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The New One

Okay, after New Moon, Bella was changed into the vampire by te volturi, and becomes the Volturi Princess? Edward has remarried a girl called Tara, so what will happen when Edward meets Bella at her 100th brithday party? There's a giant twist.

I've rated it T just in case because there might be violence.

6. First Sight

Rating 5/5   Word Count 420   Review this Chapter

Aro’s POV

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” I began, “I would like to take the great honor of introducing my sister, Princess Isabella Volturi!”

Out came great rounds of applause and Bella stepped through the double doors in an enchanting gown. I saw her through a thankful glance my way, obviously listening to my thoughts.

“Aro,” Marcus said, from beside me, “Look at the Cullen’s!” he laughed.

Emmet’s POV

Oh my Carlisle! THAT WAS BELLA! She was ALIVE! So Edward, how does that feel? Do you regret marrying the slut now? I don’t think he was listening, he looked sort of shocked. Tara just looked plain angry.

I, on the other hand, was absolutely and completely HAPPY! It was Bella, Bella! BELLA!

Alice’s POV

That was actually BELLA! And she had a sense of style. Her dress was amazing! I absolutely loved it; I wondered what label it was . . . Hmmm, I’ll have to find out!

She was also BEAUTIFUL! Like, even for a vampire! She was even prettier than Rosalie! Bella was THE reincarnation of pure beauty!

Esme’s POV

Oh! She was alive, and she looked beautiful in her dress! I do hope she forgives us, we didn’t want to hurt her by leaving us.

Edward’s POV


t was Bella, the love of my life. She looked amazing, I just wanted to go over and kiss those soft looking, beautiful lips. Could she forgive me?

Tara’s POV

How dare she. At least my plan can go so very much faster here. It will be even more fun and I can make everyone on my side. It will teach her, oh it will!


Wow, she looked HOT! Maybe more than me. Oh of course not Rose, of course not! But, I did hope she would forgive me, gorgive us. I mean we left ofr her safety, when we found outn what Edward had said . . .


There he was, stunning as always, with his wife, who I happened to . . .Well, lets not get into that. I realise when I looked at him,, that I was even more in love with him than I had all those years ago. Gosh, this was going to be even worse than I had thought, especially because of what she had planned.

This wasn't going to works out well, I knew that, even from here, 10 days beofre the ball finished. And with her power, the power no one knew about, except me, the results . . .