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Silent Student

Teachers are supposed to care about their students, right? So when Bella Swan becomes depressed and silent, what is a teacher supposed to do?

All charecter are owned by Stephenie Meyer.

2. Musical Happiness

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All day, whispers had been going around. There was even more gossiping than usual in Forks High School. Even the teacher were talking and whispering with each other. And it was all about the same thing.

The Cullens were back.

Some people were happy about them coming back. Some were angry. Most of all people were stressed by their difference, their cool demeanor. They never had fit in, and the peace that they had left was being shattered.

I had heard many teachers complaining at lunch about their return. They never had liked the Cullen children, for being so much smarter than them. Though few would agree, I was one of them. I knew that these kids were above the norm for their generation, and that I had few things I could teach them. It was almost like they had all taken college already, and were in high school only to pass the time.

The only reason I was stressed was because of one particular student. The one who had been affected most by their departure, and would most likely be affected by their return. Isabella Swan didn’t deserve another torment in her life. I could guess that Edward had broken up with her, and having to see him again would kill her. As it was, she had been missing for a few days. All her father knew was that she ran off with Alice Cullen. Who knows where they had gone.

I didn’t even know if she had returned.

So when I walked in after lunch, I was expecting the loud whispering of the students. What I wasn’t expecting was Bella Swan and Edward Cullen leaning into each other, smiling and talking in low voices. Both of my missing students were back without a single scratch.

I was even more shocked when I saw her face. In the previous months, she had looked dead; there was no life to her eyes, no color to her skin. Now, however…

Her cheeks had a lively blush to them, and there was life in her eyes. Her face seemed fuller and more alive. She was looking at Edward with complete love and adoration. He was looking back at her in the same way.

As I hid my shock and asked for the students to pass there papers back up, I felt happy. Now I had all of my students here in body and (for the most part) mind. I looked back to the day when I had gotten her to actually answer a question about physics, and the deadness she seemed to radiate. Now there was life.

As I thought this, I saw Cullen wince as I thought of her depression. It looked like he could read my mind, and her pain gave him pain.

As I started to lecture, I found myself having to turn away from the two students in the back. There was so much love between them that I felt like it was too private for me to look.

I never really had believed in true love. Sure, there was the greatness of first love, and the passion of everlasting love, but not true love. All of the Cullens had proven me wrong on that. Almost all of them were couples when they came, and their love seemed so intense I couldn’t imagine. And then Bella Swan came, and my shock was ignited once again.

One thing was true: I was glad Isabella Swan got back her music. There would be no more sad silence, only rejoicing sound.