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The Kitten

Bella finds a kitten and wants to keep it!

Written in play format. cute little kitten in the snow

2. The Vet

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 392   Review this Chapter

(At home, Bella is setting down a bunch of shopping bags and Edward is eating a muffin. Muffin is playing with a new toy, but scratches herself alot.)

Bella: Oh, how sweet! Why is she scratching so much Edward?

Edward: She probably has fleas.

Bella: Fleas!

Edward: Yah, we should probably take her to the vet.

Bella: No! Not the vet!

Edward: Why not the vet?

Bella: When I was five I had a puppy who got sick...

Edward: Understood, so how about Carlisle?

Bella: I guess...

Edward: Let's go before some fleas decide to jump on my muffin.

Bella: Ugh, you and your muffins!

Edward: What, they're good!

(Carlisle walks in, having heard his name.)

Carlisle: Someone need me?

Bella: Well...

Edward: We found a kitten and we think it has fleas and Bella dosn't want to take it to the vet because of a bad childhood experiance.

Carlisle: Sorry Bella, I'm a people doctor, I can't help you.

Bella: Fine, we'll take her to the vet.

(Five minutes later, they are in the vet waiting room.)

Bella: I hope it's a nice vet.

Edward: All I can hear is knowledge and what to do next.

Bella: Oh, I can't do this! I'm leaving! I treat her myself!

Edward: No your not.

Bella: Why not?

Edward: That's why.

(He points to a door right as it opens and a lady comes out.)

Vet: Bella with Muffin, it's your turn.

(Edward whispered something to the vet and she smiled and nodded, but before Bella could notice, she hid it.)

Vet: Put Muffin up here and let's have a look at her. You said she scratching alot?

Bella: Yes that's right, and we think she may have fleas.

Vet: Let's see here... hmmm, oh no... not good... oh my, my, my... huh.

Bella: Don't tell me!

Vet: I have some bad news.

Bella: No! Don't put her to sleep forever! please try to cure her!

Vet: I'm sorry, Bella, but... she has fleas.

Bella: No, please! Give her anoth... what did you say?

Vet: (smiling) She only has fleas.

Bella: Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank...

Edward: That's enough Bella, let's go get some flea shampoo.

Bella: Thank you, thank you, thank you,...

(Edward drags Bella behind him who is holding Muffin tightly.)

Edward: If I were you, I wouldn't hold that Muffin so tightly unless I wanted it's fleas.

(Bella's grip immediately loosened, enough that Muffin jumped out and escaped.)

Bella: Muffin, come back!