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The Kitten

Bella finds a kitten and wants to keep it!

Written in play format. cute little kitten in the snow

4. Chapter 4

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(Back stage, Bella and Edward are giving Muffin a bath until she sparkles.)

Bella: There! All clean!

(Muffin shakes her fur like a dog, splashing Bella.)

Bella: AHHH!!!

Edward: How can I keep you from melting now?!

Bella: Huh?

Edward: You know, with your being a witch and all. There was the one with the green face from the Wizard of Oz that melted, so I thought you would too.

Bella:(half smiling) You are so mean!

Edward:(jokingly) I thought vampies were suppose to be!

Bella: But not this one!

(Bella ties a little bell around Muffins neck with red, green and gold ribbon.)

Edward: Why the bell? Why not just looking cute without excessories?

Bella: It's incase we lose her again.

Edward: Oh.

(The lady comes back and calls for Bella and Muffin.)

Edward: Why is it always you and Muffin? How come they never say my name?

Bella:(ignoring the question) Come on Muffin!

(Muffin follows beside Bella's ankles, holding it's tail straight up.)

Anouncer: Here is Muffin! She is a Persian kitten. She hopes to win the cute contest.

(Many "Awwwww"'s come from the croud. A little kid accidently drops a ball in the ring, and Muffin pounces on it, picks it up in her mouth, and gives it back to the little kid.)

Announcer: What a sweet kitten! It appears to have won the judges hearts! I doubt we'll see another that can beat her!

(After all the other contestants go, Bella, Edward, and Muffin are waiting in the ring for the announcemet from the judges.)

Announcer: The Cute Contest winner iiiiiiiiissssss... Bella and Muffin! Congrats!

(Bella goes up and recieves the ribbon from the anouncer.)

Bella: Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!!!