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Trouble in Hawaii

Charlie feels guilty for keeping Bella all cooped up in Forks and decides to take her on a nice little vacation to Hawaii, somewhere Edward can't go. What trouble will Bella find in hawaii and, will Edward be there to save her? (don't worry, nothing bad will happen, it ends happily!)

I wrote this after a spring break trip to Hawaii. enjoy!

4. Alex

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“Umm…how do you know Jacob?” I asked blushing furiously. By then Charlie had run up to me and thrown a towel over my soaking body.

“First cousins actually, he never told you about me?” At this question his mouth seemed to droop with sadness.

“Not if I remember correctly, maybe he forgot.”

“Oh, well my dad is Billy’s brother, they were both born in La Push but my dad moved over here after marrying a native and, well, here we stay!”

“Well then are y-you a……a…”

“Yes Bella, I’m a werewolf,” and he flashed me a brilliant smile.

Alex’s POV

At the moment I saw her the first time I felt myself changing. In on half second I was filled with 5 odd feelings, sadness, joy, anger, fear, and love. A deeper love than I have ever felt for anyone. I knew I had imprinted.

After explaining to Charlie who I was I offered to drive Bella back to her hotel so we could talk for awhile. Charlie accepted gratefully, not wanting to get the seats of there rental car soaked.

About half way into our drive I pulled over onto the side of the highway. Bella looked at me with confusion in her eyes. As she began to speak I noticed for the first time her lips, plump and red and at that moment I wanted nothing more than to kiss those lips. As I inclined my head toward hers she abruptly pulled away.

“Alex?” she asked, disbelief filling her voice.

“Bella, I’ve imprinted on you.” I then noticed with astonishment the feelings you could see in her eyes, anger, fear, and above all amazement.

“Alex, no, shit, this can’t be happening! Alex I’m egaged, well, Charlie doesn’t yet know but that doesn’t change anything!” she yelled fiercely. I felt my heart break. Silently I started up the car again and drove her back to the hotel, not saying a word.

Bella’s POV

No, NO, this couldn’t of happened. Edward and I were meant for each other, we loved each other.

Once in the hotel I went strait to my room to call him. Halfway through the first ring he picked up and his velvety voice filled my ears, stilling the vibrations in my body.

“Bella, what’s wrong? Alice said your future went black,” he said, his voice was scared, something I’d only heard once.

“Umm, Edward, I met this boy, um, well, he’s Jacob’s cousin, and uh, a werewolf. Well, he imprinted on me.”

There was silence.

“Bella,” his voice cracked, “do you want him?”

“No,” I said without even thinking. “No Edward, I want you.”

“Good, I want you too,” he said, joy filling his voice.

‘Bella, why are you crying?” Just then I noticed the warm tears running down my face and I was scared, scared for Edward. “Oh Edward I’m scared! What if the pack goes after you, they outnumber you by a lot and I would die if something happened to you!’ I exclaimed. The lump in my throat growing bigger with each word till it cracked and my body shook with violent sobs.

“Bella, its OK, don’t worry everything will be fine. Do you want me to come there?”

“No, its OK. Charlie’s calling, I should go now.”

“By Bella, I love you and take care of yourself OK? For me?”

“Yes Edward, anything for you. I love you. Bye,”


And with that, I hung up my heart.