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Will It Ever Stop?

Edward did not come back in New Moon. Bella is alone and Charlie wants her to get over Edward. To do this she knows she must go to their house. And there she finds a vampire who wants her in his coven. Will she and Edward ever meet again? Read to find out.


3. Chapter 3

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It had been one hundred years since the day I became a vampire. Many good things and bad things had happened.

The bad thing that hurt me most, was the fact that Edward never came back. Never.

The pain, I have to say, was unbearable, but along with that pain came anger, hate and disgust.

Not enough to vanish my love for him, if anything it did perhaps get stronger, but I was still filled with those emotions - he had left me again, something I would never forgive, even if he begged and groveled at my feet.

After all, he did not love me. He had led me on for a year and a half. What a idiot I must have made of myself.

Me and Tom stayed together, formed a coven, but we did not have a relationship.

He knew and respected that I loved Edward and I don't think he thought of me in that way anyway. We were just brothers and sisters, that was all.

Neither of us created any new vampires either. We could have, yes, but we never found anyone dying and we weren't going to make an innocent human one of us for our happiness. That would be too selfish.

I never drank a humans blood, which was good, but then again, it wasn't that surprising seeing as I had perfect self-control.

We were going to start high school again in Forks. Yes, I didn't particularly want to go but it was Tom's turn to chose where we would go and as he pointed out, it was one of the top five rainiest places in the world.

I was surprised when we went there to register as transfers that in hadn't changed in the last century.

Then again, technology hadn't exactly been updated in the last century either. Most of the people were too focused on looking at celebrities in magazines now.

We bought a large house, near the forest and it had to be said that it was the biggest house I had ever seen.

I mean, there was two of us. Two!

And yet, Tom still thought it was necessary for us to have a house with five floors, eight bedrooms, a pool, loads of other rooms downstairs and 2,000 arcres of land for a garden!

Yes, Tom was super extravagant.

For school, we bought a blue convertible. Yes, it would attract gazes but it was the only fast car that they had in the car shop apart from even more noticeable cars which we got for ourselves for when we weren't on school.

Yes, as a vampire, the need for speed had definitely increased.

As well as that, the need for a stylish wardrobe. My wardrobe had to be twice the size of my room back during my human life and it was over-filling!

I changed my appearance so that if anyone was still alive (though they wouldn't be seeing as they would all be dead by now) wouldn't recognize me at all. i guess there could still be photographs. . .

So I now had black hair, which was laired and with a side fringe. But then I didn't think that was good enough so I added blue highlights. After that, I made myself stick thin, with proper curves, my lips a bit fuller and I erased the dark circles under my eyes. But then I didn't think that would work without a tan so I gave myself one.

I now looked human. The only way another vampire would see if I was human would be if they noticed I didn't eat food, my heart not beating, the coldness of my skin or the hardness of it.

No one would recognize me!

Then, I put on a V neck shirt, with no sleeves, just tying around my neck. I also out on skinny jeans and high heeled boots that would have probably killed me, had I been human.

I ran down the stairs to the door, where Tom was waiting and looked like he was starting to get impatient.

"You took so long, I thought that I was going to start aging physically!"

"Oh, shut up." I took a playful wack at him.

"Ow! That hurt." I knew he was obviously joking so I looked at him, as if saying "Are you that weak?"

"I was only joking!" He said.

"Sure . . ." I said, sarcastically, walking out to open the door of my car, well one of them.

"If you don't come in in one second, you can walk." He came in then and we were speeding off.