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New Life

Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper have been friend since they can remember. They all went to the same college, but how will the girls react when they meet their new roommate Bella Swan? All human! Better Summary inside. R&R! Please give it a chance.


3. Chapter 3

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-Getting To Know Alice-

Bella’s POV-

“Jeez Bella, you’ve known my brother for an hour and your already locking lips with him.” She laughed.

I went over to Rosalie to talk to her, but she just looked at me and walked away.

“What did I do wrong?” I asked Alice.

“Nothing, she just has a hard time being social to people she doesn’t know.”


I looked around and noticed all the boxes that I had yet to unpack. I started taking them in to my room.

“Do you want some help unpacking?” Alice asked.

“If you want to.” I replied.

I figured this was a good chance to talk and get to know her a little bit. We decided it would be best to take all the boxes into the room before unpacking them.

“So where are you from?” I asked.

“Alaska.” She said. “We lived in a very cold part of Alaska. I am not one for the cold.”

“So what made you choose VSU?”

“When we were younger, we all decided that we would go to the same college. Since Rosalie and Emmett picked VSU, which is perfect, we came here. Why did you pick VSU?”

“I was offered a full ride scholarship here. And it rains way too much in Forks for my liking, but I do miss it a little bit.”

“I see. Enough small chat, why caused the kiss between you and my brother?”

I blushed. “I’m not sure. He was getting ready to leave and he pulled me into the kiss.”

“But you enjoyed it, didn’t you?”

My face flushed even more. “Yes I did.”

“So you have a ‘crush’ on him do you?”

She barely knew me, but knew how to embarrass me horribly.

“I wouldn’t really call it a crush, I don’t really know him. I did feel some kind of connection with him though.”

“I see. He’s coming over for dinner, so maybe you two will get to know each other better.”

Great. Another awkward moment with Edward.

We finished unpacking my boxes.

“I have to go tell the boys went to come over.”


“Jasper, Emmett, and Edward. Jasper is my boyfriend and Rosalie’s twin brother. Emmett is Rose’s boyfriend.”

“I am surprised Edward doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s gorgeous.”

“You think so?” She smiled at me.

“I said that out loud?” My eyes grew wide.

“Yep. Edward’s been really picky about who he dates. He’s never had a relationship that lasted longer than a couple of weeks.” She paused. “I really must go tell the guys. I will be back in about an hour. The guys won’t be here until seven, so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself.” She winked at me and left.

I went to my room and tried to pick out something that was nice to wear to dinner tonight. I didn’t want to over dress, but I didn’t want to look like I would when I lounge around. I decided on my khaki skirt that fell just below my knees and my silky blue blouse. I got in the shower.

Edward’s POV-

I left Bella’s apartment and was going back to mine. My mind couldn’t stop thinking about her and the kiss we shared. When I got back I went straight to my room.

“Are you alright Edward?” Jasper asked.

“I am fine. Just thinking about something.”

Or should I say someone. I have never felt this way about someone. There was a spark when our lips met. I have never had that before. Maybe I am the only one that felt it, but what does it mean?

Knock, pound, knock.

“What do you want Emmett?”

“How did you know it was me?”

“Only you knock that way. What do you want?”

“I just got off the phone with Rose. She said that she and Alice walked in on you playing tonsil hockey with their new roommate.”

“Yeah so what about it?” I hissed.

Emmett walked into my room.

“So how was it?”

“That’s really none of your business.”

“Come on spill it. You know you want to.”

“If I tell you will you shut your mouth?”


I figured it was worth a shot, but knew he wouldn’t shut up.

“It was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.”

Emmett was silent for a brief moment. “You sound like one of the girls explaining something like this. You’re no fun.” And he left.

It’s about time he left. I went to go back into thought, when my impatient sister storms into the room.

“Ugh…what are you doing?” I hissed. “Can’t I have anytime to myself?”

“No, but I do know Bella’s feelings for you.”

“What are you talking about? She doesn’t have any feeling for me. I was the one that kissed her, not the other way around.”

“Edward, why are you so blind when it comes to this stuff? She’s interested in you and if you both talk and get to know each other more, it will grow stronger.”

“Alice, You’re insane.”

She may be insane, but she could have a point. Maybe I will try and get to know Bella better.

“I already knew that.” She giggled. “So are you going to even try to get to know her?”


“Good. Dinner at my apartment at seven sharp. Don’t be late!”

“I am never late. It’s the other two.”

“That’s why I am putting you in charge of getting them there on time.”


“Now tell me why you felt the need to kiss Bella?”

“I knew this was coming. I don’t want to talk about it right now.”

Alice glared at me for a minute then left.

“Don’t be late!” She warned on her way out.