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The New One

Okay, after New Moon, Bella was changed into the vampire by te volturi, and becomes the Volturi Princess? Edward has remarried a girl called Tara, so what will happen when Edward meets Bella at her 100th brithday party? There's a giant twist.

I've rated it T just in case because there might be violence.

4. Chapter 4

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Okay, if they do not answer that door I swear I will knock it down! Vampires weren't super fast for no reason, they were super fast so Jane didn't rip their doors off in her impatience! Duh!

They have five seconds before I rip the door off!

5, 4, getting impatient here, 2-

"Hello." I was greeted coldly by Edward Cullen and his mate, Tara.

"Edward Cullen, long time, no see. And Tara, it seems we haven't met before. Boy, I'm glad I haven't!" I said, and I was being truthful, if I was to meet her, when the Cullens' weren' t here, I'd be sure to rip her head off, throw it in the fire and laugh as I heard her screams. I would do the same with Edward.

Hey, don't you point that finger at me! I am not sick and twisted! You should point the finger at Edward - he's the one that remarried!

"Why can't I read your thoughts?"

"Why can't you keep your nose out of my buisness?"

I watched him for a moment, before I heard a very annoying, high pitched voice, "Don't you insult my partner, you're just jealous!"

Yeah, to say she was stuck up? That would be an understatement.

"Oh, I'm the one that's jealous? Of you?" I laughed. Why the hell would I be jealous of her?

"Because I'm extroardinarily beautiful, and you're, well your just plain." Oh, she did not.

I don't care she said that about me, but she does not say she's beautiful! If I'm plain, she's worse than ugly.

"Oh, so if I'm plain, why do you wear so much make-up that you look like an ompa-lompa from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?

"Now, I like to get my buisness over with." I said, walking in to the living room. "All Cullens come down here now!"

They zoomed down. "Now then lets skip the pleasent greetings, we know none of us really mean them. I'm here because-" I was cut off by that annoying squeak that seemed to be coming from Edward's lap.

"Because you want our charity?" I was surprised when all the Cullens' turned to glare at her, well except for Edward.

"Oh," I said, looking at her, "I don't think I'm the charity case."

"Oh yeah, you little brat?!" she shrieked.

"Please child. My ears are sensitive. I don't want to become deaf from you're voice. Be quiet for once."

"For once! You don't even know me!"

"I must say Edward, when I came I expected more. What happened to Bella, eh?" Yes, mean I know, but you don't know what it did to Bella when she found out. "I thought you loved her for eternity. After all, wasn't that what you said in Volterra."

"Bella's dead." he whispered and was that . . . pain? In his voice?

"But eternity is eternity. Not until someone dies, but for the rest of forever. You've broken your promise Edward, how does that feel?" he didn't reply, perhaps I'd taken it a little too far?

"Don't listen to her!" Tara snapped.

"Okay, okay. Anyway, listen well and clearly. The Volturi Princess-"

"She's not real-"

"Blah, blah, blah." I looked at the other Cullens. "Is she done yet? I'm trying to tune out her voice. I'm afraid I might be scarred for life because of it."

And then, Alice smiled sadly, Rosalie did too, as did Emmet, and Jasper, and Carlisle, and Esme!

My strange sense of humor had made my enemies smile!

"Yeah, she's done." Alice said.

"I know exactly what you're talking about! I think I might be scarred for life because of her too." Rose said.

"She really is unbelievable, in a bad way." Carlisle said.

"You're so right. I feel sorry for myself for having to live with her!" Emmet said.

"Her emotions are so evil!" Jasper said.

"I know hating people is wrong, but I really do hate her too." Esme said.

All this was spoken in a low voice so the two we didn't like didn't hear.

"Hello, we are in the room!" came Tara's voice.

We all cringed. So, me and my enemies did have one thing we agreed on, none of us like Tara, well apart from Edward

"Oh no, how bad for you. There isn't a spotlight on you!

"Anyway, the Volturi Princess shall be having a ball to celebrate her 100th birthday. It shall take place on June 1st to June 11th. All must attend-"

"Um no thank you-" Annoying-Voice said.

"Each night," I continued, as if there hadn't been an interuption, "or they will have severe punishment, meaning death." I let the word hang in the air.

"Death for not going to some brat's ball?" Oh no she did not! I pounced on her.

I had been fighting her for about a minute before the Cullens' came out of shock and seperated us.

"LET ME GO!" I screamed at them. "She deserves it!"

I gave up eventually and talked again. "Wear is formal. A gift is to be brought by each guest. Balls are on during the night, from 8 till whatever time and it takes place in Volterra. Bye!"

Boy, I was glad to get out of there!

Now, time to kill Aro, Marcus and Cauis for sending me to chat with my enemies.