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The Kitten

Bella finds a kitten and wants to keep it!

Written in play format. cute little kitten in the snow

3. Get That Muffin!

Rating 4/5   Word Count 280   Review this Chapter

(Bella and edward are running through a mall in pursuit of Muffin.)

Bella: Muffin! Come back!

Edward: Get that Muffin!

Bella: Why don't you run really fast and get her?

Edward: Because we're in public, and I might trip over her and hurt myself!

Bella: How could you think of yourself at a time like this!

Edward: I'm naturally selfish.

Bella: (exasperated) What ever!

(Muffin runs through a door into a mall.)

Bella: Oh no! She might get hurt!

(They follow after her into the crowded mall and quickly lose sight of her.)

Bella: Quick! I'll go this way and you go that way!

(Edward takes off in a different direction as Bella runs off.)

Bella: Here Muffin!

Muffin: Mew!

(Bella looks down at her ancles and sees the little kitten sitting there.)

Bella: Oh, there you are! You scared me for a bit.

(Just then Mike Newton walks up.)

Mike: Oh, Bella is she yours? She came to my dad's new store, so we gave her a fast acting flea shampoo bath. She's as healthy as ever!

Bella: Thank's so much Mike! Do I need to pay you for the shampoo?

Mike: No, your a freind. It's free of charge!

Bella: Thanks so much!

(Mike walks off.)

Bella: Better call Edward.

(Half way across the mall, Edwards phone rings, playing "Solja Boi" by *duh* Solja Boi)

Edward: Hello?

Bella: I found her! Mike Newton found her and gave her a fast acting flea bath. She all clean and healthy now! Meet you back at the entrance?

Edward: 'Kay, see you there.

(Both hang up their phones. A few minutes later they are back at the entrance when a lady walks up.)

Lady: Are you here for the kitten contest? Right this way!

(She drags Bella, still holding Muffin, and Edward away.)