Stop. He thought. I stopped in my tracks and he bounded off into the woods. He came back seconds later but on two legs instead of four. He wrapped one of his huge arms around my shoulder and continued walking.

I could see the back of Alec’s house now. It had gotten really dark outside, but the bright stars gave off just enough light to see by. The living room window was light on; Jacob must still be awake and waiting for us to get back. Alec and I trudged through the snow hand in hand up to his house. Jacob was at the back door the second he caught the sounds of our voices. I was reciting the mental argument that I had had with Edward to Alec. Jacob must have overheard the last half of it because when we entered, his eyes were sympathetic. That leech will just never understand your friendship. I sighed knowing that Jacob was probably right. Edward would never be able to see why I like Alec or Jacob.

“Please don’t call Edward a leech Jacob, it hurts my feelings. Because if you call him a leech, then that makes me a half-leech, and that just sounds gross.” I said. Jacob looked shocked. He must have forgotten that I could read minds. I smiled and he laughed then pulled me into another hug. It felt good to be with Jacob.

“Well, I should probably be going now, Edward’s still going to be pissed that I disobeyed him, so wish me luck.” I said with a small smile.

“You’ll be fine, but if you still need it, good luck.” Alec said as he came up and hugged me too.

“Thanks for everything guys. I don’t know how soon I’ll be back, if ever, but I’ll try to sneak out to see you soon! That is if Alice doesn’t catch me.” I said with another smile as I walked out the door to my car.

I tried to drag out my trip home, going just under the speed limit the whole way. As soon as I crossed the boundary a silver Volvo pulled out behind me. I didn’t want to even look in my rearview mirror for fear that the driver would be furious. I could feel his gorgeous topaz eyes boring into the back of my head the whole way home. I was glad he never screamed at me.

I pulled into the driveway of our white mansion and waited. Edward pulled his Volvo into the garage before coming out to check on me. I was still in the car when he tapped on my window. I knew the door wouldn’t protect me if he was really mad, so I got out and stood on the driveway before him waiting for my punishment.

Don’t look at me like that He thought. I could never stay mad at you.

I risked a glance up at him. His eyes were apologetic.

It’s okay. I guess I should have known that you wouldn’t be able to stay mad at me for long. I sighed. I knew he could hear me. Am I still allowed to go and see Alec?

I’ll have to talk to your mother about that. He smiled down at me. I smiled back. It looks like everything is going to be okay after all