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ELizabeth Cullen, daughter of Edward and Bella, moves back to Forks with her vampire family. What happens when her best friend, and werewolf, Alec Black and her father decide to agree on one thing; Elizabeth's safety with a warlock, Lucas, and some of the evil creatures that just happen to be after him? Next story in series is called: Luna

Fist Fanfiction. I hope you like it! Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters who were ever mentioned in any of the Twilight Series books. None of them are mine. I only own the main character and her friends.

8. 8:Conflict

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Luke was mad that I let Alec walk me away, and he reminded me of it every chance he got. He yelled at me mentally, and I was so very close to screaming at him, but I couldn’t do that without attracting attention and raising questions about what Luke was doing when he was just sitting at his desk next to me in math minding his own business.

Lunch the next day was a different story though. In the cafeteria I could go and confront Luke and get back at him for driving me insane. He asked me to sit with him, like he did every day, and I said yes. I had already explained the plan to Edward and Alice said it would work. I have full faith in Alice and her visions.

We were sitting at the table with all of his friends and I asked if I could talk to him for a moment and led him out into the hall.

“Why the hell are you doing this to me?” I asked. I was fuming but I didn’t have to control my anger.

“I wasn’t doing anything wrong and then you go and get another wolf to help save your little friend.” He was just as angry as I was.

“No, I did not go and get Sam to save Alec. I did it to prevent anyone from getting mauled either by an angry wolf or an angry warlock. And I only walked away from you because I knew Alec would be pissed if I didn’t. It was for both of our own goods.” I replied.

Well you didn’t have to. I could have taken your little wolf friend easily. It would have been an easy fight. He thought.

Luke! I like Alec. As a friend! And I like you in the same way! And I didn’t want to see either of my friends to get hurt! That’s why I went and got Sam. I thought we’ve been through this already. I thought back.

I then glanced passed him for a moment and saw my reflection in one of the shiny lockers. My hair had turned darker, my eyes were deep blue, and my skin was paler then usual. I concentrated and my hair grew shorter and looked better kept, my eyes returned to their normal color, and my skin tone deepened. I was glad I could shift. Luke just stood there and watched as I transformed myself from the look of a slacker to my normal, professional self. He was amazed. I had apparently forgotten to mention all of my powers. He knew that I could read minds, but he never would have guessed that I could do more.

I sighed and walked back into the noisy cafeteria without another word. Edward’s eyes followed my as I recited the conversation. He seemed mad, his mind was anyway. His expression was completely composed. He got up and walked over to me.

So I take it that the conversation worked but did not go as you had planned?

Yes, it worked, and yes, it did not go as I had planned. I replied sighing as I walked back out to go to Math with Edward.

Luke was there waiting in the desk next to mine, but he never thought a word about Friday the whole period and I left happy and relaxed. Edward was pleased with the lift in my spirit, and he wanted it to stay that way. I “heard” him planning on “talking” to Luke after class and making sure that Luke’s mind never bothered me like that again. Jasper was the one I sympathized most for. He had to feel my stress and anger, and it had practically driven him as mad as I was.

Esme was overjoyed at my triumph with Luke, and pleased that Edward had given me a little help to ensure that Luke never did it again. Carlisle was pleased too. No one in my family really liked Lucas at all, and no one would be willing enough to tell me why. Even Bella did not like him. So something must have happened when I wasn’t with my family and with my foster home. I did not know the reason why they hated him so much was bugging me, and I really needed to find out why. I still like Lucas, he was just annoying me and I still consider us friends.

I called Alec that evening to tell him what happened and he was thrilled that I finally stood up to him. I really did not understand why everyone was so ecstatic about me telling Luke off, but I did not understand a lot of things right now.

* * * * *

What do you want Luke? I thought during math as he had been annoying me, again.

Listen, I wanted to say that I am very sorry for the way I acted about the whole you and Alec thing. I really did not mean to upset you so much, and now I realize that you only went to get Sam because you were worried about everyone. I am really, really sorry. Can we still be friends?

I was hoping you would eventually apologize Luke. You are my friend, and I want us to stay friends. I’m fine with that.


Edward walked in then. He glanced at me, and then glared at Luke. I did not really want to know what he was thinking or threatening to Luke right now. Ms. Pack started class, and I groaned. It was another boring lesson that I would sail through with no trouble. Edward never let me skip any grades though, he kept saying that he wanted me to have a normal life, but that is kind of hard to do when nothing in my life is normal.

The rest of the week was like Luke had never shown up in La Push and almost got himself killed. We were like best friends. We worked together in all of our classes even if the class was not allowed, telepathically anyway. The teachers were never surprised if we had the exact same answers because they all thought we were both human, and we were the smartest two kids in the class, besides Edward.

I only saw Luke in school though. Edward would probably look for any excuse to tear his head off, and Luke coming over would be the perfect excuse. The only other way I could see him without Edward going berserk, is if I went to La Push, but then Alec would go crazy. So the only other way to see him besides school was if I were to run to a nice bright and sunny place in another country. Yes I had the money, but I don’t have the edge of sneakiness, Alice would see this coming for sure.

So, I had to settle for school. Alec kept on asking when I could come over; he wanted to see me again. It’s been three weeks. I had been swamped with work; that Edward always helped me with. But I still did not seem to have a spare moment to live. Luke and Alec profusely called to see if we could get together and just hang out, but I never had a free moment.

