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Forlorn and Forgotten

this my first story on here so criticism is expected...but not overly harsh please...but what if edward left again as bella had expected? what would they do?


1. Forging the Path

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My hallucinations keep getting worse…but, they also keep getting better. I must be crazy to be so blissful about hallucinating, but I can’t seem to stop looking forward to going completely insane. In my newfound hallucinations he can never leave me. He’ll always be protecting me, even though he doesn’t want me.

There is another bonus to all of this. My fragile mortality can be easily fixed. I almost want to “fix” it, although Charlie and Renee would be very distraught if I succeeded. I almost didn’t care because my won pain and anguish they couldn’t even begin to understand. They had never had an angel shower them with beauty and light to leave you so blind in the dark that you thought you would never adjust.

I would have given them up almost willingly, barely any remorse about it, if my angel would have preserved me for eternity.

Soon his face would be a distant memory…if I didn’t take action soon…

(Edwards Point of View)

I need to know that I did what was right, but I can’t know unless I interfere. I can’t ask Alice because I’m afraid of what I’ll see, of what she’ll see. Who knew eternity could make someone so impatient

I took a deep breath. Human actions are still somewhat comforting. Why that is I shall never know.

Oh I wish I could sleep. I’ve been wishing that so frequently for the past eight decades that if that came true now I would be pleasantly surprised. So surprised, in fact, that I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep. I need a good distraction something to keep her off of my mind. I’m no good at tracking so that is out of the question…self-destruction…well that is out of the question I’d gone that route before and it was unpleasant.

I got up and started pacing. I was pleading for my brain to give me an idea. Anything was better than this infuriating distress at doing nothing. I was almost done thinking when Alice entered the room. She seemed worried about something…but what?

“Alice, what’s wrong” I asked hesitantly she looked quickly up at me and then down to the ground. I tried to hear her thoughts but she was being careful. It was as if she was trying not to upset me about something.

“Alice, spit it out, your making me nervous,” I whispered angrily

“Edward,” she began, “It’s definitely not good news, but you’re the only one who can help me with this now.”

Oh my god was all I could think, NO!