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Forlorn and Forgotten

this my first story on here so criticism is expected...but not overly harsh please...but what if edward left again as bella had expected? what would they do?


4. Therapy...Maybe

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My plan was perfect. I had every detail planned out and no one would be any wiser. No one knew what I was doing. I told Charlie my perfect lie right after dinner, so he didn’t choke on his food. He didn’t believe me at first, but somehow I guess believing it wasn’t much of a stretch. As I grabbed my bags from upstairs I slowly not wanting to seem to eager to be sending myself away. Who knew he would actually think a psych ward in San Diego would be good for me. The catch is he looked the place up and game me the money t would cost to keep me there for a month.

Renee wasn’t so easy to convince but Charlie managed somehow to convince her I was totally crazy. After she was convinced I’d lost it, she cried and told me to take care of myself. I then grabbed my bags and loaded them into my truck. The Thing and I were about to go when Charlie despairingly left me the cash and whispered to me that I needed to behave myself and get better as soon as I could and come back to him.

Since I knew I wouldn’t be coming back I hugged him and whispered “I promise” This at least seemed to give him some comfort. I started crying “stupid emotions” I said through my clenched teeth. I was mad that I had to do this to get my way but it couldn’t be helped, first thing I did as I drove away was call for directions to the airport. I had to be cautious so I called Angela. I knew Angela would keep quiet, unlike Jessica.

“Hello?” the person on the other end asked.

“Hi, This is Bella Swan, may I please speak to Angela?” I smiled at my ingenuity

“Yea…um, sure” I smiled.

“Hello, Bella” said Angela as friendly as ever.

“Hey, Angela” I asked “ would you do me a huge favor?”

“Um, sure Bella what did you need?”

“Well,” I said “ I need directions to the airport” I heard a pause.

“Why do you need to go to the airport?” she asked meekly

“Because my flight outta here leaves tonight and I don’t know how to get there.” I said slightly losing my patience with every word.

“Well if you keep on the one-ten you should go right by it.” She said “by the way Bella where are you going?”

I thought about this quickly. “To the mental institution in San Diego.” I said a slightly embarrassed tone colored my voice.

“Oh my god Bella I’m so sorry!” she sounded genuinely sorry although she is more clever then Jessica so she probably assumes that Edward Cullen leaving me to rot in this hell-hole of a town was the cause of my sudden and indefinite depression. And she would be absolutely correct. But she is too tactful of person to repeat this to anyone so I could really care less.

“yea me to,” Not! I thought to myself “but hey listen I gotta go I see the airport bye!” I didn’t wait for her to finish I just hung-up. She would assume that my rudeness was part of my madness so it didn’t matter.

When I arrived at the airport I went to go and purchase my ticket. Oh I hate the stupid little annoying women who do that pitiful job. They are so obnoxious that I could punch them in the face, fake smiles and all! How can they be so happy with such a meaningless job!

“How can I help you young lady?” she seemed overly happy for some unexplicable reason.

“One ticket, to Volterra, Italy please.” I smiled back.

“Passport Please, miss” she asked

Here you go” I smiled. My plan was well underway.