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Forgiveness is Divine

This is much like those overly-written stories about Bella's vampire life and such. I just thought I'd do my interpretation of it, mainly because I was bored as anyting. One hundred years later, Bella is moving back to Forks with her own family. They go to Forks High School and run into some strangers (to the rest of her family) that Bella never thought she'd run into again (with one addition).


3. Chapter 3: But Diamonds Do Appear to Be Just Like Broken Glass to Me

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After the transformation of a vampire, certain abilities of the said vampire are debatable. Sometimes, they might be rewarded with a special ability that makes them unique from all other within the species. Depending on what that person was able to do in their former life (easily manipulate the feelings of others; for example), this ability may be strengthened during the transformation. Some are not gifted with this, but few are, making them outcasts within the outcasts.

In my former life, I had a very good memory; therefore I was now gifted with memory. But not entirely my own memories (even though I remember each part of my human existence in vivid detail) – I could remember any memory that was tied to an object, simply by touching it with the tips of my fingers.

For example, if I were to touch a desk in my Biology classroom at school, I would see the long hours spent by hundreds of students who had sat in that very same desk – feel their anxiety or exhaustion.

Or, as happened previously, if I were to touch a person’s grave stone, I could remember their funeral, even if I wasn’t there. I could see all their loved ones (or lack thereof) grieving over them, and watch as the corpse was lowered into the ground, and so on and so forth.

Many regarded my power as a wonderful gift that I should cherish, but I thought of it as a curse. I would experience something I didn’t particularly want to see (like if I touched the headboard of a bed that I was contemplating buying at a yard sale, for example), or something I didn’t want to see again.

“Bella? Are you feeling better?” A perky voice pulled me from my reverie, and I looked up just as Megan entered my room.

“Go away,” I groaned, rolling over and burying my face in the pillow.

I felt the springs creak slightly as she sat on the edge of the bed, and then her cold fingers stroking my hair. The gesture was meant to soothe me, but it only reminded me of when I was a child and my father would caress my hair to make me stop crying. I clutched the pillows, digging my nails into the soft material. I felt a strangled sob escape my chest.

“There, there, everything’s all right,” she whispered, rubbing my back and humming a tune. This too was meant to soothe me, but it only reminded me of the lullaby that he had created just for me – the one that he hummed in my ear to help me fall asleep back when I was still human.

This was the time when I wished I could sleep. To fall into a period of unconsciousness; to be able to forget everything for a few hours, and to let it all go. To, for once, not to think at all about anything, without a care in the world. To just take a break.

For a while, I laid with my face in the pillow, unable to quiet my soft crying. For a while, Megan had no idea what to do – every thing she could do to calm me would just make it work. For a while, she just sat there as I let my emotions escape from behind the brick wall I’d built around my heart. After a while, Megan gave up and left me alone with my memories.

And then, from down the hall, I heard the sounds of two males arguing. One voice I immediately recognized to belong to Zach, but the other took me a bit longer to distinguish, as I had not heard it for years. Then, with another sob, I realized who that velvety, smooth, perfect voice belonged to – the one with the formal articulation that you could only pick up from the early twentieth century and that loneliness that made my heart want to shatter into millions of pieces.

“I thought I told you to leave her alone,” Zach yelled territorially.

“I brought her home safely, didn’t I? She would have been out there all night in the rain, weeping at her father’s grave!” Edward responded, his mask of calm slipping through the cracks in his voice.

“How was I supposed to know that’s where he was? She just ran off as soon as we got home! She could have been anywhere.”

“Oh, come on! I heard her crying from a mile away!”

“She obviously wanted to be left alone.”

“Would you have rather she had lain out there in the rain all night long? I was worried.”

“Took you long enough,” Zach grumbled under his breath, although I was positive Edward heard, because I heard it from all the way down the hall.

“What is that supposed to mean?” He was furious.

“It took you long enough to start caring! You left her defenseless and alone, just after you’d married her and turned her! She still hangs on to that ring like it actually means something.”

“It does mean something!”

“Not that I can tell. To me, it looks like a piece of scrap metal given to her by a cheap ass prick with no class.”

“That was my mother’s ring!”

“Maybe you should have shelled out the money to buy her a new one. You basically cheated.”

“You don’t even understand!”

“Oh, but I think I do, actually.” Even I knew that he wasn’t referring to the ring anymore.

“You have no idea how much it killed me to leave her. But I had to. I did it to save her, not to hurt her. Had you been in my position, you would have done the same thing. Rather, you should have, if need be. You have no idea what they would have done to her had I stayed.”

They? Who are they?” Zach was curious now, but he tried to hide it by sounding angry.

They are the Volturi, a powerful family of centuries old vampires that live in Volterra, Italy. They are ruthless – the very essence of our kind. Had I stayed with Bella, they would have killed her, just like they had threatened to. They were angry because she knew so much before we turned her, and then after, they wanted her in their army for her extraordinary power. When she said no, they were enraged. A few months later they contacted me, saying that if I were to stay with her, they would murder her. I wasn’t about to let that happen.”

I sat upright in bed, comprehending. If he was right, I had been completely rude today. I’d been angry for all the wrong reasons, and I’d pushed him away because of it. I truly was a monster. But Edward, he was an angel in my book once again. He’d left me, not to hurt me, but to save me. He left to save me again.

Zach was silent for a few moments as he digested all this. Then, he finally spoke. “If it were me, I would have stayed with her and fought.” He reminded me remotely of someone I used to know, although he wasn’t a vampire. But this isn’t a story about Jacob.

“The Volturi are larger than one is led to believe. They numbers are overwhelming, and they could have easily killed my family just as well as they could have killed her.”

