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The Rose

Jacob finally meets the girl of his dreams, Marie. No one can replace Bella... except maybe Marie. She starts to do for Jacob what Jacob did for Bella... heal them. Will they live happily ever after, or will Jacob's werewolf scare her away?

A passionate story on love and freindship. Trials will determine whether or not love really does conquer fear.

1. Chapter 1

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Jacob sat there on a dead tree stump, on the day of Bella's wedding. He couldn't go, if Bella didn't want him to. He understood now how Bella felt when Edward left, how a big hole seemed to be torn in his chest. He may have helped heal that wound for Bella, but he doubted anyone other than Bella herself could help heal his.

The sky was gray, but it wasn't raining for once. Jacob finally got up and started toward the beach. His family knew he wanted some alone time, they didn't have to be able to hear his thoughts to know that. He started to head over to the place where he and Bella use to sit, but the memories there were too painful, so he went off in a different direction.

That's when he saw her. She was just a shadow, walking along the coast at first, but as he got closer, he saw her short brown hair flowing out behind her as she walked into the wind. Her skirt imitated her hair, and she seemed as graceful as a swan.

That was the wrong word choice, and he fell to ground, already feeling the hot tears streaming down his face. Suddenly he heard her footsteps quicken as she rushed toward him.

"What's wrong?" she asked, laying a hand on his shoulder. She quickly withdrew her hand. "You're burning up! Are you sick?!"

"I'm fine." he lied, quickly wiping away his tears. "My temperature is naturally high. I was born a lot later than I should have, and it gave me a naturally hot temperature."

"Okay" she looked unconvinced. "Do you live around here?"

"Yah," he replied, starting to feel a little better. "I live in the reservation."

"Cool!" she exclaimed, "I moved into Forks just today, and my new house backs the reservation! How old are you anyway?"

"I'm sixteen. By the way, my names Jacob."

"I'm sixteen also and my names Marie." When Jacob heard the name, he expected his eyes to start to water but they never did. In fact, he almost felt happy!

With that, the first raindrop fell and landed squarely on Marie's nose. They both laughed and ran back into the foliage of the forest.

"Come on!" he laughed, "We can head to my place, it's closest!"

By the time they got into his house, the rain was pouring and they were both drenched.

"Welcome to Forks! The only place in the world where it could go from being just cloudy to thirty seconds later it's coming down in buckets!" They both cracked up when Charlie came in to see what was going on.

"This is my dad" said Jacob, now panting slightly.

"Welcome!" he said cheerfully, "Call me Billy."

"Hi, I'm Marie." Billy eyed Jacob carefully, and when he saw Jacob was smiling nodded his approval.

"Here," said Jacob, tossing her a towel. "Dry off and I'll drive you home."

She patted her face and rubbed her hair. She ran it down her arms and legs. Jacob stared at her the whole time, lost in thought.

When she was finally done, she followed him to his truck.

"What is this baby?" she inquired.

"A Rabbit, I built it myself."

"Wow" she mouthed.

"Now, you need to guide me once I get out of the reservation."