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Trouble in Hawaii

Charlie feels guilty for keeping Bella all cooped up in Forks and decides to take her on a nice little vacation to Hawaii, somewhere Edward can't go. What trouble will Bella find in hawaii and, will Edward be there to save her? (don't worry, nothing bad will happen, it ends happily!)

I wrote this after a spring break trip to Hawaii. enjoy!

2. Arriving and Attitude

Rating 5/5   Word Count 414   Review this Chapter

Bella’s POV

We were on the plain to Hawaii; I was sitting between Charlie and this really big man who smelt horrible. I was not looking forward to this 6 hour flight.


I jumped, oh great, I thought, Charlie’s snoring, Lucky me.

Besides thesmell, the noise, and the little kid kicking my chair, the flight was fine. When we got to Maui, Hawaii it was only 11:00 a.m.

Ughhhh! I just want to go to bed!

We got our baggage and the rental car and were finely at the hotel which had a name I could not pronounce. Already Edward’s absence was carving a hole in my heart. I would miss him greatly.


The next morning I got up after sleeping terribly. Something had happened last but I could not remember. Just then Edward climbed through the window. He gave me a forced smile but his eyes were serious. Suddenly realization hit me, Hawaii . Charlie’s crazy planning.

“What did Carlisle say?” I asked.

“He said to let you go. Alice said nothing would happen. But she will keep an eye on you.”

Suddenly I was up in his arms and he was staring at me fiercely.

“We won’t let anything happen to you ok? But you need to stay safe. Call me every night.”


Charlie’s POV

Ahhhh. Good old Hawaii. I thought as we stepped out of the car into the bright sun.

Bella was awfully quiet, no matter, probably thinking of that boyfriend of her.

I got the key to our room and opened the door. It wasn’t bad, only a mile to the beach. The curtains were drawn back and you could just see the ocean in the distance.

Bella muttered something ineligible and then walked to her room. I did not know what had gotten into that girl.

Bella’s POV

I walked into my room, it was ok, for being in Hawaii and all. I opened my suitcase and started shoving stuff on the small dresser next to my rock-hard bed.

In a few more minutes I had my bathing suit on (a blue one-piece that was from freshman year.) when I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I said. Charlie walked in with his swimming trunks on.

‘I was just wondering if….oh, your already ready. You want to go to the beach?”

“Sure,” I said non-enthusiastically.

Great, my first chance to embarrass myself.