Without another thought, I leapt up from my bed. I dug deep in the top drawer of my dresser for the small black box. Once located, I opened it and carefully picked up the delicate piece of metal and slid it onto my finger. The diamonds sparkled softly in the dim light, but the tarnished silver gleamed, showing how long it had been since I’d worn it.

I ran out into the hallway and down the stairs to the living room where my family stood, watching as I bounded in with wide eyes. Edward stood off to the side, by the door, and I ran into him, wrapping my arms around the torso I’d missed for so long. I couldn’t help it, I was crying upon impact. He soothingly rubbed my back and hummed my lullaby – my lullaby - in my ear as I buried my face in his shirt, breathing in his scent that my nostrils had longed for for all these years.

I lost all track of the time as we sat on the couch – I on his lap, and he with his arms holding me as close as they could manage – and I listened to Edward speaking in a low voice with Zach, Megan, and Amy. The vibrating that emanated from inside his chest as he spoke was comforting, and I was soon drifting in and out of coherency.

Something inside me clicked as he kissed the top of my heat with lips as gentle as butterflies; like the missing piece to a puzzle. After so long that one last piece had been found, and my heart was complete. Not completely healed, but like there had never been a piece missing in the first place. I was finally completed. I was whole again.

Time passed like seconds, and the only thing that gave it away was the clock on the mantle that called out the hour every sixty minutes. Time meant nothing anymore, and I was content to keep it that way – forever in his arms. And it seemed like he was content to do the same.

The clock had just chimed out three AM when there came a furious rapping at the front door. I felt Edward freeze up, and quickly slide me off of his lap. I looked up with my eyes full of hurt, and the air stinging my bare arms after being protected by his for all that time.

Whoever was at the door didn’t wait for someone to answer it – suddenly, the front door flew open on its hinges, slamming against the wall and bouncing back. She stood there on the doorstep fuming, her wild eyes narrowed into two slits and her nostrils flared. Her face was red with anger, and her pink lips were pulled back over her teeth in a furious snarl.

“EDWARD!” Her voice was shrill and deafening in the silence. I was sure she had woken up the neighbors – the ones two blocks away, as well as all the corpses in the cemetery.

Confused, my eyes flickered from her face to Edward’s and back again. He was ashamed, like a child who’s in trouble and knows it; knows it deep within their soul. Lila flew across the room, her long brunette hair flying wildly behind her. She yanked him up off the couch and on to his feet. She looked down at me like I was a whore, and he looked down at me apologetically.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing with my husband?” But I couldn’t form a response, because that one word had shattered my entire train of thought. A huge diamond sparkling on her ring finger caught my eye, and my brain could finally comprehend the truth within her words. My husband. Not mine, hers. Her husband.Husband. H-U-S-B-A-N-D. As in, married. To Lila Cullen. Her, not me. Apparently, I had been replaced. And it hurt.

“Well? Say something you little skank!”

“Lila, stop it,” Edward said quietly.

I looked up from where I’d had my eyes focused on a miniscule hole in the toe of my left sock and accused Edward with my eyes. He looked like he was trying to apologize to me through his eyes, but also comfortable with his arm around Lila. She looked down on me like I was mud on the pointed tip of her pink Prada heels.

“Hellooo?” She hollered, the sound of an annoying gnat in my ear. I looked up at her, regaining my composure as I tried to speak.

“I’m sorry.” But my voice came out as a raspy whisper.

“Damn right you’re sorry! You better stay away from my man you little bitch, or I’ll kill you,” she threatened wildly. Edward didn’t even try to scold her now.

I stood up, my eyes level with hers. She stared me down, and all I could do was try to keep my vision straight. I had to do something now, before I came undone and looked like a big baby. It was exactly what she wanted, and I wasn’t about to give it to her. But I was about to give him something.

I slid the now tarnished ring back off my finger and weighed it in my palm. It felt like it weighed a thousand tons as I grasped it in my hand, as if to bid my goodbyes to the small piece of metal. And then I extended my hand, palm open, face up, out to Edward, who looked down at it in confusion. Then finally he realized what the gesture meant, and took the metal from my palm slowly, placing it in his pocket.

My gaze blurred and my lips formed a hard line as my breathing quickened and my shoulders moved up and down. My breaths came out as jagged ones as my throat tightened around them and the sobs I was forcing down.

Lila turned abruptly on her three-hundred dollar heel and pulled Edward along as she strode from the house. I stared after them, as if my mind hadn’t yet seen the full image, known the whole situation, and was spinning in confused circles. The door slammed behind them, and then the remaining eyes in the room were on me.

“Bells –” Zach extended his hand towards me, but stopped, as if held at bay by my blank stare.

I looked down at my still-outstretched palm. The only thing left was a single round diamond that glittered faintly in the light. I moved my palm around, and the facets caught the light and reflected it in brilliance. And then I closed my palm, and felt the alleged ‘unbreakable’ crystal turn to dust easily in my hand. And then I flipped my hand over, allowing the dust to fall to the ground and disappear in the carpet.

No one had moved – their eyes transfixed on me, as if waiting for something to happen. I didn’t look up as I turned around and walked slowly to my bedroom and shut the door behind me carefully. I didn’t look up as I sat on the edge of the bed, unhook the heart shaped diamond charm from my bracelet and throw it at the wall, leaving the wooden carved wolf alone. I laid down, reaching over my nightstand to turn the light off, and buried myself under the covers as if I were going to sleep. I rolled onto my side and wrapped my arms around myself as the puzzle piece wedged itself out again and was lost in the black hole that my heart had turned in to.

The only sound louder than my sobs was the agonizing breaking of my recently mended heart. The stitches had been of poor quality, and ripped easily, allowing the loose pieces to do what they may. The shattering was like the breaking of a glass in the silence. It was deafening, and rung out for eternity.

"But diamonds do appear to be
Just like broken glass to me.