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The Kitten

Bella finds a kitten and wants to keep it!

Written in play format. cute little kitten in the snow

1. Muffin for a Muffin

Rating 4/5   Word Count 193   Review this Chapter

(Bella and Edward are walking through the snow, a newly wedded couple)

Bella: I love you Edward. I'm so happy were finally married. Alice seemed overly happy, too!

Edward: (dully) Yeah...

Bella: Oh, your just upset that your going to have to change me soon.

(A small meowing noise is heard. Bella turns her head to look and walks over to a tiny kitten.)

Bella: Oh, how cute! Can I keep it Edward? Please!

Edward: No.

Bella: Pretty please?

Edward: No.

Bella: Pretty please with a cherry on top?

Edward: Fine... but you owe me a muffin.

Bella: Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the best wedding gift ever!

Edward: I want my muffin now.

Bella: That's it! I'll call you muffin.

Edward: Now... about my muffin...

Bella: Oh, your just the sweetest thing!

Edward: Hello?! Can I please have my muffin?!

Bella: We're gonna have the best time together!

Edward: I want my muffin!

Bella: I'll get you a bunch of toys...

Edward: Isabella Marie Swan! I want that muffin you owe me!

Bella: Fine! Jeeze you don't have to yell. Here, (hands him five dollars) go buy your own muffin!

Edward: Yay, muffins!

Bella: ...and I'll buy you little booties and a little shirt...