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Forlorn and Forgotten

this my first story on here so criticism is expected...but not overly harsh please...but what if edward left again as bella had expected? what would they do?


3. The Panic

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I started to fidget with anticipation. “What is it Alice!” I asked my voice quivering from anger and fear. She was really starting to scare me. What could I possibly help her with? She wouldn’t need my help with Jasper, Emmett kept Rosalie in line…then it hit me. I guess she saw the appalled look upon my face because she backed away. “What did you see for her Alice?” I nearly screamed.

“ She looked nervous for a minute. Then she opened her mouth as if to say something but she closed it apprehensively. She looked at me fiercely. She thought to me, don’t yell or do anything rash, she sounded like she meant it so I looked at her calmly and nodded.

She looked at me comprehensively, then nodded and closed her eyes, she then remembered her vision.

I saw Bella in a dark hallway. The hallway was stone and it echoed her footsteps. A small girl was leading her somewhere. When I looked at Bella’s face, she showed no signs of fear. She looked worn out and her skin was looking sallow. Was she sick? I thought as the panic started rising, but her eyes seemed to be searching, then I remembered looking into those big warm brown eyes. And I realized what she was thinking. She had a plan…and I knew exactly where she was.