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Will It Ever Stop?

Edward did not come back in New Moon. Bella is alone and Charlie wants her to get over Edward. To do this she knows she must go to their house. And there she finds a vampire who wants her in his coven. Will she and Edward ever meet again? Read to find out.


4. Chapter 4

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My day was boring. Boring, boring, boring, well until lunch that was. Lunch was when my dead heart had a heart attack at the sight of Him.

Why was he here? Why did Tom have to pick this school? and, most importantly, would he recognise me. I don't think I look like anything Bella had been. Hopefully, he wouldn't. Ahnd mt name was Bella Lorn - me and Tom were posing as brothers and sisters.

Immediately, I blocked Tom's mind, so he wouldn't read it and find out who I was.

"Tom," I whispered in such a low voice that I knew the other vampires wouldn't hear, "they're here!"

He looked at me, and scanned the cafeteria, his eyes landing on them, the family I had once hoped to belong to.

"What?!" he asked, outrage apparent though he was only whispering in the same low voice I had been.

"Yes, I know. But, I think that if we don't tell them who I am, then . . . Well, they won't find out, will they? I've blocked your mind and they can't read mine, so we don't need to worry."

"Yes, but what if they try to talk to us? There are very few vegetarian covens, obviously they'll be interested in us, try to be our friends."

"That won't matter. if it gets to be too much, we'll leave."

"Fine, but I'm holding you to that. If I think this is straining you too much, we'll be across the planet faster than you can utter a word."

"Alright. Come on, lets sit down. We don't even know if they'll come over yet."

Down we sat, putting down our trays of food, really our props, and began to stare at nothing. When you had lived long and had eternity ahead of you, you learnt that nothing like the noises behind you or the humans around you, matter. Eventually , they'll die, although, I was saddened when i heard one of them did.

"Bella, they're coming over here."

"Okay, well then, call me Isabella, Bella gives me away."


Both of us turned toward them, our faces perfectly blank, showing no hint of the emotion bubbling behind the mask.

"Hello," Alice said. "we're vegetarians too, as you can see. So, since they're are so few of us, we were wondering if you'd like to skip the rest of school and come on over to our house. We can talk there and discuss things."

"Okay." I said, my voice showing no emotion either.


I wonder whats wrong with them. The male seemed so angry a couple of minutes ago, the female seemed annoyed, pained angry and did I see love in her expression? What the hell was going on?

And, when we spoke to them, their faces showed no emotion, nor did the females when she spoke.

I was seriously confused.


Why the hell were we talking to them. They're probably just another one of those pathetic covens who whine about their pathetic lives and make us listen to their even more pathetic stories of how they were turned.

Okay, what is wrong with that female. She ahd better not be growling at me, "For your imformation, I don't want you to listen to my story. I don't even want to listen to yours. I don't even want to be here, but I have to be because I have to be polite. If I had my way, I wouldn't even be talking to you, but again because of politeness, I have to. So don't think, I want you to here my story and don't think that I am pathetic because you don't even know me."

Oh she did not just say that to me! I don't think anyone understands anyway, well apart from Edward but he never really talks anymore because he's upset about Bella, need I say more?


I am CONFUSED, to say the least. I can't feel anything off these two. I wonder why? This has never happened to me before. The only person I kbnow to ever have been immune to any power was Bella, but she's long gone now.


She just insulted my wife but I'm sure Rose did something to deserve it. I know, not something a husband shoyold think, but Rose is a bit self-centred at times.


I can't read her mind. That's like with Bella. Ah, Bella.