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The New One

Okay, after New Moon, Bella was changed into the vampire by te volturi, and becomes the Volturi Princess? Edward has remarried a girl called Tara, so what will happen when Edward meets Bella at her 100th brithday party? There's a giant twist.

I've rated it T just in case because there might be violence.

3. Chapter 3

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Jane's POV:

I could not believe them! Call themselves the leaders of our group! Oh, Aro, Marcus and Cauis were going to pay for this BIG time! Sending me to invite them!

I've never heard of anything so outrageous. Bella did agree with me but she said that she would rather if I went. Thankfuly, she put a barrier up in my mind so that none of their powers will work on me and my power is stronger. Unfortunately, it will ware off in afew days.

But still, I needed it to go visit to the Cullens. I would never forgive them for doing it to Bella, especially Edward. Bella disappeared for years at a time sometimes but she never said why.

I knew, and all of the Volturi knew, that Edward had married someone else. We hated him, his family and his wife because of it. No one upset Bela! NO ONE!

But, out of politeness, we still had to invite them, although you could tell even Aro didn't want to.

Emmet's POV:

I hated them, both of them. He betrayed us and most of all Bella. Did that scum actually think that we would like his plan of getting married to her!

Never. Would. We. Forgive. Him.

We hadn't spoken to him or Tara, his wife, for 46 years. And for the four years before they got married, when they were going out, we would only argue.

Even Esme, so loving, so kind stopped talking to us. The betrayal was too great.

Even Carlisle who loved him, his first son, stopped talking to him. The betrayal was so great.

Even Alice, the one that was closest to him, stopped talking to him. The brayal was that great.

Our family (apart from the two I don't think of as family) fell into sadness, the moment Bella left the world.

Carlisle stopped working in hospitals, teaching in schools, everything, saying that it was too great a reminder of her, saying it had lost its cause.

Esme stopped planting flowers, her favourite past time. Any house we went to was not done up by her, or anyone. All she would so would be to paint all of the inside black, to mourn Bella.

Jasper stopped trying too make everyone happy. He stopped trying to not let emotions get to him, because, as he said, there was no point - he was miserable anyway.

As for Alice, shopping lost its fun. There was no more new clothes, no more shopping sprees. The only clothes she had were the ones she had when we were with Bella.

Then, theres me. I stopped laughing because there was nothing to joke about. There was no blushing human, no clumsy person I could laugh at.

Then, my Rosalie. She stopped being so vane. She wouldn't look in a mirror anymore, she wouldn't always go on about how hot she was. She didn't shop anymore and dressed in the clothes she wore back with Bella.

Every one of us did, apart from the two I hate.

Yet sometimes strange things happened, things none of us could explain.

Sometimes when we came back from hunting, the walls would be painted bright cheerful colours. Clothes for all of us would be in each of our rooms. Bright flowers would be planted in a field next to our house.

And there was never any sign of who it was, just a note saying

Doing what I can


I beg of you


Cheer up

All is not

As it seems.

I could tell you

What I mean

But now

Is not

The time.


Do not

look for me

I will tell you

One thing

I am not

An enemy.

Remember what I asked


Next time Cullens.

So we wouldn't look for her or him, because he or she told us not to.

We never did cheer up though, although we did appreciate the thought.

Edward and Tara got on happily together, always so cheerful, never having a sad face on.

I hated them. I would never fogive either of them. Unless Bella was . ..

No, I can't think of that, it will never happen. Bella's dead.

Jane's POV:

And so in I go, to have a chat with the people I hate.

At least I have my power, I guess.