I was busy reading one of the forty-five different books I had received for Christmas, working on all my school projects up through my senior year, trying to find out the harmony in Edward’s newest piano piece, editing all of my essays to Edward and Carlisle’s liking, and a whole lot of the continuation of guys trying to ask me out, and me rejecting them after probably the ninetieth time for each guy in the entire school, except for Luke and my “brothers”.

I finally got one free hour to do as I pleased, and went and ran. I ran and ran and ran. I ran until I felt all of my stress disappear, and then some. I circled the woods about nine times and then settled into my clearing. It was still as beautiful as ever. I sat at the edge of my small creek, watching my changing figure in the water. I really was happy I could decently disguise myself against most identification. The only thing I could not shift was my scent. I would always smell like a half-pire. Alec said he did not mind it, but I really wish I could do it like Bella could. She could hide her scent and shift. It was not fair. Something sent ripples across the water, distorting my changing reflection.

I glanced up to find the source. It turned out to be a leaf at first, but the creek ran through the very center of the large clearing. It was not possible. There was a soft tap on my shoulder. Glancing up I saw a complete stranger. He was tall, very pale, he had light brown, messily spiked hair, an angelic face (which is defiantly saying something when you live with the most captivatingly angelic creatures on earth.), pale blue-grey eyes, and a very sweet smile. He was wearing a nice black button down shirt with a pair of black dress pants with oil-black shoes. He was stunning.

“Hi,” He said. His voice was extremely angelic, “May I join you?”

All I could do in answer was nod. How much more mute could I get?

“My name is Jeremy, Jeremy Roushe to be exact. What is your’s?” He asked in his smooth voice.

“My name is Elizabeth Renee Cullen. It is very nice to meet you Jeremy.” I managed with a very friendly smile.

He began talking to me again, but I was paying more attention to the very familiar, and now annoying “voice” of Luke screaming in my head. Run Elizabeth! You need to get out of there fast! He’s not human!

Neither are you; and I live with vampires, and one of my friends is a werewolf, I don’t need any humans. I thought back. Jeremy seemed to be looking at me funny. He must have asked me a question while I was clarifying the world I live in daily to Luke.

“I’m sorry, what were you saying?” I asked as politely as I could.

“It’s okay, and I was asking if you liked it out in the woods.” Jeremy said.

“Oh. I love it out here. It’s so nice, and I can go anywhere and everywhere at the same time. It’s like my home away from my home away from home, if that makes any sense.”

“Of course it makes sense; it’s the same way for me too. I come here as an escape from the real world, or at least the one I live in.” He said with an amused smile.

Once again Luke invaded my head. He knows Liz. He knows what you are, who you live with. He knows everything about you and that’s why you need to get out of there and FAST!

Oh will you just SHUT UP! I am here on my own choice and he just happened to show up. It’s not like I planed it or anything! So if you don’t mind, you are the only thing keeping me from enjoying myself, so just GO AWAY. Get out of my head at least. I’ll see you at school tomorrow.

No you won’t. You won’t see me or anyone else you have ever known unless you get out of there right NOW. You need to leave. He’s not anything like you have ever encountered. I can not explain here, but I promise I will, and soon. So get out of there if you want to live.


“Hey, um… listen Jeremy, it’s been nice meeting you and everything, but I really, really, really need to get going. I promised my dad that I would be home before dark, and it’s getting pretty late. So I’ll see you later I guess.” I said.

“Ok, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He replied.

“Tomorrow?” I was surprised that I might see him tomorrow.

“Yeah. I just moved here, and I’ll be going to your school. I’m in your grade you know.” He said.

Oh, I would not have even guessed that he would be a student in any of my classes. I guess I probably deserved that because most creatures, if that is what he really is, normally were just passing through the area. No one ever really settled in Forks. But then there was Luke and his “family”, and Alec and his werewolf pack, so I guess I will have to get used to a third creature living in close proximity to me. I could do that right? Yeah, I could do it.

* * *

I could get used to having Jeremy in the same school, but not the same classroom the whole day with Lucas sitting as close to me as possible. Edward was his normal anti-Lucas self, and did not even seem to notice Jeremy in the slightest. That’s a good thing right? Of coarse it is. I mean if Edward did not fear anything from Jeremy then he must be safe.

Lunch for the next couple of weeks was hell; absolute HELL. Everyone was going all googally-eyed at Jeremy. Alec had showed up two or three times to complain about me never returning hi calls, Lucas was about ten times more over protective than Edward, and Edward was furious at Lucas for being overprotective and would not listen to him try to explain that Jeremy was pure evil. I was glad Edward had sided with me on the Jeremy epidemic. I could use all the help I could get. Lucas just could not get over whatever had caused him to even think that Jeremy could be even slightly evil. He was the nicest person I had ever met.

Jeremy held open every door for me, picked up all of my books when I did drop one, pulled out chairs for me to sit in, invited me to sit with him at lunch, and was very polite when I declined his offer because the unceasing threats coming out of Lucas’s mind on what Lucas would do to him, and me, if I went to sit with him. Jeremy always said please and thank you. It was like he was this noble man out of a fairytale or something. But I know what happens if you do not believe in some tales. They turn out to be true. Just like my family and the Quilinteens. So I pretended that he was a fairytale man and played along with his little courtesy game.

Alec thought that Jeremy was evil too. But I know that’s only because Alec is jealous that I spend every day with Jeremy, and that I enjoy it. Alec is easy to read. Even if I could not read his mind I would still be able to see how he feels. It’s written all over his face.